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**all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted**

Complete log of shows: 
(* indicates show is available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Radio’s longest running dramatic anthology series began on NBC on Oct. 14, 1934, broadcasting from New York, then moved to CBS the second season and began broadcasting from Hollywood on June 1, 1936. From this time on the hour long programs were generally based on motion pictures, often with the stars of the film in the radio version as well, but sometimes intriguingly re-cast for the radio play. Entries followed by AFRS indicate that this show is available only in an Armed Forces Radio Service re-broadcast, which replaces the network commercials (including intermission spots) with armed forces anouncements. ST after an entry indicates that this program is part of the Lux Summer Theatre series, which ran as a summer replacement for the regular series between June and August of 1953. Each show is 60 minutes.

For more information about The Lux Radio Theatre:
Lux Presents Hollywood: A Show-by-Show History of The Lux Radio Theatre and The Lux Video Theatre, 1934-1957 by Connie J. Billips and Arthur Pierce. 729pp., large index, many illustrations. $95.00 (plus $3 post) Available from: McFarland & Company Box 611 Jefferson, North Carolina 28640 910-246-4460

*4/22/40 “Abe Lincoln in Illinois” R. Massey, F. Bainter, O. Kruger.
3/28/49 “The Accused” L. Young, R. Cummings, W. Corey.
*5/15/44 “Action in the North Atlantic” G. Raft, R. Massey, J. Bishop.
4/28/35 “Ada Beats the Drum” M. Boland, R. Nugent.
5/5/35 “Adam and Eva” C. Grant, C. Cummings.
*9/29/52 “Adam and Evalyn” S. Granger, J. Simmons. (AFRS)
*10/29/45 “The Affairs of Susan” J. Fontaine, G. Brent, D. DeFore. (dress reh.) (J.F.’s part read by unidentified actress)
*8/24/53 “The Affairs of Susan” Anne Baxter, L. Dobkin, J. Dehner, V. Perrin. (ST) (AFRS)
*12/15/52 “The African Queen” G. Garson, H. Bogart.
*6/17/40 “After the Thin Man” W. Powell, M. Loy.
*7/12/43 “Air Force” G. Raft, H. Carey, M. Pickford (guest).
*5/14/45 “Alexander Graham Bell” D. Ameche, J. Duprez. (dress rehearsal)
4/26/55 “Alexander Graham Bell” R. Cummings, B. Fuller, H. Butterfield, E. Barrier.
*6/3/40 “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” A. Faye, R. Milland, R. Preston.
*4/7/47 “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” T. Power, D. Shore, A. Jolson, D. Haymes, M. Whiting.
*7/7/41 “Algiers” C. Boyer, H. Lamarr.
*12/14/42 “Algiers” C. Boyer, L. Young, J.C. Naish, G. Lockhart, I. Jewell.
9/30/35 “Alias Jimmy Valentine” R. Barthelmess, E. Phelps.
*11/9/36 “Alias Jimmy Valentine” P. O’Brien, M. Evans, A. Jenkins, W. Frawley.
3/2/36 “Alias the Deacon” V. Moore, S. Field.
*7/1/40 “Alias the Deacon” B. Burns, H. Wood.
*4/19/37 “Alibi Ike” J.E. Brown, H. Chandler, R. Karns, W. Frawley.
*1/3/38 “Alice Adams” C. Colbert, F. MacMurray, W. Connolly.
*12/24/51 “Alice in Wonderland” E. Wynn, K. Beaumont, J. Colonna, S. Holloway. (dress rehearsal)
*10/1/51 “All About Eve” B. Davis, Anne Baxter, R. Gardiner, G. Merrill.
*11/23/54 “All About Eve” A. Blyth, C. Trevor, D. Randolph, B. Conrad.
*5/1/50 “All My Sons” B. Lancaster, E. Arnold, S. Brady. (some commercials missing)
*12/15/41 “All This, and Heaven, Too” B. Davis, C. Boyer. (50 minutes)
*3/4/46 “The Amazing Mrs. Holliday” G. Tierney, W. Brennan, E. O’Brien. (AFRS)
*12/29/47 “Anchors Aweigh” F. Sinatra, K. Grayson, Gene Kelly. (dress rehearsal)
*5/21/45 “And Now Tomorrow” A. Ladd, L. Young.
*6/10/46 “And Now Tomorrow” O. de Havilland, J. Lund. (AFRS)
*4/6/53 “Angels in the Outfield” J. Leigh, G. Murphy. (AFRS)
*5/22/39 “Angels with Dirty Faces” J. Cagney, P. O’Brien, G. Dickson.
*1/20/47 “Anna and the King of Siam” I. Dunne, R. Harrison. (AFRS)
5/30/49 “Anna and the King of Siam” I. Dunne, J. Mason, A. Reed, B.L. Gerson.
*2/7/38 “Anna Christie” J. Crawford, S. Tracy, G. Marion, M. Rambeau.
10/3/38 “Another Dawn” M. Carroll, F. Tone, G. Brent.
*5/17/37 “Another Language” B. Davis, F. MacMurray, J. Beal, M. Robson, M. Hamilton.
*9/13/48 “Another Part of the Forest” W. Huston, V. Price, A. Blyth. (no commercials)
*2/28/49 “Apartment for Peggy” J. Crain, W. Holden, E. Gwenn.
12/4/50 “Apartment for Peggy” J. Crain, E. Gwenn, W. Lundigan.
12/23/35 “Applesauce” J. Oakie, E. Lowry, J. Hull.
*2/23/42 “Appointment for Love” M. Loy, C. Boyer, E. Barrier.
*5/1/44 “Appointment for Love” O. de Havilland, P. Lukas.
*1/19/53 “Appointment with Danger” W. Holden, C. Gray, D. Riss.
*5/16/49 “April Showers” J. Carson, D. Lamour, R. Alda.
*2/15/43 “Are Husbands Necessary?” G. Burns, G. Allen.
6/8/42 “Arise, My Love” L. Young, R. Milland.
*1/30/39 “The Arkansas Traveler” B. Burns, F. Bainter, J. Parker, D. Moore.
*10/25/37 “Arrowsmith” S. Tracy, F. Wray, H. Wood.
*9/11/39 “The Awful Truth” C. Colbert, C. Grant, P. Brooks.
*3/10/41 “The Awful Truth” B. Hope, C. Bennett, R. Bellamy.
*1/18/55 “The Awful Truth” C. Grant, I. Dunne, W. Conrad. (no commercials or closing)

*asterisked shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS

10/24/38 “Babbitt” E. Arnold, F. Bainter, C. Dodd, J. Downs.
*6/13/49 “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” C. Grant, S. Temple.
*1/22/40 “Bachelor Mother” G. Rogers, F. March, F. Albertson.
*3/1/48 “Bad Bascomb” W. Beery, M. O’Brien, B. Johnstone.
1/27/35 “The Bad Man” W. Huston, J. Logan.
6/1/42 “Ball of Fire” B. Stanwyck, F. MacMurray.
10/28/34 “The Barker” W. Huston, B. Garde.
*7/20/36 “The Barker” C. Colbert, W. Huston, N. Foster.
1/1/51 “The Barkleys of Broadway” G. Rogers, G. Murphy.
*4/1/46 “Barnacle Bill” W. Beery, M. Main, C.A. Beery, N. Beery. (dress rehearsal; no commercials)
*9/9/46 “The Barretts of Wimpole Street” L. Young, B. Aherne, V. Brown.
2/12/51 “Battleground” V. Johnson, J. Hodiak, R. Montalban, G. Murphy.
*12/7/54 “Battleground” V. Johnson, G. Murphy, W. Conrad. (AFRS) (hum throughout)
*7/5/37 “Beau Brummel” R. Montgomery, M. Evans, L.G. Carroll.
*11/2/53 “Because of You” J. Allyson, J. Chandler, J. Nolan. (AFRS)
6/22/42 “Bedtime Story” L. Young, D. Ameche.
*2/26/45 “Bedtime Story” G. Garson, C. Grant.
*12/27/37 “Beloved Enemy” B. Aherne, M. Carroll, C.A. Smith, D. Crisp.
12/9/34 “Berkeley Square” L. Howard, H. Chandler.
*12/18/44 “Berkeley Square” R. Colman, M. O’Sullivan, D. Lovett. (dress rehearsal; no curtain call or
closing, but contains scene not in broadcast)
*12/18/44 “Berkeley Square” R. Colman, M. O’Sullivan, D. Lovett. (broadcast)
12/11/50 “B.F.’s Daughter” B. Stanwyck, S. Granger, H. Butterfield, J. Banks.
*11/22/48 “The Big Clock” R. Milland, M. O’Sullivan, W. Conrad.
*11/2/54 “The Big Trees” V. Heflin, N. Gates. (AFRS)
12/31/51 “Bird of Paradise” L. Jourdan, D. Paget, J. Chandler.
*7/20/53 “The Birds” H. Marshall, B.L. Gerson. (ST) ( AFRS)
5/12/35 “The Bishop Misbehaves” W. Connolly, J. Wyatt.
12/19/49 “The Bishop’s Wife” T. Power, D. Niven, J. Green, W. Waterman.
*5/11/53 “The Bishop’s Wife” C. Grant, P. Thaxter, O. Soule, H. Butterfield. (AFRS)
*3/1/55 “The Bishop’s Wife” C. Grant, P. Thaxter, L. Tremayne, H. Butterfield. (AFRS)
5/11/36 “Bitter Sweet” I. Dunne, A. Pierson.
*10/20/41 “Blood and Sand” T. Power, Annabella.
*12/3/45 “Blood on the Sun” J. Cagney, S. Sidney. (good minus quality)
*2/16/42 “Blossoms in the Dust” G. Garson, W. Pidgeon, F. Bressart.
*11/30/54 “The Blue Gardenia” D. Andrews, R. Roman. (AFRS)
*3/29/54 “A Blueprint for Murder” D. Dailey, D. McGuire. (AFRS)
*11/24/52 “The Blue Veil” J. Wyman, D. Riss, W. Conrad, B. Johnstone. (AFRS)
*11/15/48 “Body and Soul” J. Garfield, J. Wyman, M. Windsor.
10/8/51 “Borderline” S. McNally, C. Trevor, J. Hodiak.
*7/3/39 “Bordertown” D. Ameche, J. Bennett, C. Trevor.
1/13/36 “The Boss” E.G. Robinson, L. Emerson.
*3/14/38 “The Boss” E. Arnold, F. Wray, H.B. Warner.
*1/28/52 “Branded” B. Lancaster, C. Bickford, N. Gates. (no commercials) (fair-good quality)
*7/13/36 “The Brat” M. Davies, J. McCrea, G. Gordon. (first 45 minutes only; good minus quality)
*10/12/53 “Breaking the Sound Barrier” D. McGuire, R. Newton. (AFRS)
*9/11/44 “Break of Hearts” R. Hayworth, O. Welles.
*2/15/37 “Brewster’s Millions” J. Benny, M. Livingstone.
*1/1/45 “Bride By Mistake” L. Day, J. Hodiak, M. Hunt.
12/29/41 “The Bride Came C.O.D.” B. Hope, H. Lamarr.
6/5/50 “Bride for Sale” C. Colbert, Rob. Young, G. Raymond, T. de Corsia.
6/26/50 “The Bride Goes Wild” V. Johnson, J. Allyson, J. Silver, W. Waterman.
2/9/36 “The Brides the Sun Shines On” D. Fairbanks, Jr., M. Kirkland.
11/29/48 “Brief Encounter” G. Garson, V. Heflin, B. Wright.
5/14/51 “Brief Encounter” O. de Havilland, R. Basehart, C. Drake.
*2/14/38 “Brief Moment” G. Rogers, D. Fairbanks, Jr., L. Calhern, P. Harvey, N. Bruce.
5/28/51 “Bright Leaf” G. Peck, V. Mayo, R. Roman.
*6/7/37 “British Agent” E. Flynn, F. Farmer.
*11/30/42 “Broadway” G. Raft, J. Blair, L. Nolan.
*4/24/39 “Broadway Bill” R. Taylor, F. Dee, G. Patrick, R. Walburn.
1/22/51 “Broken Arrow” B. Lancaster, J. Chandler, D. Paget.
4/14/35 “The Broken Wing” L. Velez, F. Malone.
*11/23/53 “The Browning Version” R. Colman, B. Hume, R. Douglas, D. Beymer. (AFRS)
*11/4/38 “The Buccaneer” C. Gable, O. Bradna, A. Tamiroff.
*10/13/41 “Buck Privates” B. Abbott, L. Costello, B. Rubin, L. Carver.
*1/4/43 “The Bugle Sounds” W. Beery, M. Rambeau, N. Beery.
*4/17/39 “Bullets or Ballots” E.G. Robinson, M. Astor, H. Bogart, O. Kruger.
7/29/35 “Bunty Pulls the Strings” H. Hayes, P. Donald, Jr.
*6/15/36 “Burlesque” A. Jolson, R. Keeler.

