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The High Hatters & Silent Movie Theme Songs

Fair Pickings is pleased to offer two CD’s featuring transfers of 78 records of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Please note that we do not use any sort of computerized noise-reduction. Our transfers are made using an Esoteric Sound re-equalizer and a minimum amount of filtering. Thus many of the sides will contain more surface noise than some commercially released CD’s.

Price for either CD for U.S. delivery is $12.50 postpaid; for overseas delivery please add $3 postage and handling for surface mail or $6 postage and handling for airmail.

One of the great hot dance bands of the late twenties and early thirties, The High Hatters features arrangements by their director, Victor Jory.

The contents of the Fair Pickings High Hatters CD is as follows, and should not be confused with the embedded music of our web site:

1. “Daddy Won’t You Please Come Home?” (From Paramount picture, “Thunderbolt”) (Sam Coslow) v: Belle Mann (22046-B)

2. “Takes You” (Benny Davis-Carmen Lombardo) v: Frank Luther (22046-A)

3. “You’ve Got Me Pickin’ Pedals Off of Daisies” (From William Fox picture, “Sunny Side Up”) (De Sylva-Brown-Henderson) v:Frank Luther (22146-B)

4. “I’m a Dreamer Aren’t We All” (as 3) v: Frank Luther (22146-A)

5. “Hoosier Hop’ (From the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture, “It’s a Great Life”) (Dave Dreyer-Ballard MacDonald) v: Frank Luther (22218-B)

6. “I’m Following You” (as 5) v: Frank Luther (22218-A)

7. “Singin’ in the Bathtub” (From Warner Bros. picture, “Show of Shows”) (Magidson-Washingon-Cleary) v: Frank Luther (22219-B)

8. “My Love Parade” (From Paramount picture, “The Love Parade”) (Clifford Grey-Victor Schertzinger) v: Frank Luther (22232-A)

9. “Nobody’s Using it Now” (as 8) v: Frank Luther (22232-B)

10. “Look for the Silver Lining” (From First National picture, “Sally”) (P.G. Wodehouse-Jerome Kern) v: Frank Luther (22250-A)

11. “Wild Rose” (From First National picture, “Sally”) (Clifford Grey-Jerome Kern) v: Frank Luther (22250-B)

12. “A Bundle of Old Love Letters” (From Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture, “Lord Byron of Broadway”) (Arthur Freed-Nacio Herb Brown) v: Frank Luther (22255-B)

13. “In My Little Hope Chest” (From Paramount picture, “Honey”) (Sam Coslow-W. Frank Harling) v: Countess Albani (22322-A)

14. “Sing You Sinners” (as 13) v: Frank Luther (22322-B)

15. “My Future Just Passed” (From the Motion Picture, “Safety in Numbers”) (George Marion, Jr.-Richard A. Whiting) v: Frank Luther (22444-B)

16. “I Don’t Want to Dream (If I Can’t Dream of You)” (Charlie Domberger-Perry Dring) v:Frank Luther (22533-A)

17. “Sweet Jennie Lee” (Walter Donaldson) v: Frank Luther (22533-B)

18. “Overnight” (From the musical comedy, “Sweet and Low”) (Rose-Kent-Alter) v: Johnny Marvin (22566-B)

19. “Cheerful Little Earful” (From the musical comedy, “Sweet and Low”) (Gershwin-Rose-Warren) v: Johnny Marvin (22566-A)

20. “Boy! Oh! Boy! Oh! Boy! I’ve Got it Bad” (Edgar Leslie-James V. Monaco) v: Frank Luther (22703-B)

21. “(There Ought to Be a) Moonlight Saving Time” (Irving Kahal-Harry Richman) v:Frank Luther (22703-A)

The Silent Movie Theme Songs CD consists of commercial recordings of songs written to be performed as part of the accompaniment of non-dialogue (or part-talkie) films released between 1918 and 1929.

