Performers V-Z

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

VALLEE, RUDY (SASE for The Rudy Vallee Show, The Fleischmann Hour, and The Royal Gelatin Hour listings)
The Big Show (T. Bankhead) w/ D. Kaye, G. Cooper, R. Bolger. NBC 1/28/51 (90 min.)
Birdseye Open House (D. Shore) NBC 11/1/45
Chase & Sanborn Hour (Bergen & McCarthy) w/ S. Eilers. (R.V. guest mc) NBC 10/3/37 (1 hr.)
Duffy’s Tavern Syndiated Rebroadcast c. 1945
Fred Allen Show NBC 5/25/47
Gulf Screen Guild Show w/ M. Rooney, J. Bennett. CBS 4/9/39
Lux Radio Theatre “Swing High, Swing Low” w/ V. Bruce, U. Merkel, R. Karns. CBS 2/26/40 (1 hr.)
The Magic Key w/ G. Raymond, S. Fox. NBC 2/23/36 (1 hr.)
Mail Call (#104) w/ F. Allen, F. Sinatra, G. DeHaven. AFRS WWII
NBC Hollywood Studio Opening (see Etting, Ruth for cast) NBC 12/7/35 (2 hr. 30 min.)
Radio City Matinee w/ Hazel Glenn, Sisters of the Skillet NBC 1/16/35 (1 hr.)
We Hold These Truths! (by Corwin, Norman) (see Arnold, Edward for cast) all networks 12/15/41 (1 hr.)

Lux Radio Theatre “Spellbound” w/ J. Cotten. CBS 3/8/48 (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre “Miracle of the Bells” w/ F. Sinatra, F. MacMurray. CBS 5/31/48 (1 hr.)

Lux Radio Theatre “A Woman’s Face” w/ I. Lupino. CBS 11/2/42 (1 hr.)

Lux Radio Theatre “Under Two Flags” w/ H. Marshall, O. de Havilland, L. Atwill. CBS 5/24/37 (1 hr.)

Lux Radio Theatre “The Vagabond King” w/ J. Boles. CBS 8/17/36 (1 hr.)

Bing Crosby Show w/ R. Clooney CBS 6/11/52
Bing Crosby Show w/ P. Lee CBS 6/18/52

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

Lux Radio Theatre “Our Very Own” w/ T. Moore, Joan Evans. AFRS 10/5/53 (1 hr.)
Suspense “Listen, Young Lovers” CBS 5/31/54

Guest Star Syndicated 11/11/51 (15 min.)
Jimmy Wakeley’s Song Parade (#23) Synd. c.1950 (15 min.)
Jimmy Wakeley’s Song Parade (#24) Synd. c.1950 (15 min.)

Good News of 1940 w/ E. Arnold, W. Huston. NBC 11/23/39 (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre “Broadway Bill” w/ R. Taylor, F. Dee. CBS 4/24/39 (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre “Christmas in July” w/ D. Powell, L. Darnell. 7/3/44 (1 hr.) (dress rehearsal)

Fleischmann Hour (R. Vallee) w/ H. Fonda, C. Porter. NBC 12/13/34 (1 hr.)
Theatre Guild “Farmer Takes a Wife” w/ C. Trevor, W. Holden. AFRS 2/2/50 (1 hr.)

Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Shopworn Angel” w/ L. Day. CBS 10/2/44
Theatre of Romance “Vivacious Gussy” CBS 10/2/45
Theatre of Romance “Penny Serenade” CBS 11/27/45

Railroad Hour “Bittersweet” w/ G. MacRae. NBC 2/23/53

Command Performance (#146) w/ P. Bailey, K. Smith. AFRS WWII
Savings Bond Show (all-star; see Arnold, Edward for cast) Synd. 1949 ( 1hr.)
Tribute to Glenn Miller (see Berle, Milton for cast) WNEW, NY 6/5/45 (3 hrs.)

Gateway to Hollywood “The Mountain Top” w/ G. Storm. c. 1938 (45 min.)
Lux Radio Theatre “The Boss” w/ E. Arnold, F. Wray. CBS 3/14/38 (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre “Smilin’ Through” w/ B. Stanwyck. CBS 4/29/40 (1 hr.)

The Big Show w/ F. Allen, J. Davis, D. King. NBC 4/22/51 (90 min.)

Lux Radio Theatre “The Navy Comes Through” w/ P. O’Brien. 11/29/43 (1 hr.)
Suspense “Beyond Reason” w/ R. Ryan. CBS 2/21/48 (1 hr.)

The Big Show (T. Bankhead) w/ F. Allen, E. Cantor. NBC 3/18/51 (90 min.)
Cavalcade of America “16 Sticks to a Bundle” NBC 1/1/52
Command Performance (#34) w/ C. Grant, Abbott & Costello. AFRS WWII
Kraft Music Hall (B. Crosby) w/ C. Morris. NBC 5/1/41 (1 hr.)
Orson Welles’ Radio Almanac CBS 6/21/44

Texaco Star Theatre (K. Murray, F. Langford) w/ E.R. Burroughs. (L.W. & E.E. Horton in “Her Master’s
Voice” CBS 10/18/39 (1 hr.)

Family Theatre “The Big One” w/ P. O’Brien. Syndicated c. 1950
Lux Radio Theatre “Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie” w/ J. Peters. AFRS 5/4/53 (1 hr.)
Theatre Guild “The First Year” w/ G. Tierney. ABC 3/23/47 (1 hr.)

Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Pittsburgh” w/ M. Dietrich, R. Scott. CBS 4/12/43
Lux Radio Theatre “Red River” w/ J. Dru, W. Brennan. CBS 3/7/49 (clipped closing) (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre “Movie Time, U.S.A.” w/ all-star cast. CBS 9/24/51 (1 hr.)
NBC Theatre (Screen Director’s Playhouse) “Stagecoach” w/ C. Trevor, W. Bond. NBC 1/9/49 (premiere
show in series)
Screen Director’s Playhouse “Fort Apache” w/ W. Bond. 8/5/49

The Big Show (T. Bankhead) w/ J. Durante, I. Coca, C. Boyer. NBC 12/10/50 (90 min.)
Information, Please NBC 2/5/45
Kraft Music Hall (A. Jolson) 3/25/48
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Laura” w/ D. Andrews, G. Tierney, D. Bruce. CBS 8/20/45
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“Sitting Pretty” w/ R. Young, M. O’Hara. 2/14/49
“Mr. Belvedere Goes to College” w/ C. Gray, R. Stack. 1/16/50
“Cheaper By the Dozen” AFRS 5/7/51
Philco Radio Time (B. Crosby) ABC 4/21/48
Theatre Guild “Blithe Spirit” w/ L. Corbett. ABC 2/23/47 (1 hr.)
Theatre of Romance “Man Who Came to Dinner” CBS 3/7/45

WEBB, JACK (send SASE for Dragnet, Jeff Regan, Pier 23 and Pat Novak for Hire listings)
Escape “Shipment of Mute Fate” CBS 10/15/47
Escape “Border Town” CBS 12/13/49
Martin & Lewis Show NBC c. 1953 (some commercials missing)
Jack Webb Show ABC 4/10/46
Jack Webb Show ABC 4/17/46

America Calling (see Barrymore, Lionel for cast) NBC 12/14/38 (1 hr.)
Gulf Screen Guild Theater “Never in this World” w/ L. Howard, K. Francis. CBS 3/26/39
Lux Radio Theatre “Young Tom Edison” w/ M. Rooney. CBS 12/23/40 (1 hr.)

The Campbell Playhouse (CBS, 1 hour each):
12/9/38 “Rebecca” w/ M. Sullavan. (good minus quality)
1/6/39 “Counsellor-at-Law” w/ G. Berg, A. MacMahon.
1/13/39 “Mutiny on the Bounty” w/ J. Cotten.
1/27/39 “I Lost My Girlish Laughter” w/ I. Chase, Tamara, G.S. Kaufman.
2/3/39 “Arrowsmith” w/ H. Hayes.
2/10/39 “The Green Goddess” w/ M. Carroll.
3/10/39 “The Glass Key” (good minus quality)
3/17/39 “Beau Geste” w/ L. Olivier, N. Beery.
3/24/39 “20th Century” w/ S. Levene.
3/31/39 “Show Boat” w/ M. Sullavan, Helen Morgan.
4/14/39 “The Patriot” w/ A.M. Wong.
4/21/39 “Private Lives” w/ G. Lawrence.
5/5/39 “Wickford Point”
5/12/39 “Our Town” w/ J. Craven. (good minus quality)
5/19/39 “The Bad Man” w/ I. Lupino.
5/26/39 “The Things We Have” w/ C.O. Skinner.
6/2/39 “Victoria Regina” w/ H. Hayes.
9/10/39 “Peter Ibbetson” w/ H. Hayes.
9/17/39 “Ah, Wilderness”
9/24/39 “What Every Woman Knows” w/ H. Hayes.
10/8/38 “Algiers” w/ P. Goddard.
10/15/39 “Escape” w/ W. Barrie.
10/22/39 “Liliom” w/ H. Hayes.
10/29/39 “The Magnificent Ambersons. w/ W. Huston, N. Sunderland.
11/5/39 “The Hurricane” w/ M. Astor.
11/12/39 “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” w/ E.M. Oliver (vg/some cross-talk)
11/19/39 “The Garden of Allah” w/ M. Carroll.
11/26/39 “Dodsworth” w/ F. Bainter, N. Sunderland.
12/3/39 “Lost Horizon” w/ S. Gurie.
12/10/39 “Vanessa” w/ H. Hayes.
12/17/39 “There’s Always a Woman” w/ Marie Wilson.
12/24/39 “A Christmas Carol” w/ L. Barrymore.
1/7/40 “Vanity Fair” w/ H. Hayes.
1/14/40 “Theodora Goes Wild” w/ L. Young.
1/21/40 “The Citadel” w/ G. Fitzgerald.
1/28/40 “It Happened One Night” w/ W. Powell, M. Hopkins.
2/4/40 “Broome Stages” w/ H. Hayes. (fair-good quality)
2/11/40 “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” w/ G. Lawrence.
2/18/40 “Dinner at Eight” w/ H. Hopper, L. Ball, M. Rambeau.
2/25/40 “Only Angels Have Wings” w/ J. Blondell.
3/3/40 “Rabble in Arms” w/ F. Dee
3/10/40 “Craig’s Wife” w/ A. Harding.
3/17/40 “Huckleberry Finn” w/ J. Cooper, W. Catlett.
3/24/40 “June Moon” w/ J. Benny.

Hello, Americans! (CBS, 30 minutes each):
11/15/42 w/ C. Miranda (premiere)
11/22/42 w/ G. Mohr, E. O’Brien
11/29/42 w/ R. Collins, H. Conried
12/6/42 “Alphabet of the Islands”
12/13/42 “Alphabet of the Islands” (concl.)
12/20/42 w/ G. Mohr, Ted (Elliott) Reid
12/27/42 w/ H. Conried, P. de Cordoba
1/3/43 w/ T. Guizar. (O.W. does not appear)
1/10/43 “Mexico” w/ L. Cregar, A. Moorehead

