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all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

Fair Pickings is pleased to offer two CD’s featuring transfers of 78 records of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Please note that we do not use any sort of computerized noise-reduction. Our transfers are made using an Esoteric Sound re-equalizer and a minimum amount of filtering. Thus many of the sides will contain more surface noise than some commercially released CD’s.

Price for either CD for U.S. delivery is $12.50 postpaid; for overseas delivery please add $3 postage and handling for surface mail or $6 postage and handling for airmail.

One of the great hot dance bands of the late twenties and early thirties, The High Hatters features arrangements by their director, Victor Jory.

The Silent Movie Theme Songs CD consists of commercial recordings of songs written to be performed as part of the accompaniment of non-dialogue (or part-talkie) films released between 1918 and 1929.

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“All Fair Pickings material is now available on Compact Disc (NOT digitally re-mastered)

Each 60 minute CD, one 60 minute show or any two 30 minute shows of your choice will cost $9.00 per 60 minutes.

90 minute shows will require two CD’s, and are $14 per program.

In Canada and elsewhere CD’s are $12.00 per hour and $17.00 for 90 minute shows.


As is the case with our shows on cassette, our policy is to not re-master the source material except for occasional discreet use of equalization in cases in which the master recording is flawed.

We have had numerous requests for our shows on CD, but to remaster each of our thousands of programs is, of course, out of the question! Also, individual remastering of custom CD’s would be far too time-consuming and would result in an extraordinarily high cost per CD.

We believe the bulk of our programs would not benefit to any great degree by any sort of remastering (and any with serious problems are so noted) and, as always, our goal is to retain the original sound quality of the recording as much as is possible.

We welcome any questions or comments.