Contents as follows (film for which the song was written is listed first):

1. Mickey (Mabel Normand Feature Film Co., 8/18): “Mickey” (Williams-Moret) The Sterling Trio Columbia A2662 (1918)

2. What Price Glory? (Fox, 11/23/26) “Charmaine” (Pollack-Rapée) Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians (Weston Vaughn, vocal) Columbia 1048-D (6/13/27)

3. 7th Heaven (Fox, 5/6/27) “Diane” (Pollack-Rapée) James Melton Columbia 1206-D (11/22/27)

4. Speedy (Harold Lloyd/Paramount, 4/7/28) “Speedy Boy” (Klages-Greer) Ben Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra (Scrappy Lambert, vocal) Brunswick 3887 (3/22/28)

5. Street Angel (Fox, 4/9/28) “My Angel” (“Angela Mia”) (Rapeé-Pollack) James Melton Columbia 1493-D (6/20/28)

6. Laugh, Clown, Laugh (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 4/14/28) “Laugh, Clown, Laugh” (Lewis-Young-Fiorito) Irving Kaufman Domino 4136 (1928)

7. Ramona (Inspiration/United Artists, 5/6/28) “Ramona” (Gilbert-Wayne) Dolores Del Rio Victor 4053 (5/6/28)

8. The Red Dance (Fox, 6/25/28) “Someday, Somewhere (We’ll Meet Again)” (Pollack-Rapée) Regent Club Orchestra (Eddy Thomas, vocal) Brunswick 4017 (8/6/28)

9. Warming Up (Paramount, 8/4/28) “Out of the Dawn” (Donaldson) Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra (with vocal refrain) Victor 21572 (7/19/28)

10. Our Dancing Daughters (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) “I Loved You Then as I Love You Now” (MacDonald-Axt-Mendoza) Franklyn Baur Victor 21734 (9/28/28)

11. Beggars of Life (Paramount, 9/21/28) “Beggars of Life” (Brennan-Hajos) The Troubadours (with Male Quartet) Victor 21683 (9/13/28)

12. Lilac Time (First National, 10/18/28) “Jeannine (I Dream of Lilac Time)” (Gilbert-Shilkret) Gene Austin w/Orchestra conducted by Nathaniel Shilkret (Sigmund Krumgold, pipe organ) Victor 21564 (6/26/28)

13. Show People (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 10/20/28) “Cross Roads” (Axt-Mendoza-Klages) Henry Burr Columbia 1649-D (1928)

14. Mother Knows Best (Fox, 10/28/28) “Sally of My Dreams” (Kernell) Franklyn Baur w/Victor Arden & Phil Ohlman, pianos Victor 21734 (9/28/28)

15. The Man Who Laughs (Universal, 11/4/28) “When Love Comes Stealing” (Rappée-Pollack-Hirsch) Regent Club Orchestra (Frank Munn, vocal) Brunswick 3824 (2/7/28)

16. Shopworn Angel (Paramount, 12/29/28) “A Precious Little Thing Called Love” (Davis-Coots) Annette Hanshaw w/The New England Yankees Harmony 859-H (2/20/29)

17. Abie¹s Irish Rose (Paramount, 1/5/29) “Little Irish Rose” (Nichols-Zamecnik) Morton Downey Victor 21849 (1/11/29)

18. Lady of the Pavements (Art Cinema/United Artists, 1/22/29) “Where is the Song of Songs for Me?” (Berlin) Lupé Velez Victor 21932 (3/30/29)

19. Alias Jimmy Valentine (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1/26/29) “Love Dreams” (Axt-Mendoza-Harris-Klages) Henry Burr Columbia 1649-D (1928)

20. Lucky Boy (Tiffany-Stahl, 2/2/29) “My Mother’s Eyes” (Gilbert-Baer) George Jessel Victor 21852 (2/18/29)

21. Tide of Empire (Cosmopolitan/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 3/23/29) “Josephina” (Klages-Greer) Leo Reisman & His Orchestra (Lewis James, vocal) Victor 21920 (3/12/29)