1/30/50 “California” R. Milland, L. Scott, R. Burr.
6/9/35 “Candle-Light” R. Montgomery, I. Purcell.
*6/18/45 “The Canterville Ghost” M. O’Brien, C. Laughton, T. Drake.
*3/1/37 “Cappy Ricks” C. Winninger, S. Eilers, R. Arlen.
10/19/36 “Captain Applejack” F. Morgan, M. O’Sullivan, Z. Johann, A. Tamiroff.
*2/22/37 “Captain Blood” E. Flynn, O. deHavilland, B. Rathbone, H. Stephenson.
*2/2/53 “Captain Carey, U.S.A.” C. Heston, W. Hendrix, A. Clark, J. Nolan. (good minus quality)
2/7/49 “Captain from Castille” C. Wilde, J. Peters, R. Burr.
1/21/52 “Captain Horatio Hornblower” G. Peck, V. Mayo.
*1/27/41 “Captain January” S. Temple, C. Winninger, G. Lockhart.
*2/18/46 “Captain January” M. O’Brien, L. Barrymore. (AFRS)
*3/22/54 “Carbine Williams” R. Reagan, W. Corey, J. Hagen, H. Butterfield.
*1/23/39 “Cardinal Richelieu” G. Arliss, F. Arliss, C. Romero, H. Angel, M. Love.
*1/24/44 “Casablanca” H. Lamarr, J. Loder, A. Ladd, E. Barrier, N. Field.
*12/11/44 “Casanova Brown” G. Cooper, J. Bennett, T. Mitchell.
*12/28/36 “Cavalcade” H. Marshall, M. Carroll, U. O’Connor, D. Niven.
*2/27/39 “Ceiling Zero” J. Cagney, R. Bellamy, S. Erwin, B. Mallory, Je. Cagney.
*7/27/36 “Chained” J. Crawford, F. Tone.
*11/13/39 “The Champ” W. Beery, J. Hutchinson, N. Beery. B. Larson.
*6/29/42 “The Champ” W. Beery, J. Hutchinson, N. Beery, B. Larson.
*5/7/51 “Cheaper By the Dozen” C. Webb, R. Williams, B.L. Gerson. (AFRS)
*8/31/36 “Cheating Cheaters” G. Raft, J. Lang.
*3/17/41 “Cheers for Miss Bishop” M. Scott, W. Gargan, M. Anderson.
*11/22/43 “China” L. Young, A. Ladd, W. Bendix.
*6/8/53 “The China Run” V. Mayo, J. Dehner. (ST) (AFRS)
*9/17/45 “Christmas Holiday” L. Young, W. Holden.
*6/26/44 “Christmas in July” D. Powell, L. Darnell, R. Walburn. (dress rehearsal)
8/26/35 “A Church Mouse” O. Kruger, R. Gordon.
9/27/37 “Cimarron” C. Gable, V. Bruce.
*2/9/42 “City for Conquest” A. Faye, R. Preston.
*1/24/38 “Clarence” B. Burns, G. Patrick, T. Mitcehll, J. Bryan.
*5/3/48 “Cloak and Dagger” R. Reagan, L. Palmer, J. Chandler.
*1/28/46 “The Clock” J. Garland, J. Hodiak.
*3/2/53 “Close to My Heart” R. Milland, P. Thaxter, J. Nolan. (AFRS)
*1/27/47 “Cluny Brown” C. Boyer, O. de Havilland, A. Reed.
*11/15/37 “Come and Get It” E. Arnold, A. Shirley, W. Brennan, L. Ayres.
4/5/55 “Come Fill the Cup” V. Heflin, M. Freeman, H. Vigran.
*4/3/50 “Come to the Stable” L. Young, H. Marlowe. (AFRS)
3/24/52 “Come to the Stable” L. Young, H. Marlowe.
*4/17/44 “Coney Island” D. Lamour, A. Ladd, C. Morris.
*9/30/46 “Coney Island” B. Grable, V. Mature, B. Sullivan.
*11/21/38 “Confession” M. Hopkins, C. Rains, R. Greene, A. Shirley.
*1/10/44 “The Constant Nymph” C. Boyer, M. O’Sullivan, A. Smith.
*11/16/36 “Conversation Piece” L. Pons, A. Menjou, M. Gateson, G. Sanders.
*6/12/50 “The Corn is Green” O. deHavilland, R. Basehart.
*5/17/54 “The Corn is Green” C. Colbert, C. Mitchell. (AFRS) (fair-good quality)
1/13/35 “Counsellor-at-Law” P. Muni, L. Prussing.
*2/6/39 “The Count of Monte Cristo” R. Montgomery, J. Hutchinson, L. Stone.
*1/20/41 “The Cowboy and the Lady” M. Oberon, G. Autry.
*12/30/46 “Crack-Up” P. O’Brien, L. Bari.
*5/12/41 “Craig’s Wife” R. Russell, H. Marshall, B. Bondi.
*1/18/37 “Criminal Code” E.G. Robinson, B. Roberts, P. Guilfoyle, N. Madison.
4/21/52 “Crisis” R. Taylor, P. Raymond, J. Calleia, J. Nolan.
3/29/43 “Crossroads” L. Turner, B. Page.
*10/12/36 “The Curtain Rises” G. Rogers, W. William, A. Mowbray, V. Teasdale.
*7/6/53 “Cynara” J. Cotten, G. Ellis, J. Kearns. (ST) (AFRS)
*6/23/47 “Cynthia” E. Taylor, G. Murphy, M. Astor, G. Stratton, Jr.

12/30/34 “Daddy Long Legs” J. Boles, H. Chandler.
*4/5/48 “Daisy Kenyon” I. Lupino, D. Andrews.
*4/25/38 “Dangerous” M. Carroll, D. Ameche, H. Angel.
*6/22/36 “The Dark Angel” M. Oberon, H. Marshall, R. LaRocque.
*11/10/47 “The Dark Corner” L. Ball, M. Stevens.
*4/4/38 “Dark Victory” B. Stanwyck, M. Douglas.
*1/8/40 “Dark Victory” B. Davis, S. Tracy, L. Tuttle.
*11/27/44 “Dark Waters” M. Oberon, T. Mitchell, P. Foster.
*10/19/54 “David and Bathsheba” A. Dahl, M. Rennie, M. Miller, W. Conrad. (AFRS)
*1/4/54 “The Day the Earth Stood Still” M. Rennie, J. Peters, P. Frees.
*5/20/46 “Deadline at Dawn” J. Blondell, P. Lukas, B. Williams.
*4/20/53 “Deadline, U.S.A.” D. Dailey, D. Paget, H. Butterfield. (AFRS)
*4/26/48 “Dear Ruth” J. Caulfield, W. Holden, B. DeWolfe.
12/5/49 “Dear Ruth” W. Holden, J. Caulfield, M. Freeman.
2/19/51 “Dear Wife” W. Holden, J. Caulfield, E. Arnold, M. Freeman.
*3/22/37 “Death Takes a Holiday” F. March, F. Eldridge, K. Johnson.
*9/12/49 “Deep Waters” D. Andrews, D. Reed, A. Revere.
*3/15/37 “Desire” M. Dietrich, H. Marshall, O. Kruger.
*4/3/44 “Destroyer” E.G. Robinson, D. O’Keefe, M. Chapman.
*11/5/45 “Destry Rides Again” J. Stewart, J. Blondell. (dress rehearsal)
*4/26/54 “Detective Story” K. Douglas, E. Parker, W. Conrad, J. Kruschen. (no opening)
*1/19/42 “The Devil and Miss Jones” L. Barrymore, L. Turner.
*3/12/45 “The Devil and Miss Jones” F. Morgan, L. Darnell.
*2/17/47 “Devotion” J. Wyman, V. Bruce, V. Price, A. Reed. (AFRS)
*3/5/45 “Disputed Passage” A. Ladd, A. Tamiroff, A. Richards.
*1/17/38 “Disraeli” G. Arliss, F. Arliss, D. Torrence.
*12/20/43 “Dixie” B. Crosby, D. Lamour, B. Sullivan.
*12/8/41 “The Doctor Takes a Wife” M. Douglas, V. Bruce, L. Carver.
4/12/37 “Dodsworth” W. Huston, N. Sunderland, F. Bainter.
*10/4/37 “Dodsworth” W. Huston, N. Sunderland, B. O’Neil.
*6/6/38 “A Doll’s House” J. Crawford, B. Rathbone, S. Jaffe.
10/30/50 “Double Indemnity” B. Stanwyck, F. MacMurray, W. Conrad.
4/30/51 “Down to the Sea in Ships” R. Widmark, L. Barrymore.
*12/23/46 “Do You Love Me?” M. O’Hara, D. Haymes, B. Sullivan. (AFRS)
*10/7/46 “Dragonwyck” G. Tierney, V. Price, Gale Gordon. (no commercials)
1/7/52 “Duchess of Idaho” E. Williams, G. Murphy, L. Erickson, J. Bates.
*10/28/35 “Dulcy” Z. Pitts, G. Lockhart.
*3/29/37 “Dulcy” G. Allen, G. Burns, E. Nugent.
*4/14/41 “Dust Be My Destiny” J. Garfield, C. Trevor.

*3/22/43 “Each Dawn I Die” G. Raft, F. Tone, L. Bari.
5/25/36 “East is West” F. Bainter, L. Carrillo.
2/27/50 “Easy to Wed” V. Johnson, E. Williams, V. Grey, J. Backus.
*6/18/51 “Edward, My Son” W. Pidgeon, D. Kerr. (no commercials)
*8/17/53 “Edward, My Son” W. Pidgeon, I. Tedrow, B. Wright. (ST) (AFRS)
6/7/55 “Edward, My Son” W. Pidgeon, F. Robinson, B. Wright.
*5/5/47 “The Egg and I” C. Colbert, F. MacMurray.
5/3/55 “Elephant Walk” J. Fontaine, J. O’Malley, L. Tremayne.
6/30/35 “Elmer the Great” J.E. Brown, L. MacMillan.
*10/5/36 “Elmer the Great” J.E. Brown, J. Travis.
*9/26/49 “The Emperor Waltz” B. Crosby, A. Blyth, W. Waterman.
*9/3/45 “The Enchanted Cottage” Rob. Young, D. McGuire.
*1/10/38 “Enter Madame” Gr. Moore, B. Rathbone, S. Lynne, W. Frawley.
6/27/49 “Every Girl Should Be Married” C. Grant, B. Drake, R. Stuart.
4/17/50 “Every Girl Should Be Married” C. Grant, B. Drake, F. Robinson, W. Waterman.
*6/19/39 “The Ex-Mrs. Bradford” W. Powell, C. Colbert, J. Archer.
9/10/45 “Experiment Perilous” G. Brent, V. Bruce, P. Henreid.