The Mercury Theatre on the Air (CBS, 1 hour each):
7/11/38 “Dracula” (first show in series)
7/18/38 “Treasure Island”
7/25/38 “A Tale of Two Cities”
8/1/38 “The 39 Steps” (dress rehearsal) (c. 70 minutes)
8/1/38 “The 39 Steps” (broadcast)
8/8/38 three short stories: “The Open Window”/”My Little Boy”/”I’m a Fool”
8/15/38 “Abraham Lincoln”
8/22/38 “The Affairs of Anatole”
8/29/38 “The Count of Monte Cristo”
9/5/38 “The Man Who Was Thursday”
9/5/38 “The Man Who Was Thursday” (dress rehearsal w/ material not used in actual broadcast)
(c. 90 minutes)
9/25/38 “Sherlock Holmes
10/9/38 “Hell on Ice”
10/16/38 “Seventeen”
10/23/38 “Around the World in 80 Days”
10/30/38 “The War of the Worlds”
11/6/38 “Heart of Darkness”/”Life With Father”
11/13/38 “A Passenger to Bali”

The Mercury Summer Theatre (CBS, 30 minutes each):
6/28/46 “Jane Eyre”
7/5/46 “A Passenger to Bali”
7/12/46 “The Search for Henri LeFevre”
7/19/46 “Life With Adam”
7/26/46 “Moat Farm Murder”
8/2/46 “Golden Honeymoon”
8/9/46 “Hell on Ice”
8/16/46 “Abednego, the Slave”

Orson Welles’ Radio Almanac (CBS, 30 minutes each):
1/26/44 w/ G. Marx
5/17/44 “Ann Sothern for President”
5/24/44 w/ the Wilde Twins
5/31/44 w/ M. Reynolds, M. Tilton
6/7/44 w/ the Mercury Players
6/14/44 w/ B. Yarborough
6/21/44 w/ M. O’Driscoll, E. Waters
6/28/44 w/ L. Bari, M. Tilton
7/5/44 w/ L. Turner, K. Wynn

The Third Man (aka The Lives of Harry Lime) (BBC, 1950, 30 minutes each):
# 1 “Too Many Crooks” #13 “Every Frame Has a Silver Lining”
# 2 “See Naples and Live” #14 “Mexican Hat Trick”
# 3 “Clay Pigeon” #15 “Art is Long & Lime is Fleeting”
# 4 “A Ticket to Tangiers” #16 “In Pursuit of a Ghost”
# 5 “Voodoo” #17 “Horse Play”
# 6 “The Bohemian Star” #18 “Three Farthing for Your Thoughts”
# 7 “Love Affair” #19 “The Third Woman”
# 8 “Rogue’s Holiday” #20 “An Old Moorish Custom”
# 9 “Work of Art” #21 “It’s a Knockout”
#10 “Operation Music Box” #22 “Two is Company”
#11 “Golden Fleece” #23 “Cherchez la Gem”
#12 “Blue Bride” #24 “Hands of Glory”

This is My Best (CBS, 30 minutes each):
3/13/45 “Heart of Darkness”
3/20/45 “Miss Dilly Says No” w/ A. Sothern
3/27/45 “Snow White” w/ J. Powell
4/3/45 “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz”
4/10/45 “Master of Ballantrae”
4/17/45 “I Will Not Go Back”
4/24/45 “Anything Can Happen”

WELLES, ORSON (see above for Mercury Theatre on the Air, Mercury Summer Theatre, The Campbell
Playhouse and The Third Man listings)
Birdseye Open House (D. Shore) CBS 5/11/44
The Black Museum (BBC, c. 1950, 30 minutes each; O.W. is host):
“The Chain” “A Pair of Spectacles” “The Dictionary”
Cavalcade of America “The Great Man Votes” NBC 12/15/41
Cavalcade of America “Thunder from the Mountains” NBC 9/28/42 (sl. clipped closing)
Cavalcade of America “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” NBC 10/12/42
Charlie McCarthy Show AFRS c. 1945
Columbia Workshop “Hamlet” Acts I & II w/J. Cotten. CBS 9/13/36
Columbia Workshop “Hamlet” Acts III & IV w/ J. Cotten. CBS 11/14/36
Columbia Workshop “Fall of the City” w/ B. Meredith. CBS 4/11/37
Command Performance “Victory Extra” (see Barrymore, Lionel for cast) AFRS 8/14/45 (2 hrs.)
GI Journal (#73) w/ V. Moore, C. Haines. AFRS WWII
Jack Benny Program (NBC, 30 minutes each):
3/14/43 (O.W. subs for J.B.)
3/21/43 (O.W. subs for J.B.)
3/28/43 (O.W. subs for J.B.) “Death at Midnight”
4/4/43 (O.W. subs for J.B.) “Little Red Riding Hood”
4/11/43 (O.W. is guest) “Jack Returns”
Les Miserables (special Mutual series w/ O.W. & Mercury Players; 7-30 minute parts):
7/23/37 “The Bishop” 8/20/37 “The Grave”
7/30/37 “Javert” 8/27/37 “Barricade”
8/6/37 “The Trial” 9/3/37 “Conclusion”
8/13/37 “Cosette”
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“Jane Eyre” w/ L. Young. 6/5/44
“Break of Hearts” w/ R. Hayworth. 9/11/44
“A Tale of Two Cities” w/ R. DeCamp. 3/26/45
Orson Welles Radio Almanac (comedy/variety series) (CBS, 30 minutes each):
2/23/44 w/ H. Hopper, King Cole Trio.
3/1/44 w/ V. Moore, King Cole Trio.
3/8/44 w/ L. Ball, E.M. Morse.
3/15/44 w/ C. Laughton, All-Star Jazz Group.
3/22/44 w/ B. Hutton, All-Star Jazz Group.
3/29/44 w/ M. Boland, All-Star Jazz Group.
4/5/44 w/ Dennis Day, All-Star Jazz Group.
4/12/44 w/ M. Woolley, All-Star Jazz Group.
Orson Welles Theatre “Something’s Going to Happen to Henry”/”Wilbur Brown: Habitat, Brooklyn” w/
J. Gaynor. CBS 12/1/41 (30 minutes)
Rudy Vallee Show w/ J. Barrymore. NBC 1/16/41 (dress rehearsal)
Rudy Vallee Show w/ J. Barrymore. NBC 5/8/41 (dress rehearsal)
Screen Guild Theater “Between Americans” CBS 12/7/41
Silver Theatre “Stars in Their Courses” (O.W. is host) 11/13/38 (part 1 of 2)
Silver Theatre “Stars in Their Courses” (O.W. is host) 11/20/38 (part 2 of 2)
Silver Theatre “One Step Ahead” CBS 3/30/41
Suspense (CBS, 30 minutes each):
“The Hitchhiker” 9/2/42
“The Most Dangerous Game” w/ K. Wynn. 9/23/43
“Philomel Cottage” c/ G. Fitzgerald. 10/7/43
“The Dark Tower” 5/4/44
“Donovan’s Brain” 5/18/44 (part 1 of 2)
“Donovan’s Brain” 5/25/44 (part 2 of 2)
Texaco Star Theatre (F. Allen) “Les Miserables” (parody) AFRS 10/18/42
We Hold These Truths! (by Corwin, Norman) (see Arnold, Edward for cast) all networks 12/15/41 (1 hr.)