22. The Pagan (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 4/27/29) “Pagan Love Song” (Freed-Brown) Victor Salon Orchestra (Direction of Nathaniel Shilkret) Victor 22043 (7/3/29)


“The Woman Haters” (Astor, 10/7/12; music by Walter Kollo; lyric by George V.
Hobart & Jerome D. Kern)

1. Come On Over Here (later interpolated into The Doll Girl [1913]) Helen
Clark and Billy Murray VICTOR 17441 (1913)
Der Lieber Augustin (Casino, 9/3/13; lyrics by M.E. Rourke)

2. “Look in Her Eyes” George MacFarlane VICTOR 60120 (5/5/14)
The Girl from Utah (Knickerbocker, 8/14/14; lyrics by M.E. Rourke)

3. “They Didn¹t Believe Me” Alice Green and Harry Macdonough VICTOR 35491
Ninety in the Shade (Knickerbocker, 1/25/15; lyrics by Harry B. Smith)

4. “Where¹s the Girl for Me?” (later interpolated into The Lady in Red
[1919]) Frederick Wheeler COLUMBIA A1798 (7/13/15)
Very Good Eddie (Princess, 12/13/15; lyrics by Schuyler Greene)

5. “Babes in the Wood” Anna Howard and Harry Macdonough VICTOR 18172

6. Gems from Very Good Eddie: “Wedding Bells are Calling Me,” “Babes in the
Wood,” If I Find the Girl,” “Some Sort of Somebody,” “On the Shores at Le
Lei Wi” Victor Light Opera Company VICTOR 35529 (1916)
Miss Springtime (New Amsterdam, 9/25/16; lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse)

7. “My Castle in the Air” George MacFarlane VICTOR 45110 (1/12/17)
Have a Heart (Liberty, 1/15/17; lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse)

8. “I’m So Busy” Rachel Grant & Billy Murray EDISON 50434

9. “Napoleon” Billy B. Van & male chorus COLUMBIA A2307 (6/16/17)

10. “You Said Something” Alice Green and Harry Macdonough VICTOR 18260
Love o’ Mike (Shubert, 1/15/17; lyric by Harry B. Smith)

11. Love o’ Mike-One-Step Victor Military Band VICTOR 35621

12. “I Wonder Why” Anna Wheaton COLUMBIA A2238 (3/22/17)
Oh, Boy! (Princess, 2/19/17; lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse)

13. “An Old-Fashioned Wife” Alice Green VICTOR 18259

14. “Till the Clouds Roll By” Anna Wheaton and James Harrod COLUMBIA A2261

15. “Rolled Into One” Anna Wheaton COLUMBIA A2238 (3/22/17)
Leave It to Jane (Longacre, 8/28/17; lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse)

16. Gems from Leave It to Jane: “Just You Watch My Step,” “The Crickets are
Calling,” “What I’m Longing to Say,” “The Sun Shines Brighter,” “The Siren’s
Song” “Leave It to Jane” Victor Light Opera Company VICTOR 35666 (1917)
Miss 1917 (Century, 11/5/17; lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse)

17. “The Land Where the Good Songs Go” Alice Green and Charles Harrison
VICTOR 18410 Oh, Lady! Lady! (Princess, 2/1/18; lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse)

18. Gems from Oh, Lady! Lady!: “When the Ships Come Home,” “Not Yet,” “That
Was Before I Met You,” “Some Little Girl,” “You Found Me and I Found You,”
“When the Ships Come Home” Victor Light Opera Company VICTOR 35672 (1918)
She’s a Good Fellow (Globe, 5/15/19; lyrics by Anne Caldwell)

19. “The First Rose of Summer” John McCormack VICTOR 64818 (4/16/19)

20. “The Bullfrog Patrol” The Duncan Sisters (Edna Fisher, piano) VICTOR
19352 (4/4/24)