*6/22/53 “The Fall of Maggie Phillips” D. McGuire, W. Conrad. (ST) (AFRS)
*6/17/46 “Fallen Angel” L. Darnell, M. O’Hara, M. Stevens. (AFRS)
*2/14/44 “The Fallen Sparrow” Rob. Young, M. O’Hara, W. Slezak.
4/4/49 “Family Honeymoon” C. Colbert, F. MacMurray.
4/23/51 “Family Honeymoon” C. Colbert, F. MacMurray, J. Banks.
*9/10/51 “Fancy Pants” B. Hope, L. Ball, V. Felton, T. Tully.
*4/5/37 “A Farewell to Arms” C. Gable, J. Hutchinson, A. Menjou, J. LaRue (slightly clipped closing),
*1/5/48 “The Farmer’s Daughter” L. Young, J. Cotten.
1/15/51 “The Farmer’s Daughter” L. Young, J. Cotten, E. Begley.
*3/20/50 “Father Was a Fullback” P. Douglas, M. O’Hara.
*12/16/40 “Fifth Avenue Girl” G. Rogers, E. Arnold, J. Howard.
*4/6/42 “The Fighting 69th” P.O’Brien, R. Preston, R. Bellamy.
2/10/35 “The First Year” G. Raymond, L. Lee.
10/13/52 “Five Fingers” J. Mason, P. Kellino.
*2/1/55 “Five Fingers” J. Mason, P. Kellino, W. Conrad, H. Conried.
*12/13/43 “Five Graves to Cairo” F. Tone, A. Baxter, O. Preminger, J.C. Naish.
10/2/50 “Flamingo Road” J. Wyman, D. Brian, E. O’Brien, H. Butterfield, B.L. Gerson.
*3/24/41 “Flight Command” R. Taylor, W. Pidgeon, R. Hussey.
*9/20/43 “Flight for Freedom” R. Russell, G. Brent, C. Morris.
3/10/52 “Follow the Sun” Anne Baxter, G. Merrill.
4/19/55 “Forever Female” G. Rogers, B. Conrad.
*2/28/38 “Forsaking All Others” B. Davis, J. McCrea.
*2/12/45 “For Whom the Bell Tolls” G. Cooper, I. Bergman, A. Tamiroff, G. Sondergaard.
*3/23/53 “Fourteen Hours” P. Douglas, T. Moore. (AFRS)
12/6/48 “The Foxes of Harrow” M. O’Hara, J. Hodiak.
*11/1/37 “A Free Soul” G. Rogers, D. Ameche, C. Winninger.
*2/10/47 “Frenchman’s Creek” J. Fontaine, D. Niven, A. Reed.
*10/28/46 “From This Day Forward” J. Fontaine, M. Stevens. (dress rehearsal)
*6/28/37 “The Front Page” W. Winchell, J. Hutchinson, J. Gleason.
*1/16/39 “Front Page Woman” F. MacMurray, P. Goddard, R. Karns, Y. Seabury.

*asterisked shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS

11/11/46 “Gallant Journey” G. Ford, J. Blair, J. Kruschen, N. Field.
*4/29/46 “Gaslight” I. Bergman, C. Boyer, Gale Gordon.
*11/23/42 “The Gay Sisters” B. Stanywck, Rob. Young, B. Larson. (multiple skips during first half)
*9/20/48 “Gentleman’s Agreement” G. Peck, Anne Baxter.
*3/15/55 “Gentleman’s Agreement” R. Milland, D. McGuire. (no commercials)
5/18/36 “Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford” G.M. Cohan, W. Greson, E. Phelps.
*12/1/47 “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” C. Boyer, M. Carroll. (rough opening)
*1/11/37 “The Gilded Lily” C. Colbert, F. Macmurray, D. Niven.
*5/16/38 “The Girl from Tenth Avenue” L. Young, G. Brent, B. Bondi, M. Barrie.
*5/18/53 “The Girl in White” J. Allyson, s. Forrest, D. Riss, J. Nolan. (AFRS)
3/9/36 “The Girl of the Golden West” E. LeGallienne, K. MacKenna, L. Calhern.
*3/8/54 “The Glass Menagerie” J. Wyman, F. Bainter, F. Lovejoy, T. Brown. (AFRS)
*5/3/54 “Going My Way” B. Fitzgerald, W. Lundigan, S. Clements, J. Kruschen. (AFRS)
*12/21/36 “Gold Diggers” D. Powell, J. Blondell, Y. Seabury. (first 35 minutes only)
*11/20/39 “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” L. Olivier, E. Best, A. Napier.
1/14/52 “Goodbye, My Fancy” B. Stanwyck, Rob. Young, F. Lovejoy.
*6/28/54 “Goodbye, My Fancy” R. Russell, Rob. Young, W. Connor, J. Banks. (AFRS)
9/25/50 “Good Sam” A. Sheridan, J. McCrea, T. Tully, H. Butterfield.
12/23/34 “The Goose Hangs High” W. Connolly, E. Linden.
*12/7/36 “The Grand Duchess and the Waiter” R. Montgomery, E. Landi, G. Lockhart.
*2/8/37 “Graustark” G. Raymond, A. Sten, J. Gleason.
*10/13/47 “Great Expectations” R. Cummings, A. Blyth, H. DaSilva, L.J. Cobb.
*10/12/54 “Great Expectations” R. Hudson, B. Rush, B. Conrad, J. Nolan. (AFRS)
*3/2/42 “The Great Lie” L. Young, G. Brent, M. Astor.
*6/28/43 “The Great Man’s Lady” B. Stanwyck, J. Cotten, C. Morris.
*9/19/49 “Green Dolphin Street” L. Turner, V. Heflin, P. Lawford, J. Banks.
1/6/35 “The Green Goddess” C. Rains, D. Gish.
2/2/36 “Green Grow the Lilacs” J. Boles, J. Walker.
*1/31/38 “Green Light” E. Flynn, O. de Havilland, C.A. Smith, P.A. Young.
*1/13/47 “The Green Years” C. Coburn, T. Drake, B. Tyler, H. Cronyn, D. Stockwell. (AFRS)
*3/19/45 “Grissley’s Millions” P. O’Brien, L. Bari, E. Risdon.
*11/10/52 “Grounds for Marriage” V. Johnson, K. Grayson. (AFRS)
1/27/36 “Grumpy” L. Barrymore, D. Cameron.
*2/28/44 “Guadalcanal Diary” P. Foster, W. Bendix, L. Nolan, R. Jaeckel.
*11/12/45 “Guest in the House” Rob. Young, Anne Baxter.
*12/10/45 “Guest Wife” O. de Havilland, D. Ameche, D. Foran.

*5/3/37 “Hands Across the Table” C. Colbert, J. McCrea, W. Pidgeon.
*4/10/44 “Happy Land” D. Ameche, F. Dee, W. Brennan.
*3/20/44 “The Hard Way” M. Hopkins, F. Tone, Anne Baxter, C. Morris.
4/20/36 “Harmony Lane” L. Tibbett, S. Royale.
*1/11/54 “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?” R. Hudson, P. Laurie, G. Lockhart. (AFRS)
*10/11/43 “Heaven Can Wait” D. Ameche, M. O’Hara.
*9/11/50 “The Heiress” O. deHavilland, L. Calhern, V. Heflin.
*11/15/43 “Hello, ‘Frisco, Hello” A. Faye, Rob. Young.
*1/26/42 “Here Comes Mr. Jordan” C. Grant, C. Rains, E. Keyes, J. Gleason.
9/15/52 “Here Comes the Groom” J. Wyman, F. MacMurray, T. de Corsia.
3/17/35 “Her Master’s Voice” Rol. Young, L. Watson.
1/24/49 “High Barbaree” V. Johnson, D. Reed.
*6/1/53 “High Tor” W. Holden, P. Baer, L. Dobkin, B. Wright, G. Stratton. (ST) (no commercials)
11/7/49 “The High Wall” V. Heflin, J. Leigh.
11/3/41 “Hired Wife” W. Powell, M. Loy.
*2/7/44 “His Butler’s Sister” D. Durbin, P. O’Brien, R. Paige.
*9/30/40 “His Girl Friday” C. Colbert, F. MacMurray, J. Carson.
*5/24/43 “Hitler’s Children” B. Granville, O. Kruger, K. Smith, W. Reed. N. Field.
*7/13/42 “H.M. Pulham, Esq.” H. Lamarr, Rob. Young, J. Hutchinson, N. Field.
*11/10/41 “Hold Back the Dawn” C. Boyer, P. Goddard, S. Hayward.
3/10/35 “Holiday” C. Colbert, E. Dressler.
*12/18/50 “Holiday Affair” R. Mitchum, L. Day.
*5/10/54 “Holy Matrimony” C. Laughton, F. Bainter, B. Wright. (AFRS) (no opening)
*10/2/44 “Home in Indiana” W. Brennan, C. Greenwood, E. Ryan, J. Crain, J. Haver, C. Muse.
5/17/48 “The Homestretch” M. O’Hara, C. Wilde.
*4/8/46 “Honky Tonk” L. Turner, J. Hodiak. (AFRS)
*10/16/50 “House of Strangers” Anne Baxter, R. Conte, T. Gomez, R. Burr. (AFRS) (clipped opening)
*9/21/42 “How Green Was My Valley” W. Pidgeon, D. Crisp, M. O’Hara, R. McDowall.
3/31/47 “How Green Was My Valley” D. Niven, M. O’Sullivan, D. Crisp, S. Allgood.
*9/28/54 “How Green Was My Valley” A. Smith, M. Rennie, D. Crisp, H. Conried. (AFRS)

*3/31/52 “I Can Get It for You Wholesale” S. Hayward, D. Dailey, H. Butterfield.
*9/21/53 “I Confess” C. Grant, P. Thaxter, J. Kruschen. (AFRS)
*10/29/51 “I’d Climb the Highest Mountain” S. Hayward, W. Lundigan, H. Butterfield. (AFRS) (fair-good)
*10/16/39 “If I Were King” D. Fairbanks, Jr., F. Dee, C. Hardwicke.
7/4/38 “I Found Stella Parish” C. Bennett, H. Marshall, G. Brent, L. Watson.
*12/24/45 “I’ll Be Seeing You” J. Cotten, D. McGuire.
*1/23/50 “I’ll Be Yours” R. Cummings, A. Blyth, W. Bendix, T. McKey, W. Waterman. (AFRS)
*9/22/52 “I’ll Never Forget You” T. Power, D. Paget. (AFRS)
*6/30/41 “I Love You Again” C. Grant, M. Loy, F. McHugh.
*3/29/48 “I Love You Again” W. Powell, A. Sothern, H. Vigran.
*5/30/38 “I Met My Love Again” J. Bennett, H. Fonda, M. Robson, M. Hamilton.
*1/8/45 “I Never Left Home” B. Hope, F. Langford, J. Colonna.
*12/11/39 “In Name Only” C. Grant, C. Lombard, K. Francis.
*10/9/44 “In Old Chicago” D. Lamour, Rob. Young, J. Hodiak.
*3/13/44 “In Old Oklahoma” R. Rogers, M. Scott, A. Dekker, M. Wentworth.
11/28/38 “Interference” H. Marshall, L. Howard, M. Astor, G. Patrick.
1/29/40 “Intermezzo” H. Marshall, I. Bergman, G. Patrick.
*6/4/45 “Intermezzo” I. Bergman, J. Cotten, P. Winslowe, N. Field.
*5/10/48 “Intrigue” G. Raft, J. Havoc, W. Johnstone, J. Banks.
*10/23/39 “Invitation to Happiness” F. MacMurray, M. Carroll.
*6/21/43 “In Which We Serve” R. Colman, E. Best, P. O’Malley.
*8/30/48 “I Remember Mama” I. Dunne, B. Bel Geddes, O. Homolka. (body of show only–no opening, closing, or commercials)
*6/29/36 “Irene” J. MacDonald, R. Toomey.
3/15/48 “Irish Eyes Are Smiling” D. Haymes, J. Crain, A. Reed.
*12/28/54 “The Iron Mistress” V. Mayo, J. Lund, J. Bates. (AFRS)
*1/11/55 “Island in the Sky” D. Powell, L. Johnson. (AFRS)
*9/7/36 “Is Zat So?” J. Cagney, R. Armstrong, B. Mallory.
*11/16/53 “It Grows on Trees” G. Rogers, M. Henderson, G. Palmer, T. de Corsia, H. Kleeb. (AFRS)
*3/20/39 “It Happened One Night” C. Gable, C. Colbert, W. Connolly, R. Karns. (dress rehearsal)
*3/20/39 “It Happened One Night” C. Gable, C. Colbert, W. Connolly, R. Karns. (broadcast)
*5/19/47 “It Happened On Fifth Avenue” V. Moore, D. DeFore, C. Ruggles, G. Storm. (AFRS)
*7/3/44 “It Happened Tomorrow” D. Ameche, Anne Baxter, N. Field.
*10/3/49 “It Happens Every Spring” R. Milland, C. Townsend, Ted de Corsia.
9/24/45 “It’s a Date” B. Aherne, D. Lynn, G. Sondergaard.
*3/10/47 “It’s a Wonderful Life” J. Stewart, D. Reed, V. Moore, B. Johnstone. (AFRS)
*11/20/44 “It Started with Eve” C. Laughton, S. Foster, D. Powell.
*11/4/46 “I’ve Always Loved You” J. Cotten, C. McLeod, O. Kruger.
5/24/48 “I Walk Alone” B. Lancaster, L. Scott, W. Connor, J. Chandler.
*3/30/42 “I Wanted Wings” R. Milland, W. Holden, V. Lake, L. Carver.