Good News of 1939 w/ G. Jessel, S. Tracy. NBC 9/29/38 (1 hr.)

Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“Only Yesterday” w/ B. Stanwyck, G. Brent. 11/6/39
“Sing, You Sinners” w/ B. Crosby, R. Bellamy, E. Patterson. 1/15/40
“Action in the North Atlantic” w/ G. Raft, R. Massey. 5/15/44

Chase & Sanborn Hour w/ D. Ameche, Bergen & McCarthy. NBC 12/12/37 (1 hr)

Bing Crosby Show CBS 5/2/51
Bing Crosby Show CBS 12/12/51
Jack Benny Program NBC 9/28/34 (some skips, songs missing)
30 Minutes in Hollywood (G. Jessel, N. Talmadge) MBS 10/24/37
Whatever Became of . . . ? (R. Lamparski) c. 1970

Homage to George Gershwin w/ E. Arnold, D. Shore, B. Crosby. NBC 7/4/42 (1 hr.)
Jack Benny Program NBC 3/7/43 (Burns & Allen sub for J.B.)
Kraft Music Hall (Y. Gaulle, Ramona) NBC 11/29/34 (1 hr.)
Kraft Music Hall (Y. Gaulle, Ramona) NBC 12/6/34 (1 hr.)
Kraft Music Hall (Ramona, H. Jepson) NBC 12/13/34 (1 hr.)
Kraft Music Hall (Ramona, H. Jepson) w/ D. Oldham, J. Mercer NBC 12/20/34 (1 hr.)
The Magic Key w/ Amos ‘n’ Andy, M. Jeritza, W. Disney. NBC 9/29/35 (1 hr.)
NBC Hollywood Studio Opening (see R. Etting for cast) 12/7/35 (2 hr. 30 min.)
Paul Whiteman’s Musical Varieties NBC 3/8/36 (45 min.)
Paul Whiteman’s Musical Varieties NBC 3/15/36 (45 min.)
Paul Whiteman National Guard Show 5/7/47
Paul Whiteman Show (all NBC, 30 minutes)
w/ F. Munn Fall 1932 (clipped closing)
w/ F. Munn. 11/28/32 (final few minutes missing)
w/ Pickens Sisters 2/13/33 (clipped closing)
w/ Pickens Sisters 2/20/33
w/ Pickens Sisters 2/27/33
w/ Pickens Sisters 3/6/33

Command Performance (#158) w/ Burns & Allen, C.A. Smith. AFRS WWII
Jack Benny Program NBC 5/29/49
Kraft Music Hall (A. Jolson) AFRS 4/14/49
Lux Radio Theatre “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” w/ T. Power, D. Shore, A. Jolson. CBS 4/7/47 (1 hr.)
Suspense “The Well-Dressed Corpse” CBS 10/13/57
Suspense “Never Follow a Banjo Act” CBS 3/2/58
Suspense “Drive-In” CBS 6/14/59

Lux Radio Theatre “Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima” w/ J.C. Naish. AFRS 3/30/53 (1 hr.)

Columbia Presents Shakespeare “Henry IV” w/ W. Huston, H. Bogart, B. Aherne, W. Connolly. CBS
8/23/37 (1 hr.)
Command Performance (#158) w/ Burns & Allen, C.A. Smith. AFRS WWII
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Flesh & Fantasy” w/ E.G. Robinson, V. Price. CBS 7/16/45
Lux Radio Theatre “Ladies in Retirement” w/ I. Lupino. CBS 9/27/43 (1 hr.)
Mail Call (#143) w/ B. Hope, C. Gable, M. O’Brien. AFRS WWII
Suspense “My Dear Niece” CBS 1/24/46 (good-minus quality)
Suspense “The Black Shawl” w/ M. O’Sullivan. CBS 7/27/44
Suspense “The Cricket” w/ M. O’Brien. CBS 3/15/45 (fair only)
Suspense “Night Must Fall” w/ R. Montgomery. CBS 3/27/48 (1 hr.)

Cavalcade of America “Man with the Cargo of Water” NBC 9/12/50
Family Theatre “Stolen Symphony” MBS 5/11/49
Jack Benny Program CBS 11/12/50
Lux Radio Theatre “Street with No Name” w/ L. Nolan. CBS 1/31/49 (1 hr.)
Suspense (CBS, 30 minutes each):
“The Card Game” 4/19/49
“Tell Ya Why I Shouldn’t Die” 6/7/51
“Hunting of Bob Lee” 10/29/51
“A Murderour Revision” 12/3/51
“Track of the Cat” 2/18/52
“How Long is the Night?” 10/13/52
“Mate Brim” w/ J. Banks. 11/14/52
“The Spencer Brothers” 1/26/53
“Message to Garcia” 9/14/53
“Othello” w/ C. & E. Lewis. 5/4/54 (part 1 of 2)
“Othello” w/ C. & E. Lewis. 5/11/54 (part 2 of 2)
Theater Guild “Liliom” w/ K. Malden. NBC 11/30/52 (1 hr.)