21. Gems from She’s a Good Fellow: “Some Party,” “The First Rose of Summer,”
“Jubilo” (words & music by Henry Clay Work, 1868), “Teacher, Teacher,” “I’ve
Been Waiting for You All the Time” Victor Light Opera Company VICTOR 35694

10 Musical Shows from 1927
Rio Rita (McCarthy-Tierney) (Ziegfeld, February 2)

1. “Rio Rita” and “The Ranger’s Song” J. Harold Murray with chorus (2/21/27)

2. “The Kinkajou” Nat Shilkret & the Victor Orchestra (vocal chorus by Billy
Murray) (2/3/27)
“Hit the Deck” (Caesar-Youmans) (Belasco, April 25)

3. “Sometimes I’m Happy” Louse Groody and Charles King (4/12/27)
Ziegfeld Follies (Berlin) (New Amsterdam, August 16)

4. “It All Belongs to Me” Ruth Etting (8/30/27)

5. Selection (in two parts): “Shakin’ the Blues Away,” “Ooh! Maybe It’s
You,” “Tickling the Ivories,” “It’s Up to the Band” Nat Shilkret & the
Victor Orchestra, Fairchild & Rainger (duo-pianists), The Brox Sisters, and
Franklyn Baur (vocals) (9/14/27)
“Good News” (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) (46th Street, September 6)

6. “The Varsity Drag” Ruth Etting (with Rube Bloom, piano) (12/15/27)

7. “The Best Things in Life are Free” Jack Smith (“The Whispering Baritone”)

8. “Good News” George Olsen & His Music (w/vocal trio) (8/18/27)
“My Maryland” (Donnelly-Romberg) (Shubert, September 12)

9. “Silver Moon” Evelyn Herbert & Franklyn Baur (10/5/27)

10. “Your Land and My Land” Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra (with vocal
refrain) (3/3/27)
“The Five O’Clock Girl” (Kalmar-Ruby) (44th Street, October 10)

11. “Thinking of You” Annette Hanshaw (11/23/27)

12. “Up in the Clouds” Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra (vocal chorus by
Franklyn Baur) (10/7/27)
“A Connecticut Yankee” (Hart-Rodgers) (Vanderbilt, November 3)

13. “My Heart Stood Still” Jesse Matthews (with Leslie A. Hutchinson, piano)

14. “Thou Swell” Bix and His Gang
Funny Face (I. & G. Gershwin) (Alvin, November 22)

15. “Funny Face” Fred & Adele Astaire (11/26/28)

16. selection: “S’Wonderful,” “My One and Only,” “He Loves and She Loves,”
“Funny Face” Victor Arden & Phil Ohman & Their Orchestra (vocal chorus by
The Revelers) (4/5/28)

17. “My One and Only” George Gershwin, piano (1927)

18. “The Babbitt and the Bromide” Fred and Adele Astaire (11/26/28)
Golden Dawn (Hammerstein’s, November 30)

19. “Dawn” (Harbach-Hammerstein II-Stoltz-Stothart)
The Troubadours (vocal refrain by Lewis James) (11/17/27)

20. “We Two” (Harbach-Hammerstein II-Kalman-Stothart)
(vocal refrain by Ed. Smalle) (11/26/27)
“Show Boat” (Hammerstein II-Kern) (Ziegfeld, December 27)

21. “Ol’ Man River” Paul Whiteman and His Concert Orchestra (with Paul
Robeson and Mixed Chorus) (1/3/28)

22. Selection: “Why Do I Love You?”-“Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man”-“You Are
Love”-“Make Believe” Paul Whiteman and His Concert Orchestra with Mixed
Chorus (1/3/28)

Recorded September 1925

1. You Forgot to Remember (Irving Berlin) Lewis James COLUMBIA 451-D (9/2)

2. If I Had a Girl Like You (Rose-Dixon-Henderson) Seattle Harmony Kings (A
Benson Organization) Eddie Neibaur, director VICTOR 19772 (9/2)