6/27/38 “Jane Eyre” H. Hayes, R. Montgomery, M. Nash.
*6/5/44 “Jane Eyre” O. Welles, L. Young. (hollow sound in portions)
*6/14/48 “Jane Eyre” I. Bergman, R. Montgomery.
8/10/36 “The Jazz Singer” A. Jolson, K. Morley.
*6/2/47 “The Jazz Singer” A. Jolson, G. Patrick.
*3/15/54 “Jeopardy” B. Stanwyck, B. Sullivan. (AFRS)
*11/25/40 “Jezebel” L. Young, J. Lynn, B. Donlevy.
*6/19/50 “John Loves Mary” R. Reagan, P. Neal, A. Reed, H. Vigran.
*1/21/46 “Johnny Eager” R. Taylor, S. Peters, V. Heflin. (AFRS)
*5/12/47 “Johnny O’Clock” D. Powell, M. Chapman, L.J. Cobb, J. Carter.
*5/22/50 “Jolson Sings Again” A. Jolson, B. Hale, W. Demarest.
*2/16/48 “The Jolson Story” A. Jolson, E. Keyes, W. Demarest.
*8/29/49 “June Bride” B. Davis, J. Stewart.
*12/28/53 “June Bride” F. MacMurray, I. Dunne. (AFRS)
*4/13/53 “Just for You” J. Wyman, D. Haymes. (AFRS)

*12/27/43 “Kathleen” S. Temple, H. Marshall, F. Gifford.
*5/28/45 “Kentucky” L. Day, W. Brennan, T. Drake.
*11/28/49 “Key Largo” E.G. Robinson, C. Trevor, E. O’Brien.
*11/19/45 “The Keys of the Kingdom” R. Colman, A. Harding.
4/6/36 “Kick-In” E. Lowe, A. Sothern.
*12/19/38 “Kid Galahad” E.G. Robinson, J. Bennett, W. Morris, A. Leeds.
*12/16/46 “Killer Kates” J. Benny, G. Patrick, A. Reed. (AFRS)
2/18/52 “Kim” E. Flynn, D. Stockwell, H. Butterfield, B. Wright.
*12/1/52 “King Solomon’s Mines” D. Kerr, S. Granger.
*1/12/48 “Kiss of Death” V. Mature, C. Gray, R. Widmark.
*2/24/47 “Kitty” P. Goddard, P. Knowles, A. Reed, N. Field.
*5/5/41 “Kitty Foyle” G. Rogers, D. Morgan, J. Craig.
*12/2/40 “Knute Rockne–All American” P. O’Brien, R. Reagan, D. Crisp, F. Wray.