Lux Radio Theatre “Mrs. Miniver” w/ G. Garson, W. Pidgeon, S. Peters. CBS 12/6/43 (1 hr.)

Cavalcade of America “Improvement Noted” NBC 11/7/50
Encore Theatre “Magnificent Obsession” CBS 6/4/46
Hollywood Calling (series #25) (George Fisher) w/ M. Freeman, J. McCrea, J.C. Naish. Synd. c.1951
Hollywood Fights Back! (see Bacall, Lauren for cast) ABC 10/26/47 (fair quality)
Hollywood Star Playhouse “Venom” CBS 6/19/51
Lux Radio Theatre “The Walls of Jericho” w/ T. Moore. AFRS 3/8/55 (1 hr.)
Suspense “A Ring for Marya” CBS 12/28/50
Suspense “The Flame” CBS 10/15/51
Suspense “Allen in Wonderland” CBS 10/27/52
Suspense “Mystery of Marie Roget” CBS 12/14/53

Harry Richman Show (programs # 16& 17) Synd. 1936-37 (30 min. total)
Shell Chateau (A. Jolson) w/ J. Blondell. CBS 7/13/35 (1 hr.)
30 Minutes in Hollywood (G. Jessel, N. Talmadge) MBS 1/23/38

Cavalcade of America “Major and the Mules” NBC 8/16/43
Good News of 1940 w/ E. Arnold, E. Blore. NBC 2/22/40 (1 hr.)
Gulf Screen Guild Theater “Winter in Paris” w/ D. Ameche, M. O’Sullivan. CBS 3/3/40
Hollywood Hotel (D. Powell, L. Parsons) w/ C. Colbert, El Brendel “Imitation of Life” preview CBS
10/4/34 (1 hr.) (fair-good quality)
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“The Curtain Rises” w/ G. Rogers, A. Mowbray. 10/12/36
“Lady for a Day” w/ M. Robson, G. Kibbee, J. Parker. 5/1/39
“My Bill” w/ K. Francis, Dix Davis. 3/3/41
Suspense “Murder Goes for a Swim” w/ E. Blore. CBS 7/20/43

Mail Call (#271) w/ N. Eddy, S. Holloway, G. Simms. AFRS WWII

Family Theatre “Man With a Plow” w/ J.T. Thomas. E.W. is host. MBS 5/25/49
Lux Radio Theatre “Skirts Ahoy!” w/ B. Sullivan. AFRS 10/26/53 (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre “Million Dollar Mermaid” w/ W. Pidgeon. AFRS 12/14/53 (1 hr.)
Savings Bond Show (all-star; see Arnold, Edward for cast) Synd. 1949 (1 hr.)

WOR 50 KW Dedicatory Program (all-star cast) WOR-NY 3/4/35 (3 hrs.)

Theatre of Romance “Casablanca” w/ V. Jory. CBS 12/19/44

WILSON, MARIE (send SASE for My Friend Irma listing)
Campbell Playhouse “There’s Always a Woman” w/ O. Welles. CBS 12/17/39 (1 hr.)
Gulf Screen Guild Show w/ T. Power, R. Russell, D. Powell. CBS 6/4/39
My Friend Irma (CBS, 30 minutes each):
4/11/47 First show 1/13/52 “Cub Scout Speech”
6/13/47 “The Fur Coat” 1/20/52 “The Burgler”
1/6/52 “Memoirs” 1/27/52 “Psychological Tests”
Suspense “Star Over Hong Kong” CBS 2/22/59

Saturday Night Swing Club 1st Anniversary Special (see P. Douglas for cast) CBS 6/12/37 (1 hr. 40 min.)

Fleischmann Hour (5th anniversary show) (R. Vallee) w/ A. Faye. NBC 10/26/33 (1 hr.)
Jack Benny Program NBC 12/3/44
Lux Radio Theatre “TheFront Page” w/ J. Hutchinson, J. Gleason. CBS 6/28/37 (1 hr.)
Navy Relief Program (W.W. is host) w/ W. Huston, J. Louis. MBS 1/7/42
Walter Winchell 3/7/48 (15 min.)

Hollywood Calling (series #42) (George Fisher) w/ A. Lansbury, J. Hunter, M. Rooney. Synd. c.1952
Suspense “Script by Mark Brady” CBS 3/22/59

Gulf Screen Guild Show “Song for Clothilda” w/ J. MacDonald, R. Taylor. CBS 2/19/39
Jack Benny Program NBC 6/20/37
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“Cappy Ricks” w/ S. Eilers, R. Arlen. 3/1/37
“A Free Soul” w/ G. Rogers, D. Ameche. 11/1/37
“Show Boat” w/ I. Dunne, A. Jones. 6/24/40 (no closing or middle commercial)
“Captain January” w/ S. Temple, G. Lockhart. 1/27/41
“Sunday Dinner for a Soldier” w/ A. Baxter, J. Hodiak. 2/19/45
Maxwell House Showboat “Show Boat” w/ L. Ross, A. Hanshaw. NBC 6/15/33 (1 hr.) (‘Make Believe’
number missing)

Screen Director’s Playhouse “The Killers” w/ B. Lancaster. 6/5/49

Theatre Guild (ABC, 1 hour each):
“The Royal Family” w/ F. March, M. Gilmore. 12/16/45
“The Silver Cord” w/ R. Bellamy. ABC 1/13/46 (1 hr.)
“The Old Maid” w/ J. Anderson, H. Menken. 12/15/46
“Ladies in Retirement” w/ F. Bainter. 3/30/47
“The Age of Innocence” w/ G. Tierney, A. Kennedy. 4/20/47

Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Gentleman Jim” w/ E. Flynn. 2/14/44

Mayor of the Town (L. Barrymore) “Amateur Contest” CBS 5/5/43
Mayor of the Town (L. Barrymore) “Susie is Engaged to a Movie Star” CBS 5/43

Campbell Playhouse “The Patriot” 4/14/39 (1 hr.)

Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“Arrowsmith” w/ S. Tracy, F. Wray. 10/25/37
“The Old Maid” w/ L. Young, M. Hopkins. 10/30/39
“Alias the Deacon” w/ B. Burns. 7/1/40
Silver Theatre “The Villain Still Pursues Her” w/ R. Montgomery, H. Brandon. CBS 4/23/39

Family Theatre “Descent to Paradise” MBS 7/31/47
Lux Radio Theatre “Tomorrow is Forever” w/ C. Colbert, V. Heflin. CBS 5/6/46 (1 hr.)

Whatever Became of . . . ? 1/4/72

Information, Please NBC 1/31/41
Information, Please NBC 1/23/42
The Town Crier 10/6/33
The Town Crier 1938

WOOLLEY, MONTY (send SASE for The Magnificent Montague listing)
The Big Show (T. Bankhead) w/ J. Haley, Paul Kelly, Olson & Johnson. NBC 2/25/51 (90 min.)
Duffy’s Tavern 10/19/43
GI Journal (#128) w/ W. Bendix, G. Simms. AFRS WWII
Mail Call (#125) w/ D. Shore, V. O’Brien, J. Durante. AFRS WWII
Orson Welles Radio Almanac CBS 4/12/44

Good News of 1940 w/ E. Arnold, C. Boswell. NBC 11/30/39 (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“Arrowsmith” w/ S. Tracy, H. Wood. 10/25/37
“The Boss” w/ E. Arnold, H.B. Warner. 3/14/38
“You Can’t Take it With You” w/ E. Arnold. 10/2/39
“Knute Rockne–All-American” w/ P. O’Brien, R. Reagan. 12/2/40
“Stablemates” w/ W. Beery, M. Rooney. 3/31/41

Hollywood Calling (series #3) (George Fisher) w/ P. Neal, Robt. Livingston, J. Dunn. Synd. 1949

Academy Awards (J. Benny, mc) 3/2/44 (55 min.)
Camel Screen Guild Players “The Best Years of Our Lives” w/ F. March, M. Loy. CBS 11/24/47
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Dragonwyck” w/ V. Price. 1/20/47
Lux Radio Theatre “Shadow of a Doubt” w/ W. Powell. CBS 1/3/44 (1 hr.)
Lux Radio Theatre “The Steel Trap” w/ J. Cotten. AFRS 9/14/53 (1 hr.)
Memoirs of the Movies “The Megaphone Men” (C. Morris, narrator) 1959

Family Theatre “Violets for Courage” MBS 11/24/48
Hollywood Fights Back! (see Andrews, Dana for cast) ABC 11/2/47
Screen Director’s Playhouse “Pitfall” w/ D. Powell. NBC 10/17/49

Hollywood Fights Back! (see Bacall, Lauren for cast) ABC 10/26/47 (fair quality)

Bing Crosby Show w/ J. Venuti. CBS 10/9/52
Charlie McCarthy Show NBC 10/19/47
Command Performance w/ J. Carson, M. Raye. AFRS WWII
GI Journal (#61) w/ Abbott & Costello, J. Hutton. AFRS WWII
GI Journal (#70) w/ B. Hope, J. Colonna. AFRS WWII
Hallmark Playhouse “Story of Kansas City” w/ Robt. Young. CBS 6/1/50 (special 1 hr. broadcast)
Jack Benny Program NBC 3/30/47
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “The Lost Weekend” w/ R. Milland. CBS 1/7/46
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “The Yearling” w/ G. Peck. CBS 1/6/47
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Saturday’s Children” w/ J. Garfield. 6/2/47
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS unless noted, 1 hour each):
“Nobody Lives Forever” w/ R. Reagan. 11/17/47
“Devotion” w/ V. Bruce, V. Price. AFRS 2/17/47
“Magic Town” w/ J. Stewart. 12/15/47
“Body and Soul” w/ J. Garfield. 11/15/48
“Movie Time, U.S.A.” w/ all-star cast. 9/24/51
“The Blue Veil” AFRS 11/24/52
“The Will Rogers Story” w/ W. Rogers, Jr. AFRS 1/12/53
“Just for You” w/ D. Haymes. AFRS 4/13/53
“The Glass Menagerie” w/ F. Bainter, F. Lovejoy. AFRS 3/8/54
Screen Director’s Playhouse “A Kiss in the Dark” NBC 4/21/49
Suspense “Catch Me If You Can” CBS 2/17/49
Theatre Guild “Willow and I” w/ M. Ferrer. AFRS 1/22/50 (1 hr.)

Hollywood Calling (series #38) (George Fisher) w/ F. Lovejoy, B. Hutton, Y. Dugay. Synd. c.1952
The Big Show (T. Bankhead) w/ F. Allen, J. Carson, L. Melchior. NBC 1/26/50 (90 min.)
The Big Show (T. Bankhead) w/ J. Durante, R. Merrill, M. O’Brien. NBC 12/24/50 (90 min.)
Ed Wynn Show “Bubbles Becomes a Prison Warden” NBC (Blue) 2/5/45
Radio Hall of Fame w/ A. Knox, G. Fitzgerald. Blue 10/1/44 (1 hr.)
Royal Gelatin Hour (R. Vallee) w/ G. Lawrence, N. Coward. NBC 12/3/36 (1 hr.)
Texaco Star Theatre (J. Melton; CBS, 30 minutes each)

The Big Show (T. Bankhead) w/ F. Allen, B. Lillie. NBC 2/18/51 (90 min.)
Charlie McCarthy Show NBC 9/9/45
Charlie McCarthy Show w/ Anne Baxter NBC 9/9/45
Columbia Presents Corwin “Unity Fair” w/ G. Marx, A. Drake. CBS 7/3/45
Guest Star “The Blue Amulet” Syndicated 12/7/52 (15 minutes)
Hollywood Fights Back! (see Bacall, Lauren for cast) ABC 10/26/47 (fair quality)
Hollywood Fights Back! (see Andrews, Dana for cast) ABC 11/2/47
Orson Welles’ Radio Almanac w/ L. Turner. CBS 7/5/44
Radio Hall of Fame w/ A. Knox, G. Fitzgerald. Blue 10/1/44 (1 hr.)
Suspense “The Walls Came Tumbling Down” CBS 6/29/44
Suspense “I Had an Alibi” CBS 1/4/45
Suspense “Double Entry” CBS 12/20/45
Suspense “The Night Reveals” CBS 4/19/46 YACHT CLUB BOYS
Fleischmann Hour (R. Vallee) w/ L. Holman, W. Connolly. NBC 1/10/35 (1 hr.)