3. Darktown Shuffle (Thomas-Baker) Seattle Harmony Kings VICTOR 19772 (9/2)

4. Alone at Last (Kahn-Fiorito) Lewis James COLUMBIA 451-D (9/3)

5. I’se Goin’ from the Cottonfield (Adapted by Frank Crumit) Frank Crumit
VICTOR 19777 (9/4)

6. The Parlor is a Pleasant Place to Sit in Sunday Night (Adapted by Frank
Crumit) VICTOR 19777 (9/4)

7. Mighty Blue (Egen-Whiting) Waring’s Pennsylvanians (vocal by Tom Waring)
VICTOR 19784 (9/4)

8. Dinah (Lewis-Young-Akst) The Revelers VICTOR 19796 (9/4)

9. Dreaming of Tomorrow (Sanders-Davis) Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
COLUMBIA 464-D (9/6)

10. Oh! Boy, What a Girl! (Green-Wright-Bessinger) Eddie Cantor COLUMBIA

11. I’m Gonna Hang Around My Sugar (Palmer-Williams) The Washingtonians
(Duke Ellington¹s Orchestra) Pathé 36333 (9/?)

12. Pardon Me (While I Laugh) (Von Tilzer-Terker-Heagney) The Happiness Boys
(Accompanied by Phil Ohman, piano and Harry Reser, banjo) COLUMBIA 457-D

13. I’m Knee Deep in Daisies (Goodwin-Little-Stanley-Ash-Shay) Park Lane
Orchestra (Carl Fenton’s Orchestra) (vocal chorus by Frank Bessinger)
BRUNSWICK 2958 (9/15)

14. You Gotta Know How (Williams-Erdman-Donaldson) Park Lane Orchestra
(vocal chorus by Frank Bessinger) BRUNSWICK 2958 (9/15)

15. Ida–I Do (Kahn-Jones) Paul Whiteman¹s Orchestra VICTOR 19785 (9/15)

16. What Do We Care If It’s One O’clock (Shay) Ford and Glenn COLUMBIA 474-D

17. Where Can I Find You? (Mintz-Wilber) Bill Foley¹s Keystone Serenaders
VOCALION 15122 (9/?)

18. Croon a Little Lullaby (Kerr-Schonberg-Baker) The Radio Franks (Wright &
Bessinger) (Piano by Phil Ohman) BRUNSWICK 2955 (9/21)

19. Cecilia (Ruby-Dreyer) Jack Smith (The Whispering Baritone) VICTOR 19787

20. I’m Knee Deep in Daisies (And Head Over Heels in Love)
(Goodwin-Little-Stanley-Ash-Shay) Jack Smith (The Whispering Baritone)
VICTOR 19787 (9/21)

21. Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? (Bryan-Meyer) Goodrich Silvertown Cord
Orchestra (Joseph M. Knect, Director) (vocal chorus by The Silver-Masked
Tenor) VICTOR 19793 (9/22)

22. A Kiss in the Moonlight (Gaskill) Goodrich Silvertown Cord Orchestra
(vocal chorus by The Silver-Masked Tenor) VICTOR 19793 (9/22)

23. If I Had a Girl Like You (Rose-Dixon-Henderson) Aileen Stanley and Billy
Murray (with Frank Banta, piano) VICTOR 19795 (9/22)

24. Pretty Puppy (Conrad-Bernie) Thomas and West (Billy Jones and Ernest
Hare) HARMONY 41-H (9/23)

25. Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? (Bryan-Meyer) Nick Lucas (vocal and
guitar) BRUNSWICK 2961 (9/29)

Silent Movie Theme Songs, vol. 2

1. Hollywood (Famous Players-Lasky, 8/19/23) “Hollywood” (Aubrey Stauffer)
Joe Raymond and His Orchestra Victor 19211 (11/27/23)

2. The Lost World (First National, 2/2/25) “The Lost World” (Harry B.
Smith-Rudolph Friml) William Robyn Cameo 651 (1925)