*asterisked shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS

*9/27/43 “Ladies in Retirement” I. Lupino, B. Aherne, M. Whitty.
8/19/35 “Ladies of the Jury” M. Boland, L. Elliott.
*6/15/53 “The Lady and the Tumblers” F. MacMurray, B. Sweeney, S. Hill, E. Barrier. (ST) (AFRS)
*3/9/42 “The Lady Eve” B. Stanwyck, R. Milland, C. Coburn. (b’cast lasts only 45 minutes)
*5/1/39 “Lady for a Day” M. Robson, W. William, G. Kibbee, J. Parker.
*6/16/41 “The Lady from Cheyenne” L. Young, R. Preston, E. Arnold.
*4/26/43 “The Lady Has Plans” R. Hayworth, W. Powell.
*1/29/45 “Lady in the Dark” G. Rogers, R. Milland.
*2/16/53 “Lady in the Dark” J. Garland, J. Lund. (AFRS)
*2/9/48 “The Lady in the Lake” R. Montgomery, A. Totter, T. Tully.
*3/1/43 “The Lady Is Willing” K. Francis, G. Brent.
5/15/50 “The Lady Takes a Sailor” J. Wyman, D. Morgan, T. Tully, B.L. Gerson.
10/11/48 “Larceny” J. Payne, J. Caulfield, S. Winters, D. O’Herlihy, J. Chandler.
3/16/36 “The Last of Mrs. Cheyney” M. Hopkins, L.G. Carroll.
*5/11/42 “The Last of Mrs. Cheyney” N. Shearer, W. Pidgeon, A. Menjou.
1/20/35 “The Late Christopher Bean” P. Lord, W. Connolly.
*2/5/45 “Laura” D. Andrews, G. Tierney, V. Price, O. Kruger.
2/1/54 “Laura” G. Tierney, V. Mature, J. Kearns.
9/16/35 “Leah Kleschna” J. Anderson, C. Nagel.
*3/17/47 “Leave Her to Heaven” G. Tierney, C. Wilde. (AFRS) (tape hiss)
*8/10/53 “Leave Her to Heaven” J. Fontaine, J. Dehner, S. Hill, L. Dobkin. (ST) (AFRS)
*6/1/36 “The Legionnaire and the Lady” M. Dietrich, C. Gable. (clipped closing)
*12/10/51 “The Lemon Drop Kid” B. Hope, M. Maxwell, V. Felton, L. Erickson.
*5/23/38 “The Letter” M. Oberon, W. Huston, R. Forbes.
*4/21/41 “The Letter” B. Davis, H. Marshall.
*3/6/44 “The Letter” B. Davis, H. Marshall, V. Price.
2/20/50 “A Letter to Three Wives” L. Darnell, P. Douglas, B.L. Gerson, J. Banks.
12/2/34 “Let Us Be Gay” T. Bankhead, B. Lytell.
*1/13/41 “Libel!” R. Colman, O. Kruger, Freances Robinson
*3/15/43 “Libel!” R. Colman, E. Best, O, Kruger.
*5/8/39 “The Life of Emile Zola” P. Muni, J. Hutchinson, R. Warwick.
*5/8/50 “The Life of Riley” W. Bendix, R. deCamp, R. Long.
8/5/35 “Lightnin’” W. Beery, J. Fox.
3/3/35 “Lilac Time” J. Cowl, Al. Shirley.
*10/21/40 “Lillian Russell” A. Faye, E. Arnold, V. Mature.
5/19/35 “The Lion and the Mouse” R. Chatterton, R.T. Haines.
3/30/36 “The Lion and the Mouse” B. Davis, R.T. Haines.
12/30/40 “A Little Bit of Heaven” G. Jean, C.A. Smith, F. Albertson.
5/17/55 “Little Boy Lost” D. Powell, G. Holland, P. Votrian.
*10/14/40 “The Littlest Rebel” S. Temple, C. Rains, P. Foster.
4/21/35 “Little Women” L. Gish, D. Gish, H. Chandler, S. Field.
*3/13/50 “Little Women” J. Allyson, P. Lawford, M. O’Brien, J. Leigh, B.L. Gerson.
*4/10/39 “Lives of a Bengal Lancer” E. Flynn, B. Aherne, C.A. Smith, J. Cooper.
*6/19/44 “Lost Angel” M. O’Brien, J. Craig, M. Hunt, K. Wynn, N. Field.
10/22/45 “Lost Angel” M. O’Brien, G. Murphy, D. Reed.
*9/15/41 “Lost Horizon” R. Colman, D. Crisp, L. Carver.
2/5/51 “Louisa” R. Reagan, R. Hussey, C. Coburn, E. Gwenn, S. Byington, P. Laurie, G. Stratton.
*4/1/40 “Love Affair” I. Dunne, W. Powell, Gale Gordon.
*7/6/42 “Love Affair” C. Boyer, I. Dunne.
*10/5/42 “Love Crazy” H. Lamarr, W. Powell.
9/16/40 “Love is News” B. Hope, M. Carroll, R. Bellamy.
*4/22/46 “Love Letters” L. Young, J. Cotten.
5/21/51 “Love Letters” L. Young, W. Holden, J. Banks, H. Butterfield.
10/9/50 “Love That Brute” P. Douglas, J. Peters.
*12/27/48 “Luck of the Irish” Anne Baxter, D. Andrews, C. Kellaway.
*9/25/44 “Lucky Partners” D. Ameche, L. Ball.
*5/25/53 “Lure of the Wilderness” J. Peters, J. Hunter. (AFRS) (good minus quality)
*9/22/41 “Lydia” M. Oberon, E.M. Oliver, A. Marshal, J. Cotten, G. Reeves.
*4/18/38 “Mad About Music” D. Durbin, H. Marshall, G. Patrick, W. Frawley.
*3/8/37 “Madame Butterfly” Gr. Moore, C. Grant, P. deCordoba.
*9/16/46 “Madame Curie” G. Garson, W. Pidgeon, N. Field. (no commercials)
*12/14/36 “Madame Sans-Gene” J. Harlow, R. Taylor, C. Rains, C.H. Gordon.
*6/14/37 “Madame X” A. Harding, J. Stewart, C. Tearle. (sl. clipped closing)
*2/19/40 “Made for Each Other” C. Lombard, F. MacMurray, V. Felton.
*12/17/45 “Made for Each Other” J. Stewart, M. Hunt, V. Felton. (good minus quality)
*12/15/47 “Magic Town” J. Stewart, J. Wyman, H. Butterfield.
*9/28/42 “The Magnificent Dope” H. Fonda, D. Ameche, L. Bari.
*4/26/37 “Magnificent Obsession” I. Dunne, R. Taylor, P. deCordoba.
*11/13/44 “Magnificent Obsession” C. Colbert, D. Ameche, N. Field.
5/19/52 “The Magnificent Yankee” A. Harding, L. Calhern, P. Frees.
8/3/36 “Main Street” B. Stanwyck, F. MacMurray, E. Woods.
*11/24/41 “Maisie Was a Lady” A. Sothern, L. Ayres, M. O’Sullivan, H. Stephenson.
*5/31/43 “The Major and the Minor” G. Rogers, R. Milland, Mrs. L. Rogers. (surface noise)
*2/8/43 “The Maltese Falcon” E.G. Robinson, G. Patrick, L. Cregar.
*4/8/40 “Mama Loves Papa” F. McGee & Molly (J. & M. Jordan).
*9/9/40 “Manhattan Melodrama” W. Powell, M. Loy, D. Ameche.
8/12/35 “The Man in Possession” R. Montgomery, I. Purcell.
*12/7/53 “Man on a Tightrope” E.G. Robinson, T. Moore, H. Ellis, D. Singleton. (AFRS)
*3/16/42 “Manpower” E.G. Robinson, M. Dietrich, G. Raft.
*3/27/39 “A Man’s Castle” S. Tracy, L. Young, A. Hohl. (dress rehearsal)
*12/1/41 “A Man’s Castle” S. Tracy, I. Bergman.
6/20/38 “Manslaughter” F. March, F. Eldridge, J. Gleason.
*12/4/39 “A Man to Remember” B. Burns, A. Louise.
*5/18/42 “A Man to Remember” L. Barrymore, A. Louise, G. Ford.
*3/27/50 “The Man Who Came to Dinner” C. Webb, L. Ball, B.L. Gerson.
*3/21/38 “The Man Who Played God” G. Arliss, F. Arliss, D. Costello, E. Risdon.
9/8/47 “Margie” J. Crain, G. Langan, J. Darwell, W. Johnstone, G. Stratton.
*10/22/51 “Margie” J. Crain, H. Marlowe, J. Darwell, R. Williams. (AFRS)
*4/11/38 “Mary Burns, Fugitive” M. Hopkins, H. Fonda, M. Astor, P. Guilfoyle.
9/23/35 “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” E. Barrymore, J.W. Austin.
*5/10/37 “Mary of Scotland” J. Crawford, F. Tone, J. Anderson.
*1/15/45 “The Master Race” G. Colouris, N. Gates, S. Ridges.
1/3/49 “The Mating of Millie” G. Ford, E. Keyes.
*1/9/39 “Mayerling” J. Gaynor, W. Powell, A. Kruger, R. Barrat.
*9/4/44 “Maytime” J. MacDonald, N. Eddy, E. Barrier.
*10/15/45 “A Medal for Benny” D. Lamour, A. de Cordova, J.C. Naish. (AFRS)
*12/2/46 “Meet Me in St. Louis” J. Garland, M. O’Brien, T. Drake
12/17/51 “The Men” W. Holden, T. Wright, D. Jagger.
*1/4/37 “Men in White” S. Tracy, V. Bruce, F. Farmer.
10/21/35 “Merely Mary Ann” J. Bennett, K. MacKenna.
*11/17/41 “Merton of the Movies” M. Rooney, J. Garland.
6/20/49 “Merton of the Movies” M. Rooney, A. Dahl.
5/26/35 “Michael and Mary” E. Landi, K. MacKenna.
*5/20/40 “Midnight” C. Colbert, D. Ameche, Gale Gordon.
*6/6/49 “Mildred Pierce” R. Russell, Z. Scott, L. Erickson, D. Woods. (some commercials missing)
*6/14/54 “Mildred Pierce” C. Trevor, Z. Scott, J. Terry, H. March. (AFRS)
11/4/35 “The Milky Way” C. Butterworth, H. Lynd.
*12/14/53 “Million Dollar Mermaid” E. Williams, W. Pidgeon. (AFRS; scratchy sound)
*3/30/53 “The Miracle of Fatima” J.C. Naish, S. Whitney, J. Nolan, J. Novello. (AFRS)
*5/31/48 “The Miracle of the Bells” F. MacMurray, Valli, F. Sinatra.
*12/22/47 “Miracle on 34th Street” M. O’Hara, J. Payne, E. Gwenn, N. Wood.
*12/20/48 “Miracle on 34th Street” M. O’Hara, J. Payne, E. Gwenn, J. Kearns, W. Waterman.
*12/21/54 “Miracle on 34th Street” E. Gwenn, V. Gregg, W. Connor, P. Iannone. (AFRS)
*12/22/52 “Les Miserables” R. Colman, D. Paget, R. Newton, T. von Eltz.
11/11/35 “The Misleading Lady” C. Gable, L. Emerson.
*3/1/54 “Mississippi Gambler” T. Power, L. Christian, Gavin Gordon. (AFRS)
*10/21/46 “Miss Susie Slagle’s” J. Caulfield, W. Holden, B. DeWolfe. (AFRS)
5/2/49 “Miss Tatlock”s Millions” J. Lund, W. Hendrix, H. Butterfield.
10/15/51 “Mister 880” D. Andrews, E. Gwenn, M. Powers.
*10/6/52 “The Model and the Marriage Broker” J. Crain, T. Ritter.
5/24/54 “The Model and the Marriage Broker” J. Crain, T. Ritter.
*5/19/41 “Model Wife” D. Powell, J. Blondell.
*6/21/37 “Monsieur Beaucaire” L. Howard, E. Landi, P. deCordoba.
*4/14/47 “Monsieur Beaucaire” B. Hope, J. Caulfield. (AFRS)
*2/10/41 “The Moon’s Our Home” C. Lombard, J. Stewart, C. Blandick.
*4/30/45 “Moontide” H. Bogart, V. Bruce, C. Kendall, N. Field.
9/19/38 “Morning Glory” B. Stanwyck, M. Douglas, R. Bellamy, C.A. Smith.
*10/12/42 “Morning Glory” J. Garland, J. Payne, A. Menjou.
*11/16/54 “Mother Didn’t Tell Me” D. McGuire, F. Lovejoy, B. Fuller. (AFRS)
*10/17/49 “Mother is a Freshman” L. Young, V. Johnson.
2/2/48 “Mother Wore Tights” B. Grable, D. Dailey, V. Brown, B. Johnstone, G. Stratton, Jr.
*11/14/49 “Mother Wore Tights” B. Grable, D. Dailey, J. Banks. (home recorded; good minus quality)
1/4/55 “Mother Wore Tights” D. Dailey, M. Gaynor, J. Banks. (home recorded; good minus quality; no commercials)
*9/24/51 “Movie Time, U.S.A.” C. Colbert, A. Blyth, B. Crosby, Gene Kelly, J. Wayne, etal.
*6/9/41 “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” C. Lombard, B. Hope.
*1/16/50 “Mr. Belvedere Goes to College” C. Webb, C. Gray, R. Stack, G. Stratton, Jr. (clipped closing)
*10/10/49 “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House” C. Grant, I. Dunne.
*2/1/37 “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” G. Cooper, J. Arthur, L. Stander.
*10/18/43 “Mr. Lucky” C. Grant, L. Day, A. Hohl.
9/6/48 “Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid” W. Powell, I. Hervey.
11/25/34 “Mrs. Dane’s Defense” E. Barrymore, H. Buckler.
*10/1/45 “Mr. Skeffington” B. Davis, P. Henreid. (no commercials)
4/24/50 “Mrs. Mike” G. Tierney, D. Powell, B. Johnstone.
*12/6/43 “Mrs. Miniver” G. Garson, W. Pidgeon, S. Peters, H. Wilcoxon.
*6/26/39 “Mrs. Moonlight” J. Gaynor, G. Brent.
*11/25/46 “Mrs. Parkington” G. Garson, W. Pidgeon. (AFRS)
8/27/51 “The Mudlark” I. Dunne, C. Hardwicke.
*6/11/45 “Murder, My Sweet” D. Powell, C. Trevor, J. Duprez, M. Mazurki.
*5/27/46 “Music for Millions” M. O’Brien, J. Durante, J. Iturbi, F. Gifford.
5/4/36 “The Music Master” J. Hersholt, A. Louise.
*3/3/41 “My Bill” K. Francis, W. William.
2/25/52 “My Blue Heaven” B. Grable, D. Dailey, O. Soule, J. Bates.
*9/7/53 “My Cousin Rachel” O. deHavilland, R. Randell, E. Barrier. (AFRS)
*4/28/47 “My Darling Clementine” H. Fonda, R. Conte, C. Downs.
12/26/49 “My Dream is Yours” J. Carson, J. Haver.
*10/19/42 “My Favorite Blonde” B. Hope, V. Bruce.
*12/9/40 “My Favorite Wife” R. Russell, L. Olivier, G. Patrick.
8/28/50 “My Foolish Heart” D. Andrews, S. Hayward.
*6/7/43 “My Friend Flicka” R. McDowall, G. Brent, R. Johnson.
*1/18/43 “My Gal Sal” M. Martin, D. Powell.
*5/9/38 “My Man Godfrey” W. Powell, C. Lombard, G. Patrick, M. Auer, D. Niven. (clipped closing)
*11/9/54 “My Man Godfrey” J. Chandler, J. Adams, V. Gregg. (AFRS)
*4/21/47 “My Reputation” B. Stanwyck, G. Brent.
*7/5/43 “My Sister Eileen” R. Russell, B. Aherne, J. Blair, A. Tamiroff.
*10/20/52 “My Six Convicts” D. Andrews, M. Mitchell, S. Leonard. (AFRS)
10/27/52 “My Son John” F. Bainter, D. Jagger, J. Lund.
*3/11/40 “My Son, My Son” B. Aherne, M. Carroll, L. Hayward, J. Hutchinson.

*6/7/54 “The Naked Jungle” C. Heston, D. Reed, J. Novello. (AFRS)
*2/3/47 “National Velvet” M. Rooney, E. Taylor, D. Crisp.
*3/28/38 “Naughty Marietta” L. Tibbett, H. Jepson.
*6/12/44 “Naughty Marietta” J. MacDonald, N. Eddy.
*5/3/43 “The Navy Comes Through” P. O’Brien, G. Murphy, R. Hussey.
*11/29/43 “The Navy Comes Through” P. O’Brien, R. Warrick, C. Morris.
11/11/34 “The Nervous Wreck” E. Truex, J. Walker.
11/7/38 “Next Time We Love” M. Sullavan, J. McCrea.
5/29/50 “Night Song” D. Andrews, J. Fontaine, H. Vigran.
*4/19/43 “A Night to Remember” A. Sothern, Rob. Young, B. Page.
*11/17/47 “Nobody Lives Forever” J. Wyman, R. Reagan, W. Conrad.
*4/28/52 “No Highway in the Sky” J. Stewart, M. Dietrich. (no opening)
*6/3/46 “None But the Lonely Heart” B. Aherne, E. Barrymore, J. Duprez. (fair-good quality)
*4/13/42 “Northwest Mounted Police” G. Cooper, P. Goddard, P. Foster.
2/24/35 “Nothing But the Truth” F. Morgan, N. Bryant.
*11/11/40 “Nothing Sacred” D. Fairbanks, Jr., J. Bennett.
*1/26/48 “Notorious” I. Bergman, J. Cotten.
*5/10/43 “Now, Voyager” I. Lupino, P. Henreid, M. Whitty, A. Dekker.
*2/11/46 “Now, Voyager” B. Davis, G. Peck. (AFRS)
5/24/55 “Now, Voyager” D. McGuire, L. Tremayne, J. Kearns.

4/16/51 “Oh, You Beautiful Doll” G. Jessel, J. Caulfield, Bob Crosby.
*5/29/44 “Old Acquaintance” A. Smith, M. Hopkins, O. Kruger.
*10/30/30 “The Old Maid” L. Young, M. Hopkins, H. Wood, J. Quigley.
2/17/35 “The Old Soak” W. Beery, M. Dupree.
2/16/36 “The Old Soak” W. Beery, M. Dupree.
1/8/51 “Once More, My Darling” A. Blyth, V. Heflin.
*4/12/43 “Once Upon a Honeymoon” C. Colbert, B. Aherne, L. Cregar, A. Dekker.
*4/20/42 “One Foot in Heaven” F. March, M. Scott. (b’cast runs only 50 minutes)
*7/27/53 “One Foot in Heaven” D. Andrews, S. Forrest, J. Bates, J. Dehner. (ST) (AFRS)
*8/31/53 “One Last September” C. Trevor, J. Dehner, L. Dobkin. (ST) (AFRS)
*6/29/53 “One More Spring” J. Crain, H. Averback, E. Barrier. (ST) (AFRS)
6/9/47 “One More Tomorrow” D. Morgan, J. Wyman, A. Smith.
*8/24/36 “One Sunday Afternoon” J. Oakie, H. Twelvetrees, A. Hale, Y. Seabury.
9/4/50 “One Sunday Afternoon” D. Morgan, R. Roman, M. Windsor, W. Waterman.
*3/6/39 “One Way Passage” W. Powell, K. Francis, W. Gargan, M. Rambeau.
*5/29/39 “Only Angels Have Wings” C. Grant, J. Arthur, R. Barthelmess, R. Hayworth. (dress rehearsal)
*5/29/39 “Only Angels Have Wings” C. Grant, J. Arthur, R. Barthelmess, R. Hayworth. (broadcast)
*11/6/39 “Only Yesterday” B. Stanwyck, G. Brent. D. Peterson, J. Wells.
*4/16/45 “Only Yesterday” I. Lupino, Rob. Young.
5/5/52 “On Moonlight Bay” J. Wyman, G. MacRae, H. Butterfield.
*11/18/46 “O.S.S.” A. Ladd, V. Lake, Gale Gordon.
*6/16/47 “The Other Love” B. Stanwyck, G. Brent, R. Conte.
*5/6/40 “Our Town” F. Craven, W. Holden, M. Scott, F. Bainter, B. Bondi, T. Mitchell.
6/11/51 “Our Very Own” F. Granger, D. Lynn, J. Evans.
*10/5/53 “Our Very Own” R. Wagner, T. Moore, J. Evans, D. Riss, V. Gregg. (AFRS)
*9/2/46 “Our Vines Have Tender Grapes” M. O’Brien, F. Gifford, J. Craig.
*9/20/37 “The Outsider” F. March, F. Eldridge, D. Montgomery, D. Crisp.