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

Eddie Cantor Show NBC 6/13/45
Jack Benny Show CBS 9/10/50

Lux Radio Theatre “The Plutocrat” w/ W. Beery. CBS 9/28/36 (1 hr.)

Camel Screen Guild Players “The Dark Mirror” w/ L. Ayres. 2/2/48
Campbell Playhouse “Theodora Goes Wild” w/ O. Welles. CBS 1/14/40 (1 hr.)
Cavalcade of America “Whither Thou Goest” NBC 10/31/50
Cavalcade of America “Port of Missing Men” NBC 1/15/52
Forecast “Angel” CBS 7/29/40
Gulf Screen Guild Theater “Going My Way” w/ J. Stewart, E. Arnold. CBS 11/5/39
Gulf Screen Guild Theater “A Star is Born” w/ B. Meredith, A. Menjou. CBS 11/17/40
Gulf Screen Guild Theater “Liberty is a Lady” CBS 2/15/42
Jack Benny Program (L.Y. makes war speech at end of show) NBC 4/18/43
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Only Yesterday” w/ J. Cotten. AFRS 12/6/43
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Holiday” w/ J. Cotten. CBS 11/13/44
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“Polly of the Circus” w/ J. Gleason, Gavin Gordon. 11/30/36
“The Girl From 10th Avenue” w/ G. Brent. 5/16/38
“A Man’s Castle” w/ S. Tracy, A. Hohl. 3/27/39 (dress rehearsal)
“The Old Maid” w/ M. Hopkins, H. Wood. 10/30/39
“True Confession” w/ F. MacMurray, R. Donnelly. 5/13/40
“Jezebel” w/ J. Lynn, B. Donlevy. 11/25/40
“The Lady from Cheyenne” w/ R. Preston, E. Arnold. 6/16/41
“The Great Lie” w/ M. Astor, G. Brent. 3/2/42
“Algiers” w/ C. Boyer, G. Lockhart. 12/14/42
“The Philadelphia Story” w/ R. Taylor, R. Young. 6/14/43
“China” w/ A. Ladd, W. Bendix. 11/22/43
“Jane Eyre” w/ O. Welles. 6/5/44
“And Now Tomorrow” w/ A. Ladd. 5/21/45
“Christmas Holiday” w/ W. Holden, David Bruce. 9/17/45
“Love Letters” w/ J. Cotten. AFRS 4/22/46
“The Barretts of Wimpole Street” w/ B. Aherne. 9/9/46
“The Farmer’s Daughter” 1/5/48
“Mother is a Freshman” w/ V. Johnson. 10/17/49
“Come to the Stable” w/ H. Marlowe. AFRS 4/3/50
Screen Director’s Playhouse “The Perfect Marriage” NBC 3/20/49
Silver Theatre “It May Be Forever” CBS 2/5/39
Suspense “Lady Killer” CBS 3/2/50
Theatre of Romance “Hired Wife” CBS 9/25/45

Lux Radio Theatre “Green Light” w/ E. Flynn, O. de Havilland. CBS 1/31/38 (1 hr.)

Good News of 1938 (NBC, 1 hour each):
5/5/38 w/ J. Garland, U. Merkel, C. Gable, F. Rice.
5/19/38 w/ J. Crawford, D. McPhail.
5/26/38 w/ V. Bruce, G. Kahn, R. Montgomery, U. Merkel. (lacks brief portion)
6/9/38 w/ R. Taylor, M. Martin, D. McPhail.
Good News of 1939 (R.Y. is mc) (NBC, 1 hour each):
9/1/38 w/ S. Tracy, M. Rooney, A. Faye.
9/15/38 w/ R. Taylor, V. Barrow, R. Johnson.
10/6/38 w/ W. Beery, M. Rooney, J.E. Brown.
10/13/38 w/ L. Barrymore, L. Ayres, E. Powell, A. Jones.
10/20/38 w/ J. Crawford, B. Burke, J. Garland.
10/27/38 w/ C. Gable, L. Barrymore, R. Johnson.
11/3/38 w/ R. Morgan, R. Hussey, B. Jaynes, D. McPhail.
11/10/38 w/ L. Barrymore, L. Ayres, G. Murphy, M. O’Sullivan.
11/17/38 w/ J. Crawford, M. Sullavan, M. Douglas, T. Martin.
11/24/38 w/ T. Martin, M. Rooney, L. Stone, F. Holden.
12/1/38 w/ T. Martin, C. Muse, M. Wentworth.
12/8/38 w/ R. Russell, T. Martin, R. Hicks.
12/15/38 w/ L. Barrymore, R. Owen, G. & K. Lockhart, T. Martin.
12/22/38 w/ R. Johnson, R. Taylor, T. Martin.
12/29/38 w/ L. Barrymore, B. Bondi, B. Stern.
1/5/39 w/ V. Bruce, M. Douglas, D. McPhail.
1/12/39 w/ C. Parker, N. Pendleton, D. O’Keefe, T. Martin.
2/2/39 w/ M. Rooney, R. Ingram, C. Blandick, V. Kilian.
2/16/39 w/ R. Russell, R. Montgomery, J. Marsh, M. Korjus.
2/23/39 w/ M. Korjus, G. Nissen, F. Morgan. (lacks brief portion during F.M.)
3/2/39 w/ J. Crawford, J. Stewart, L. Ayres. (clipped opening)
3/9/39 w/ R. Taylor, L. Barrymore, R. Montgomery. (lacks 2 brief portions)
3/16/39 w/ R. Montgomery, G. Nissen, J.M. Kerrigan.
3/23/39 w/ W. Beery, A. Curtis, L. Day.
3/30/39 w/ W. Pidgeon, V. Bruce, L. Carillo.
4/6/39 w/ L. Barrymore, K. Carlisle, D. McPhail.
4/13/39 w/ V. Bruce, M. Douglas, G. Russell.
4/20/39 w/ M. Rooney, F. Holden, L. Stone, C. Parker.
4/27/39 w/ L. Barrymore’s 61st birthday celebration, E. Cantor.
5/4/39 w/ R. Taylor, M. Loy, C. Boswell.
5/11/39 w/ E. Sullivan, R. Johnson, C. Boswell.
6/15/39 w/ C. Boswell, C. Wilson.