3. The Freshman (Harold Lloyd Corp./Pathé, 9/20/25) “Freshie” (Jesse
Greer-Harold Berg) Waring¹s Pennsylvanians Victor 19784 (9/7/25)

4. The Fire Brigade (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 12/20/26) “The Fire Brigade” (Ted
Snyder-Alfred Bryan) The Happiness Boys Cameo 1079 (c.12/19/26)

5. Dress Parade (DeMille/Pathé, 10/29/27) “Consolation” (Merton
Bories-Maurice Gunsky) The Westerners [Broadway Bell Hops] Harmony 426-H

6. Fazil (Fox, 6/4/28) “Neapolitan Nights” (J.S. Zamecnik- Harry Kerr)
[orig. published in 1925; revived as Fazil¹s theme song in 1928] James
Melton Columbia 1493-D (6/27/28)

7. The First Kiss (Paramount, 8/25/28) “The First Kiss” (Al Dubin-J. Russell
Robinson) Eddy Thomas Brunswick 4079 (1928)

8. Our Dancing Daughters (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 9/1/28) “I Loved You Then as
I Love You Now” (Ballard MacDonald-William Axt-David Mendoza) Jesse
Crawford, Wurlitzer Organ Victor 21728 (10/5/28)

9. Gang War (FBO, 9/2/28) “My Surpressed Desire” (Ned Miller-Chester Cohn)
Verne Buck & His Orchestra (vocal refrain by Bill Chandler) Columbia 1651-D

10. Show Girl (First National, 9/23/28) “She¹s One Sweet Show Girl” (Ted
Ward-Edward Grossman) Ben Pollack and His Park Central Orchestra (vocal
chorus by Belle Mann) Victor 21743 (10/15/28)

11. The Whip (First National, 9/30/28) “Just Because It¹s You” (Lou
Klein-Frankie Harling) Eddy Thomas Brunswick 4079 (1928)

12. Revenge (Edwin Carewe Productions/United Artists, 10/28) “Revenge” (Sam
Lewis-Joe Young-Harry Akst) Franklyn Baur Victor 21591 (2/8/28)

13. Show People (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 10/20/28) “Cross Roads” (Ray
Klages-William Axt-David Mendoza) Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (vocal refrain
by Smith Ballew) Okeh 41151 (11/21/28)

14. Submarine (Columbia, 11/12/28) “Pals, Just Pals” (Dave Dreyer-Herman
Ruby) The Melody Three Victor 21754 (10/22/28)

15. The Awakening (Samuel Goldwyn, Inc./United Artists, 11/17/28) “Marie”
(Irving Berlin) The Troubadours [Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra]
(vocal refrain by Lewis James) Victor 21746 (10/18/28)

16. Synthetic Sin (First National, 1/6/29) “Betty” (Harold Christy-Nat
Shilkret) Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra (vocal refrain by Frank
Munn) Victor 21838 (12/6/28)

17. Weary River (First National, 2/10/29) “Weary River” (Grant Clarke-Louis
Silvers) Gene Austin Victor 21856 (1/24/29)

18. Children of the Ritz (First National, 3/3/29) “Some Sweet Day” (Nat
Shilkret-Lew Pollack) The Whispering Pianist (Art Gillham) Columbia 1726-D

19. Wolf Song (Paramount, 3/30/29) “Mi Amado” (Harry Warren-Sam Lewis-Joe
Young) Lupé Velez Victor 21932 (3/30/29)

20. The Godless Girl (C.B. DeMille Productions/Pathé, 3/31/29) “Love (All I
Want is Love)” (Charles Weinberg-Josiah Zurro) The Troubadours [Nat Shilkret
and the Victor Orchestra] (vocal refrain by Leo O¹Rourke, Phil Dewey, and
Frank Luther) Victor 21746 (9/6/28)

21. Wonder of Women (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 7/13/29) “At Close of Day” (Ray
Klages-Jesse Greer-Martin Broones) Leo Reisman and His Orchestra (vocal
refrain by L. Levin) Victor 22100 (8/22/29)