3/5/51 “Panic in the Streets” R. Widmark, P. Douglas.
5/9/49 “The Paradine Case” J. Cotten, Valli, L. Jourdan, B.L. Gerson.
*5/13/46 “Pardon My Past” F. MacMurray, M. Chapman. (AFRS)
6/16/35 “The Patsy” L. Young, E. Dressler.
*9/3/51 “Payment on Demand” B. Davis, B. Sullivan. (good minus quality)
2/3/35 “Peg o’ My Heart” H. Hayes, B. Fletcher.
*11/29/37 “Peg o’ My Heart” M. Davies, B. Aherne, B. Hume.
*4/27/42 “Penny Serenade” R. Taylor, B. Stanwyck, B. Bondi, E. Buchanan.
*5/8/44 “Penny Serenade” I. Dunne, J. Cotten, E. Buchanan.
*3/9/53 “The People Against O’Hara” W. Pidgeon, J. Leigh, T. Brown. (AFRS)
*1/25/54 “People Will Talk” C. Grant, J. Crain, L. Dobkin. (AFRS)
*4/12/48 “The Perfect Marriage” R. Milland, L. Scott.
*1/2/39 “The Perfect Specimen” E. Flynn, J. Blondell, M. Robson.
2/23/36 “Peter Pan” F. Bartholomew, J.L. Hutchinson, B. & B. Mauch.
*12/21/53 “Peter Pan” B. Driscoll, K. Beaumont, J. Carradine, B. Thompson. (AFRS)
*11/22/37 “The Petrified Forest” H. Marshall, M. Sullavan, E. Ciannelli, D. Meek.
*4/23/45 “The Petrified Forest” R. Colman, S. Hayward, L. Tierney, N. Field.
9/9/35 “Petticoat Influence” R. Chatterton, Al. Shirley.
*3/27/44 “Phantom Lady” B. Aherne, E. Raines, A. Curtis.
*9/13/43 “The Phantom of the Opera” N. Eddy, S. Foster, B. Rathbone, E. Barrier.
*7/20/42 “The Philadelphia Story” C. Grant, K. Hepburn, J. Stewart, R. Hussey. (The Victory Theatre) (surface noise)
*6/14/43 “The Philadelphia Story” R. Taylor, L. Young, Rob. Young.
*1/5/53 “Phone Call from a Stranger” G. Merrill, S. Winters, H. March. (AFRS)
*7/13/53 “The Physician in Spite of Himself” Rob. Young, P. Baer, S. Mitchell, H. Bartell. (ST) (AFRS)
*6/21/54 “Pick-up on South Street” T. Ritter, T. Moore, S. McNally, D. Riss, T. de Corsia. (AFRS)
*12/21/42 “The Pied Piper” F. Morgan, R. McDowall, A. Baxter, R. Morgan.
*11/6/44 “The Pied Piper” F. Morgan, M. O’Brien, S. Hasso, C. Lewis.
9/18/50 “Pinky” J. Crain, E. Barrymore, W. Lundigan.
*12/25/39 “Pinocchio” W. Catlett, S. Buchanan, D. Jones, C. Judels, F. Darro, C. Edwards.
11/8/48 “The Pitfall” D. Powell, L. Scott, J. Wyatt, R. Burr.
*5/31/37 “The Plainsman” F. March, J. Arthur, P. Hall, J. Fontaine.
*9/28/36 “The Plutocrat” W. Beery, C.K. Young, M. Rambeau, C. Parker, E. Linden.
*11/30/36 “Polly of the Circus” L. Young, J. Gleason, G. Gordon.
6/23/35 “Polly with a Past” I. Claire, A. Bunce.
*3/7/38 “Poppy” W.C. Fields, A. Shirley, J. Payne, S. Gallagher.
*10/31/49 “Portrait of Jennie” J. Cotten, Anne Baxter.
*8/27/45 “Practically Yours” C. Colbert, R. Milland. (dress rehearsal)
*3/11/46 “Presenting Lily Mars” J. Allyson, V. Heflin, A. Gilmore. (AFRS)
*9/28/53 “The President’s Lady” C. Heston, J. Fontaine, P. Frees. (AFRS)
11/20/50 “Pretty Baby” D. Morgan, B. Drake, R. Randell, H. Butterfield.
*12/31/45 “Pride of the Marines” J. Garfield, E. Parker, D. Clark. (dress rehearsal)
*10/4/43 “The Pride of the Yankees” G. Cooper, V. Bruce, E. Buchanan.
4/7/35 “The Prince Chap” G. Cooper, J.L. Hutchinson, S. Field.
12/5/38 “The Princess Comes Across” M. Carroll, F. MacMurray, M. Boland, R. Karns.
1/20/36 “A Prince There Was” R. Cortez, A. Ames.
*5/2/38 “Prisoner of Shark Island” G. Cooper, F. Wray, W. Connolly, J. Carradine.
*6/5/39 “The Prisoner of Zenda” R. Colman, D. Fairbanks, Jr., B. Hume, C.A. Smith.
11/27/39 “Pygmalion” J. Arthur, B. Aherne, A. Napier.

*9/14/36 “Quality Street” R. Chatterton, B. Aherne.
12/20/35 “The Queen’s Husband” F. Morgan, G. Hanson.
*11/18/40 “The Rage of Manhattan” T. Power, Annabella.
*3/18/40 “The Rains Came” K. Francis, G. Brent, J. Parker, J. Ameche.
*1/31/44 “Random Harvest” R. Colman, G. Garson.
*4/19/48 “Random Harvest” R. Colman, G. Garson.
*3/22/55 “Rawhide” D. Reed, J. Hunter, W. Conrad, L. Dobkin. (no commercials)
*10/18/48 “The Razor’s Edge” I. Lupino, M. Stevens, E. Barrier.
3/8/43 “Reap the Wild Wind” R. Milland, P. Goddard, J. Carradine.
*2/3/41 “Rebecca” R. Colman, I. Lupino, J. Anderson. (no opening)
*11/6/50 “Rebecca” V. Leigh, L. Olivier, B. Blythe. (no commercials)
11/18/34 “Rebound” R. Chatterton, E. Larimore.
3/19/51 “The Red Danube” W. Pidgeon, P. Lawford, J. Leigh.
2/6/50 “Red, Hot and Blue” B. Hutton, J. Lund, W. Conrad.
*3/7/49 “Red River” J. Wayne, J. Dru, W. Brennan, J. Chandler. (clipped closing)
6/25/51 “The Reformer and the Redhead” J. Allyson, D. Powell.
6/7/48 “Relentless” Rob. Young, C. Trevor, J. Chandler.
*3/25/40 “Remember the Night” B. Stanwyck, F. MacMurray, B. Bondi, E. Patterson.
*12/22/41 “Remember the Night” J. Arthur, F. MacMurray, B. Bondi, V. Felton.
*2/13/39 “The Return of Peter Grimm” L. Barrymore, M. O’Sullivan, E. Arnold.
*12/8/47 “Ride the Pink Horse” R. Montgomery, W. Hendrix, T. Gomez, A. Reed.
5/12/52 “Riding High” F. MacMurray, R. Fleming, S. Crothers.
*4/5/43 “Road to Morocco” B. Crosby, B. Hope, G. Simms. (no commercials)
*2/21/38 “Romance” M. Carroll, H. Marshall, R. Morgan, C. Dodd.
*8/3/53 “Romance to a Degree” J. Cotten, S. Mitchell, V. Felton, J. Dehner. (ST)
3/31/35 “The Romantic Age” L. Howard, S. Fox.
5/26/52 “Room for One More” C. Grant, P. Thaxter.
*5/31/55 “Rope of Sand” B. Sullivan, C. Esmond. (AFRS) (good minus quality)
*10/8/45 “Roughly Speaking” R. Russell, J. Carson.
4/14/52 “Royal Wedding” J. Powell, G. Murphy.
*7/10/39 “Ruggles of Red Gap” C. Laughton, Z. Pitts, C. Ruggles. (dress rehearsal)
*7/10/39 “Ruggles of Red Gap” C. Laughton, Z. Pitts, C. Ruggles. (broadcast)