YOUNG, ROBERT (see above for Good News of 1938 and Good News of 1939 listings)
Cavalcade of America “Under the Big Top” NBC 5/26/47
Cavalcade of America “Mr. Lincoln Goes to the Play” NBC 2/9/48
Cavalcade of America “Six Men of Wood” NBC 10/3/50
Encore Theatre “The Green Light” CBS 6/25/46
Family Theatre “A Day to Remember” MBS 9/16/48
Father Knows Best audition show CBS 12/20/48
Father Knows Best “Curiosity” CBS c. 1950 (no commercials)
Father Knows Best “The Inheritance” CBS c. 1950 (no commercials)
Father Knows Best AFRS c.1950
Father Knows Best “Going Modern” NBC 2/19/53
Father Knows Best “Directness” NBC 2/26/53
Father Knows Best “Moving to Chicago?” 11/5/53
Father Knows Best NBC 11/12/53
Front Line Theater “A Brown Study” AFRS WWII
GI Journal (#108) w/ A. Rutherford, V. Vague. AFRS WWII
Gulf Screen Guild Theater “I Met Him in Paris” w/ A. Sothern. 2/4/40
Gulf Screen Guild Theater “The Awful Truth” w/ C. Lombard, R. Bellamy. CBS 5/17/40
Hallmark Playhouse “McCloud’s Folly” CBS 1/6/49
Hallmark Playhouse “Story of Kansas City” w/ J. Wyman. CBS 6/1/50 (1 hr.)
Hollywood Fights Back! (see Bacall, Lauren for cast) ABC 10/26/47 (fair quality)
Lady Esther Screen Guild Players “Journey for Margaret” w/ M. O’Brien. CBS 4/5/43
Lux Radio Theatre (CBS, 1 hour each):
“H.M. Pulham, Esq.” w/ J. Hutchinson, H. Lamarr. 7/13/42
“A Night to Remember” w/ A. Sothern./ 4/19/43
“The Philadelphia Story” w/ R. Taylor, L. Young. 6/14/43
“Hello, Frisco, Hello” w/ A. Faye. 11/15/43
“The Fallen Sparrow” w/ M. O’Hara, W. Slezak. 2/14/44
“In Old Chicago” w/ D. Lamour, J. Hodiak. 10/9/44
“Only Yesterday” w/ I. Lupino. 4/16/45
“The Enchanted Cottage” w/ D. McGuire. 9/3/45
“Guest in the House” w/ A. Baxter. 11/12/45
“Goodbye, My Fancy” w/ R. Russell. AFRS 6/28/54
Lux Summer Theatre “The Physician in Spite of Himself” AFRS 7/13/53 (1 hr.)
Radio Reader’s Digest “I Was a Male War Bride” CBS 2/19/48
Studio One “King’s Row” w/ M. McCambridge. CBS 2/24/48 ( 1hr.)
Suspense (CBS, 30 minutes each):
“A Friend to Alexander” w/ G. Fitzgerald. 8/3/43
“The Night Reveals” w/ Margo. 12/9/43
“The High Wall” 6/6/46
“You’ll Never See Me Again” 9/5/46
“Crossfire” w/ R. Mitchum, R. Ryan. 4/10/48 (1 hr.)
“Celebration” w/ V. Bruce. 9/23/48
“A Murder of Necessity” 3/24/52
Theatre of Romance “The Enchanted Cottage” w/ H. Marshall. CBS 2/26/46 (clipped opening)

Good News of 1940 w/ E. Arnold, M. Rosenbloom. NBC 11/2/39 (1 hr.)
Good News of 1940 w/ E. Arnold, W. Huston, E. Gardner. NBC 11/9/39 (1 hr.)
Information, Please NBC 7/10/42
Lux Radio Theatre “The Unguarded Hour” w/ R. Montgomery. CBS 12/4/44 (1 hr)
Suspense “The Customers Like Murder” CBS 3/23/43
Texaco Star Theatre (F. Allen) CBS 10/11/42

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

Lux Radio Theatre “Seven Keys to Baldpate” w/ J. Benny, M. Livingston, C.B. DeMille. CBS 9/26/38
(1 hr.) (E.Z. is guest)
The Magic Key w/ I. Claire, B. Aherne, O. Perkins, C. Coburn. NBC 3/29/36 (rough opening
& closing)

Encore Theatre “Now, Voyager” w/ M. O’Sullivan. CBS 7/16/46
Suspense “Moment of Darkness” w/ P. Lorre. CBS 4/20/43
Suspense “The Man Without a Body” w/ J. Sutton. CBS 6/22/43
Suspense “The Locked Room” w/ V. Bruce. CBS 1/27/44


***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***