22. Evangeline (Edwin Carewe Productions/United Artists, 7/27/29)
“Evangeline” (Billy Rose-Al Jolson) Paul Oliver [Frank Munn] HMV 3220

23. Four Devils (Fox, 9/15/29) “Marion” (Lew Pollack-Erno Rapée) The
Columbians [Ben Selvin and His Orchestra] (with vocal refrain) Columbia
1623-D (11/5/28)

Songs from Early Talkies
Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 (Fox, 5/25/29)

1. “That’s You, Baby” (Archie Gottler-Sidney D. Mitchell-Con Conrad) Irving
Kaufman (5/29/28) On With the Show (Warner Bros., 5/28/29)

2. “Am I Blue?” (Grant Clarke-Harry Akst) Nat Shilkret & the Victor
Orchestra (vocal by Don Howard) (5/23/29)

3. “Let Me Have My Dreams” (Clarke-Akst) Nat Shilkret & the Victor Orchestra
(vocal by Frank Munn) (5/23/29)

4. “Birmingham Bertha” (Clarke-Akst) Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra (vocal
by Kay Palmer) (7/27/29) Drag (First National., 7/21/29)

5. “My Song of the Nile” (Al Bryan-George W. Meyer) The Melody Three (Frank
Luther, Jack Parker, Phil Dewey) (6/12/29) The Cocoanuts (Paramount, 8/13/29)

6. “When My Dreams Come True” (Irving Berlin) Waring¹s Pennsylvanians (with
vocal refrain) (5/2/29) Bulldog Drummond (Goldwyn/United Artists, 8/3/29)

7. “There’s the One for Me” (Jack Yellen-Harry Akst) Morton Downey (4/29/29)
Hollywood Revue of 1929 (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 6/20/29)

8. “Your Mother and Mine” (Joe Goodwin-Gus Edwards) Waring¹s Pennsylvanians
(vocal refrain by Frank Munn) (5/27/29)

9. “Orange Blossom Time” (Goodwin-Edwards) Johnny Marvin (saxophone
solo-Andy Sannella) (7/19/29)

10. “Singin’ in the Rain” (Arthur Freed-Nacio Herb Brown) Johnny Marvin
(Vocal Quartet-Frohne Sisters) (5/22/29) The Dance of Life (Paramount, 8/16/29)

11. “True Blue Lou” (Leo Robin-Sam Coslow-Richard A. Whiting) Ben Pollack &
His Park Central Orchestra (vocal by Burt Lorin) (8/15/29)

12. “The Flippity Flop” (Coslow-Robin-Whiting) Coon-Sanders Orchestra (vocal
by Joe Sanders) (7/26/29) Hallelujah (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 8/20/29)

13. “Waiting at the End of the Road” (Irving Berlin) Phil Spitalny¹s Music
(vocal by The Paull Sisters) (8/13/29) Marianne (Cosmopolitan/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 8/24/29)

14. “Just You, Just Me” (Jesse Greer-Raymond Klages) Jack Miller, Accomp. by
The New Englanders (10/3/29) Gold Diggers of Broadway (Warner Bros., 8/30/29)

15. “Painting the Clouds with Sunshine” (Joe Burke-Al Dubin) Ford & Glenn

16. “Tip-Toe Thru’ the Tulips” (Burke-Durbin) Annette Hanshaw with Novelty
Accompaniment (9/20/29)So This is College (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 11/8/29)

17. “I Don’t Want Your Kisses (If I Can’t Have Your Love)” (Fred
Fisher-Martin Broones) Welcome Lewis It’s a Great Life (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 12/6/29)

18. “I’m Following You” (Dave Dreyer-Ballard MacDonald) The Duncan Sisters

19. “The Hoosier Hop” (Dreyer-MacDonald) The Duncan Sisters (1/4/30)
Love Comes Along (RKO, 1/8/30)

20. “Until Love Comes Along” (Sidney Clare-Oscar Levant) Bebe Daniels
(1/3/30) Chasing Rainbows (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1/10/30)