*asterisked shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS

9/5/49 “Saigon” J. Lund, L. Scott.
*11/26/45 “Salty O’Rourke” A. Ladd, W. Demarest, M. Reynolds.
*11/8/43 “Salute to the Marines” W. Beery, F. Bainter, N. Beery, K. Luke.
*11/19/51 “Samson and Delilah” V. Mature, H. Lamarr, Gale Gordon, E. Barrier. (home recorded, o/w good sound quality; no commercials)
*1/25/55 “Sangaree” A. Dahl, C. Romero. (AFRS)
*11/24/47 “Saratoga Trunk” I. Lupino, Z. Scott, J. Novello.
*10/26/36 “Saturday’s Children” R. Taylor, O. deHavilland, M. Barrie.
*12/12/38 “The Scarlet Pimpernel” L. Howard, O. de Havilland.
*10/24/49 “Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!” J. Haver, L. McCallister, E. Begley.
10/25/48 “The Secret Heart” W. Pidgeon, D. Kerr, R. Williams.
*12/14/54 “Secret of the Incas” C. Heston, N. Maurey, W. Conrad. (no commercials)
3/24/35 “Secrets” I. Dunne, W. Abel.
*9/23/46 “Sentimental Journey” J. Payne, L. Bari. (AFRS)
*1/26/53 “September Affair” J. Fontaine, J. Cotten, J. Nolan. (AFRS)
2/22/54 “September Affair” E. Parker, D. Andrews, P. Winslowe.
*9/26/38 “Seven Keys to Baldpate” J. Benny, M. Livingstone, C.B. DeMille.
10/14/34 “Seventh Heaven” M. Hopkins, J. Boles.
10/17/38 “Seventh Heaven” J. Arthur, D. Ameche, J. Hersholt.
*10/16/44 “Seventh Heaven” J. Jones, V. Johnson, J. Hersholt, B. Gilbert.
*3/26/51 “Seventh Heaven” J. Gaynor, C. Farrell, A. Reed, H. Butterfield. (some commercials missing)
*9/15/47 “The Seventh Veil” J. Cotten, I. Lupino.
12/13/48 “The Seventh Veil” I. Bergman, R. Montgomery.
*1/3/44 “Shadow of a Doubt” W. Powell, T. Wright.
*2/22/55 “Shane” A. Ladd, V. Heflin, R. Hussey, P. Votrian, B. Bouchey, T. de Corsia. (no commercials)
*1/11/43 “She Knew All the Answers” J. Bennett, P. Foster, E. Arden.
*11/8/37 “She Loves Me Not” B. Crosby, J. Blondell, N. Grey.
*9/25/39 “She Married Her Boss” G. Rogers, G. Brent, E. Fellows.
11/18/35 “Sherlock Holmes” W. Gillette, R. Mason.
*3/12/51 “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” J. Wayne, M. Ferrer, M. Powers, B. Yarborough.
*6/23/41 “The Shop Around the Corner” C. Colbert, D. Ameche, F. Bressart.
4/13/36 “Shore Leave” F. Wray, L. Tracy.
*6/24/40 “Show Boat” I. Dunne, A. Jones, C. Winninger.
*2/11/52 “Show Boat” K. Grayson, A. Gardner, H. Keel, M. & G. Champion, W. Warfield. (no comms.)
12/9/35 “The Show-Off” J.E. Brown, G.D. Medum.
*2/1/43 “The Show-Off” H. Peary, U. Merkel, B. Bondi.
*2/12/40 “The Sidewalks of London” C. Laughton, E. Lanchester, A. Marshal.
*4/3/39 “Silver Dollar” E. Arnold, A. Louise, M. Rambeau.
*11/3/47 “Singapore” F. MacMurray, A. Gardner, B. Johnstone, B. Wright.
*1/15/40 “Sing, You Sinners” B. Crosby, R. Bellamy, E. Patterson, J. Wells.
*5/7/45 “Sing, You Sinners” B. Crosby, J. Caulfield, J. Dunn, E. Patterson.
*2/14/49 “Sitting Pretty” M. O’Hara, Rob. Young, C. Webb.
*10/26/53 “Skirts Ahoy!” E. Williams, B. Sullivan, V. Gregg. (AFRS)
*2/2/42 “Skylark” C. Colbert, R. Milland, B. Aherne.
*3/6/50 “Slattery’s Hurricane” M. O’Hara, R. Conte, V. Lake.
*10/25/43 “Slightly Dangerous” L. Turner, V. Mature, G. Lockhart.
11/4/34 “Smilin’ Through” J. Cowl, W. Seagram.
*4/20/40 “Smilin’ Through” B. Stanwyck, R. Taylor, H.B. Warner.
*1/5/41 “Smilin’ Through” J. MacDonald, B. Aherne, G. Raymond.
*3/24/47 “Smokey” J. McCrea, C. Moore, B. Johnstone. (AFRS)
4/10/50 “The Snake Pit” O. de Havilland, M. Stevens, L. Genn
*12/26/38 “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” T. Hubbard, Ja. Eagles, R. Atwell, W. Disney.
*3/13/39 “So Big” B. Stanwyck, P. Foster, F. Wray, O. Kruger.
*9/21/54 “So Big” I. Lupino, R. Stack. (no commercials) (good minus quality)
*4/27/53 “Somebody Loves Me” B. Hutton, G. Barry, H. March. (AFRS)
*3/3/47 “Somewhere in the Night” J. Hodiak, L. Bari. (AFRS)
3/23/36 “The Song and Dance Man” G.M. Cohan, E. Lowry.
4/11/49 “The Song of Bernadette” Anne Baxter, C. Bickford.
*10/26/54 “The Song of Bernadette” A. Blyth, C. Bickford, W. Conrad, J. Nolan. (AFRS)
*12/20/37 “The Song of Songs” M. Dietrich, D. Fairbanks, Jr., L. Atwill.
*11/1/43 “So Proudly We Hail” C. Colbert, P. Goddard, V. Lake, S. Tufts. (dress rehearsal)
*1/1/40 “Sorrell and Son” H. Marshall, R. Carlson, K. Morley.
11/21/49 “Sorrowful Jones” B. Hope, L. Ball, M.J. Saunders, T. de Corsia.
*1/9/50 “Sorry, Wrong Number” B. Stanwyck, B. Lancaster.
9/12/38 “Spawn of the North” G. Raft, F. MacMurray, D. Lamour, J. Barrymore.
*3/8/48 “Spellbound” J. Cotten, Valli, H. Butterfield.
*5/22/44 “Springtime in the Rockies” B. Grable, D. Powell, C. Miranda, E. Barrier.
*3/31/41 “Stablemates” W. Beery, M. Rooney, F. Wray, N. Beery.
*2/20/39 “Stage Door” G. Rogers, R. Russell, A. Menjou, E. Arden.
10/27/47 “Stairway to Heaven” R. Milland, A. Blyth, N. Bruce.
*4/12/55 “Stairway to Heaven” D. Niven, B. Rush, H. Butterfield. (no commercials)
10/4/48 “Stallion Road” R. Reagan, A. Smith, Z. Scott.
*4/7/41 “Stand-In” W. Baxter, J. Bennett, H. Conried.
*10/30/44 “Standing Room Only” P. Goddard, F. MacMurray.
*4/19/54 “The Star” I. Lupino, E. O’Brien, S. Jackson, D. Riss. (no commercials or opening)
*9/13/37 “A Star is Born” J. Gaynor, R. Montgomery, M. Robson, L. Stander.
*12/28/42 “A Star is Born” J. Garland, W. Pidgeon.
*6/24/46 “State Fair” D. Haymes, J. Crain, V. Blaine, E. Lewis. (dress rehearsal)
*9/14/53 “The Steel Trap” J. Cotten, T. Wright, E. Firestone. (AFRS)
*10/11/37 “Stella Dallas” B. Stanwyck, J. Boles, A. Shirley, B. O’Neil.
*8/25/47 “A Stolen Life” B. Davis, G. Ford, E. Lewis. (AFRS)
10/23/44 “The Story of Dr. Wassell” G. Cooper, C. Thurston, B. Britton, R. Hadley.
*11/23/36 “The Story of Louis Pasteur” P. Muni, F. Leiber, C. Kent.
12/3/51 “Strangers on a Train” R. Milland, R. Roman, F. Lovejoy, P. Hitchcock.
*4/12/54 “Strangers on a Train” R. Cummings, D. Andrews, V. Mayo, P. Hitchcock. (AFRS) (no opening)
2/13/50 “The Stratton Story” J. Stewart, J. Allyson.
*12/8/52 “Strictly Dishonorable” J. Leigh, F. Lamas, M. Palmer, T. de Corsia. (AFRS)
*9/17/51 “Sunset Boulevard” G. Swanson, W. Holden, N. Gates. (no commercials)
*3/23/42 “Strawberry Blonde” D. Ameche, R. Hayworth, G. Patrick, L. Alberni.
*1/31/49 “The Street with No Name” M. Stevens, R. Widmark, L. Nolan.
12/12/49 “The Street with No Name” M. Stevens, S. McNally, G. McCready.
*10/28/40 “Strike Up the Band” M. Rooney, J. Garland.
*11/17/52 “Submarine Command” W. Holden, A. Smith. (AFRS)
11/9/42 “Sullivan’s Travels” V. Lake, R. Bellamy, N. Field.
*2/19/45 “Sunday Dinner for a Soldier” Anne Baxter, J. Hodiak, C. Winninger.
*4/9/45 “The Suspect” C. Laughton, E. Raines.
*5/4/42 “Suspicion” J. Fontaine, B. Aherne, N. Bruce, J. Esmond.
*9/18/44 “Suspicion” W. Powell, O. deHavilland.
12/2/35 “The Swan” E. Landi, Al. Shirley.
*4/2/45 “Swanee River” D. Morgan, A. Jolson, F. Gifford.
*2/26/40 “Swing High, Swing Low” R. Vallee, V. Bruce, U. Merkel, R. Karns.

*asterisked shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS

*2/4/52 “Take Care of My Little Girl” J. Crain, D. Robertson, B. Johnstone.
*1/12/42 “A Tale of Two Cities” R. Colman, E. Best, H. Hobbes.
*3/26/45 “A Tale of Two Cities” O. Welles, R. deCamp.
*3/18/46 “A Tale of Two Cities” R. Colman, H. Angel. (AFRS)
*5/17/43 “The Talk of the Town” C. Grant, J. Arthur, R. Colman.
9/27/48 “Tap Roots” V. Heflin, S. Hayward, R. Long.
*10/19/53 “Taxi!” D. Dailey, C. Gray. (AFRS)
*1/22/45 “Tender Comrade” O. de Havilland, J. Duprez, D. O’Keefe.
5/25/42 “Test Pilot” R. Taylor, R. Hayworth, R. Preston.
*10/31/38 “That Certain Woman” C. Lombard, B. Rathbone, J. Lynn.
11/5/51 “That Forsyte Woman” G. Garson, W. Pidgeon, B. Wright, B. Fuller.
3/21/49 “That Wonderful Urge” G. Tierney, D. Ameche.
*6/13/38 “Theodora Goes Wild” I. Dunne, C. Grant, K. Lockhart.
*12/6/37 “These Three” B. Stanwyck, E. Flynn, M. Astor, A. Kruger, M.M. Jones.
6/2/41 “They Drive by Night” G. Raft, L. Turner, L. Ball.
*6/8/36 “The Thin Man” W. Powell, M. Loy.
1/6/36 “The Third Degree” S. Sidney, M. Farley.
*9/29/41 “Third Finger, Left Hand” D. Fairbanks, Jr., M. Scott.
4/9/51 “The Third Man” J. Cotten, E. Keyes, B. Wright, E. Barrier.
2/8/54 “The Third Man” R. Milland, R. Roman, B. Wright, E. Barrier, T. de Corsia.
*10/20/47 “13 Rue Madeleine” R. Montgomery, L. Nolan, R. Conte, V. Brown. (missing Act II)
*12/13/37 “The 39 Steps” R. Montgomery, I. Lupino, I. Jewell, G. Lockhart.
*9/14/42 “This Above All” T. Power, B. Stanwyck.
*1/25/43 “This Gun for Hire” J. Blondell, A. Ladd, L. Cregar, J. LaRue.
2/22/43 “This is the Army” I. Berlin.
*4/24/44 “This Land is Mine” C. Laughton, M. O’Sullivan, E. Barrier.
*2/4/46 “This Love of Ours” R. Hayworth, C. Korvin. (AFRS)
*3/16/53 “This Woman is Dangerous” V. Mayo, D. Morgan, L. Erickson. (AFRS)
*9/1/47 “Three Wise Fools” M. O’Brien, L. Barrymore, L. Stone, E. Arnold.
*2/25/46 “Thunderhead, Son of Flicka” R. McDowall, P. Foster, R. Johnson.
*11/9/53 “Thunder on the Hill” C. Colbert, B. Rush, N. Varden. (AFRS)
*6/4/51 “A Ticket to Tomahawk” D. Dailey, Anne Baxter.
*1/6/47 “Till the End of Time” L. Day, B. Williams, R. Mitchum.
*6/10/40 “Till We Meet Again” M. Oberon, G. Brent, P. O’Brien, M. Clarke.
2/23/48 “T-Men” D. O’Keefe, G. Patrick.
1/2/50 “To Each His Own” O. de Havilland, J. Lund.
*12/9/46 “Together Again” I. Dunne, W. Pidgeon, J. Courtland, J. Donnell. (AFRS)
*5/10/55 “Together Again” M. O’Hara, C. Young, H. Butterfield. (AFRS)
*10/14/46 “To Have and Have Not” H. Bogart, L. Bacall.
*10/14/46 (dress rehearsal of above)
*11/16/42 “To Mary, with Love” I. Dunne, R. Milland, O. Kruger.
*9/8/41 “Tom, Dick, and Harry” G. Rogers, G. Murphy, A. Marshal, B. Meredith.
*5/6/46 “Tomorrow is Forever” C. Colbert, V. Heflin, R. Long, N. Wood.
*1/25/37 “Tonight or Never” J. MacDonald, M. Douglas, L. Alberni.
11/26/51 “To Please a Lady” J. Hodiak, D. Reed, A. Menjou.
*3/17/52 “Top o’ the Morning” Den. Day, A. Blyth, B. Fitzgerald, D. O’Herlihy.
*5/23/49 “To the Ends of the Earth” D. Powell, S. Hasso, B.J. Wong, H. Butterfield.
*7/8/40 “To the Ladies” H. Hayes, O. Kruger, A.Q. Bryan.
*5/15/39 “Tovarich” W. Powell, M. Hopkins, C.H. Gordon.
*3/4/40 “Trade Winds” E. Flynn, J. Bennett, M. Astor, R. Bellamy.
1/29/51 “Treasure Island” J. Mason, B. Driscoll.
*4/18/49 “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” H. Bogart, W. Huston, F. Lovejoy.
*2/15/55 “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” E. O’Brien, W. Brennan, L. Johnson. (no commercials)
9/21/36 “Trilby” Gr. Moore, P. Lorre, R. Forbes.
*2/15/54 “Trouble Along the Way” J. Haver, J. Carson, S. Jackson, H. Butterfield. (AFRS)
*3/29/55 “Trouble Along the Way” V. Johnson, J. Dru, S. Jackson, P. Baer. (AFRS)
*5/13/40 “True Confession” L. Young, F. MacMurray, R. Donnelly.
12/16/35 “The Truth” Gr. George, F. Compton.
*10/5/54 “The Turning Point” F. MacMurray, J. Dru, W. Connor, H. Butterfield. (no open. or comms.)
12/16/34 “Turn to the Right” J. Cagney, W. Kinsella.
9/8/52 “Two Weeks with Love” J. Powell, R. Montalban, D. Reynolds, C. Carpenter.
*9/22/47 “Two Years Before the Mast” A. Ladd, H. DaSilva, M. Carey, W. Hendrix.