21. “Lucky Me–Lovable You” (Jack Yellen-Milt Ager) Johnny Marvin (10/23/29)

22. “Happy Days are Here Again” (Yellen-Ager) Ben Selvin & His Orchestra
(vocal by The Rollickers) (2/3/30) Lord Byron of Broadway (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2/28/30)

23. “Should I?” (Arthur Freed-Nacio Herb Brown) Paul Whiteman & His
Orchestra (vocal by Jack Fulton) (10/18/29)

24. “The Woman in the Shoe” (Freed-Brown) Ben Selvin & His Orchestra (vocal
by Smith Ballew) (10/23/29) Paramount on Parade (Paramount, 4/19/30)

25. “(Up On Top of a Rainbow) Sweepin’ the Clouds Away” (Sam Coslow) Charles
(Buddy) Rogers (3/4/30)

Victor Records from the 17000 series (1912-1914)

1. Down by the Old Mill Stream (Tell Taylor) Harry Macdonough and Chorus

2. Come to the Ball (Ross-Monckton; from “Quaker Girl”) Henry Burr (17030)

3. It’s a Long Lane that Has No Turning (Manuel Klein; from N.Y. Hippodrome
Production) Peerless Quartet (17030)

4. Moonlight Bay (Edward Madden-Percy Wenrich) American Quartet (17034)

5. The Harbor of Love (Jones-Blake) Walter J. Van Brunt (17034)

6. A Rural Argument (“Rube” Specialty with imitations) (Porter) Porter and
Harlan (17065)

7. Skyrocket March (Grafulia) Pryor’s Band (17080)

8. Whistle It (Bryan-Clarke-Schwartz; from “The Wall Street Girl”) Ada Jones

9. A Girl Like Me (Smith-Hubbell; from “A Winsome Widow”) Elizabeth Wheeler
and Lyric Quartet (17095)

10. Lucia Sextette Burlesque (Irving Berlin; sung in “Hanky Panky” and at
the Winter Garden) Billy Murray with Vaudeville Quartet (17119)

11. That Lovin’ Traumerei (Stuaffer) Al Jolson (17119)

12. Symphony (Otto Hauerbach-Rudolf Friml; from “The Firefly”) Helen Clark
and Walter J. van Brunt (17210)

13. The International Rag (Irving Berlin) Collins and Harlan (17431)

14. A Little Love, a Little Kiss (Leo Silésu) Charles W. Harrison (17509)

15. He’s a Devil in His Own Home Town (Grant Clarke-Irving Berlin) Billy
Murray (17576)

16. If They’d Only Move Old Ireland Over Here (Kelly-Klein-Gillen; from
“When Claudia Smiles”) Ada Jones (17576)

17. If I Had Someone Like You at Home (I Wouldn’t Want to Go Out) (Joseph
McCarthy-James V. Monaco) Peerless Quartet (17589)

18. I’m Glad My Wife’s in Europe (Archie Gottler) Will Halley (17683)

19. I’m Goin’ Back to Louisiana (Floyd Thompson-E. Clinton Keithley) Collins
and Harlan (17683)

20. I’m Coming Back to Dixie and You (Lyons Yosco-Frank Mullane) Peerless
Quartet (17685)

21. When You’re Away (Henry Blossom-Victor Herbert; from “The Only Girl”)
Olive Kline (17690)

22. Goodbye, Girls, I’m Through (John Golden-Ivan Caryll; from “Chin Chin”)
Raymond Dixon (17715)

23. Ragtime Temple Bells (James O’Dea-Ivan Caryll; from “Chin Chin”) Billy
Murray (17715)

24. A Little Bit of Heaven (J. Keirn Brennan-E.R. Ball; from “The Heart of
Paddy Whack”) Charles Harrison (17780)

25. Teach Me to Smile (Paulton-Philipp-Briquet; from “The Girl Who Smiles”)
Alice Green and Edward Hamilton (17858)