2/21/49 “The Unafraid” J. Fontaine, B. Lancaster, B. Kroeger.
4/27/36 “Under Cover” S. Eilers, R. Barthelmess.
*10/6/47 “Undercurrent” K. Hepburn, R. Taylor.
*11/30/53 “Undercurrent” J. Fontaine, M. Ferrer. (AFRS)
4/15/40 “The Under-Pup” G. Jean, N. Grey, R. Cummings, C.A. Smith, B. Bondi.
*5/24/37 “Under Two Flags” H. Marshall, O. deHavilland, L. Velez, L. Atwill.
*10/6/41 “Unfinished Business” I. Dunne, D. Ameche.
*12/4/44 “Unguarded Hour” R. Montgomery, L. Day, Rol. Young.
*4/7/52 “Union Station” W. Holden, N. Olson, L. Bettger. (AFRS)
*10/18/37 “Up Pops the Devil” F. MacMurray, M. Evans.

*5/26/47 “Vacation from Marriage” D. Kerr, V. Heflin.
*8/17/36 “The Vagabond King” J. Boles, E. Venable, W. Kingsford.
*12/25/44 “The Vagabond King” D. Morgan, K. Grayson, J.C. Naish.
*1/14/46 “The Valley of Decision” G. Garson, G. Peck, Gale Gordon.
1/10/49 “The Velvet Touch” R. Russell, S. Greenstreet.
5/27/40 “Vigil in the Night” O. de Havilland, H. Marshall, H. Chandler.
6/2/35 “The Vinegar Tree” B. Burke, C. Nagel.
*11/2/36 “The Virginian” G. Cooper, C. Bickford, H. Mack.
*1/6/41 “Vivacious Lady” A. Faye, D. Ameche.
10/10/38 “Viva Villa!” W. Beery, E. Lowe, L. Carrillo, N. Beery.
*11/3/52 “Viva Zapata!” C. Heston, J. Peters, P. Frees, J. Novello, E. Barrier. (AFRS)
*5/26/41 “Virginia City” E. Flynn, M. Scott. (fair-good quality)
*7/6/36 “The Voice of Bugle Ann” L. Barrymore, P. Hall, A. Shirley. (clipped closing)

*11/13/50 “Wabash Avenue” B. Grable, V. Mature.
*5/4/53 “Wait ‘Til the Sun Shines, Nellie” D. Wayne, J. Peters, B. Fuller. (AFRS)
*10/26/42 “Wake Island” B. Donlevy, R. Preston, B. Crawford.
*2/21/44 “Wake Up and Live” F. Sinatra, Jim Gleason, Bob Crosby, M. Maxwell, J. Dunn.
*3/8/55 “The Walls of Jericho” C. Wilde, T. Moore. (AFRS)
*12/7/42 “The War Against Mrs. Hadley” E. Arnold, F. Bainter. J. Rogers, V. Johnson.
*2/8/55 “War of the Worlds” D. Andrews, P. Crowley, L. Tremayne, H. Butterfield.
11/25/35 “Way Down East” L. Gish, R. Barthelmess, D. Gish.
*9/29/47 “The Web” E. Raines, E. O’Brien, V. Price.
*4/5/54 “Welcome Stranger” C. Grant, B. Fitzgerald, P. Crowley. (AFRS)
*9/23/40 “The Westerner” G. Cooper, W. Brennan, D. Davenport. (fair-good quality)
*12/29/52 “Westward the Women” R. Taylor, D. Darcel, B. Johnstone. (AFRS)
*3/14/49 “What a Woman!” R. Russell, R. Cummings, L. Erickson. (good minus quality)
*5/31/54 “What a Woman!” R. Russell, R. Cummings, J. Stephenson. (AFRS)
10/21/34 “What Every Woman Knows” H. Hayes, K. MacKenna.
*4/25/49 “When My Baby Smiles at Me” B. Grable, D. Dailey, B. Conrad. (good minus quality)
2/26/51 “When Willie Comes Marching Home” J. Stewart, W. Demarest, J. Dru.
4/2/51 “Where the Sidewalk Ends” Anne Baxter, D. Andrews, B. Bouchey.
*4/15/46 “Whistle Stop” A. Ladd, E. Keyes.
9/2/35 “Whistling in the Dark” C. Ruggles, S. Field.
*6/12/39 “WhiteBanners” F. Bainter, L. Stone, J. Cooper.
*2/24/41 “The Whole Town’s Talking” F. McGee & Molly (J. & M. Jordan), P. Guilfoyle.
*4/28/41 “Wife, Husband, and Friend” G. Brent, P. Lane, G. Patrick.
*1/12/53 “The Will Rogers Story” J. Wyman, W. Rogers, Jr., H. Butterfield. (AFRS)
11/12/51 “Winchester ‘73” J. Stewart, S. McNally, J. Adams.
*10/7/40 “Wings of the Navy” G. Brent, O. deHavilland, J. Payne.
*1/18/54 “The Winslow Boy” R. Milland, D. McGuire, B. Aherne. (AFRS)
*2/9/53 “With a Song in My Heart” S. Hayward, D. Wayne, R. Calhoun, T. Ritter, R. Wagner. (fair-good)
10/14/35 “Within the Law” J. Crawford, R. Bramley.
*8/26/46 “Without Reservations” C. Colbert, R. Cummings, E. Lewis. (dress rehearsal)
*12/25/50 “The Wizard of Oz” J. Garland, H. Conried, H. Vigran.
*6/25/45 “The Woman in the Window” E.G. Robinson, J. Bennett, D. Duryea. (AFRS)
10/23/50 “A Woman of Distinction” R. Russell, C. Grant, H. Butterfield.
*11/2/42 “A Woman’s Face” I. Lupino, B. Aherne, C. Veidt, N. Field.
3/22/48 “A Woman’s Vengeance” C. Boyer, A. Blyth.
*3/25/46 “Wonder Man” D. Kaye, V. Mayo. (dress rehearsal)
10/7/35 “The Wren” H. Chandler, J. Beal.
*9/18/39 “Wuthering Heights” B. Stanwyck, B. Aherne, I. Lupino.
*11/4/40 “Wuthering Heights” I. Lupino, B. Rathbone, M. Wentworth, R. deCamp.
*9/14/54 “Wuthering Heights” M. Oberon, C. Mitchell, J. Nolan, J. Banks. (AFRS)

1/19/48 “The Yearling” G. Peck, J. Wyman, C. Jarman, Jr.
6/15/42 “You Belong to Me” M. Oberon, G. Brent.
*1/7/46 “You Came Along” V. Johnson, L. Scott, D. DeFore.
*10/2/39 “You Can’t Take It with You” E. Arnold, W. Connolly, F. Wray, R. Cummings.
1/17/49 “You Gotta Stay Happy” J. Fontaine, J. Stewart, F. Albertson.
2/5/40 “The Young in Heart” D. Ameche, I. Lupino, M. Robson, H. Wood.
3/3/52 “Young Man with a Horn” K. Douglas, J. Stafford, P. Wymore, P. Frees.
*12/23/40 “Young Tom Edison” M. Rooney, B. Bondi, V. Weidler.
11/27/50 “You’re My Everything” Anne Baxter, P. Harris.
*2/23/53 “You’re My Everything” J. Crain, D. Dailey, J. Kearns. (AFRS)
6/28/48 “You Were Meant for Me” D. Dailey, D. Reed, J. Chandler.

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

The Magic Key was a top-notch NBC variety show, often featuring “long-hair” musicians, but sometimes featuring popular acts as well. The show was sponsored by RCA and NBC; mcs were Milton Gross and Ben Grauer. Each show is 60 minutes.

9/29/35 Paul Whiteman, Maria Jeritza, Amos ‘n’ Andy, Walt Disney ( Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck) (premiere)
10/27/35 Beatrice Lillie, Jan Garber, Jessica Dragonette (Navy Day tribute)
11/3/35 Eleanor Powell, Tommy Dorsey (w/ Cliff Weston and Edythe Wright), Joseph Schmidt,
Roland Young, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Frank Craven
12/1/35 Eddy Duchin, Richard Barthelmess, Jean Muir, the cast of “Porgy and Bess”
12/22/35 Lucretzia Bori, Artur Rodzinski/Cleveland Orchestra
12/29/35 James Melton, Benny Goodman (w/ Helen Ward), Helen Jepson, Andres Segova, George M. Cohan
1/12/36 The Pickens Sisters, Adele Astaire, Col. Stoopnagle & Budd Percy Granger
1/26/36 Frank Fay, Richard Himber Orchestra, Giovanni Martinelli
2/2/36 Marian Anderson, Morton Downey, Jack Hilton Orchestra
2/9/36 Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Ray Noble Orchestra, Joan Bennett, Fred MacMurray,
Richard Himber Orchestra
2/16/36 Lum & Abner, Armand Tokatyan, Dusolina Giannini
2/23/36 Gene Raymond, Sidney Fox, Rudy Vallee, Francia White, Hanna Kline, Pauline Gilbert
3/1/36 Cornelia Otis Skinner
3/8/36 Lucienne Boyer, Lauritz Melchior, Russ Morgan
3/22/36 Lanny Ross, Ray Noble Orchestra, Erna Sack, Floyd Gibbons
3/29/36 Brian Aherne, Ina Claire, Charles Coburn, Osgood Perkins, Efram Zimbalist
2/7/37 Kirsten Thorborg, Gertrude Lawrence, Walter Damrosch, Fray & Broshoti
9/13/37 George M. Cohan, Doris Doe, American Legion Chorus, Post #41 (Syracuse, NY), Jean Sablon
1/29/39 Nat Shilkret Orchestra, Jan Peerce, Ann Jamieson (tribute to Victor Herbert)
6/26/39 Tyrone Power, Irving Berlin, Sonia Henie, Rudy Vallee (“Second Fiddle” preview)

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Mayor of the Town was a charming low-key comedy-drama program starring Lionel Barrymore as the mayor of a small town and featuring Agnes Moorehead as his eccentric housekeeper. The series started on NBC and moved to CBS after the first few months, eventually ending its run on ABC. Each show is 30 minutes.

9/6/42 “Tom Williams Wants to Enlist” (premiere)
9/13/42 “Holly’s Crush”
9/20/42 “Amy Lou Goes to War”
9/27/42 “Papa, Dear Contest”
10/7/42 “The War Orphan”
10/21/42 “Abandoned Baby”
11/4/42 “A Discredited Surgeon”
12/2/42 “The Musician”
12/9/42 “Enemy Agents”
1/6/43 “Janie Williams’ Baby”
2/17/43 “Finding Mary Meyer” w/ B. Bondi
3/3/43 “Submarine Accident”
3/24/43 “Valuable Cups”
3/31/43 “Bob Hope Visits” w/ B. Hope
4/14/43 “A Quiet Night at Home” w/ D. Lynn, M. Dietrich (brief appearance)
4/28/43 “Scenes of Love” w/ D. Lynn, L. Stander, J. Cagney (brief appearance)
5/5/43 “Amateur Contest” w/ L. Stander, C. Ruggles, J. Withers
5/43 “Susie is Engaged to a Movie Star” w/ C. Ruggles, J. Withers
6/23/43 “Taking Care of the Cats” w/ C. Ruggles
6/30/43 “Toni Falls for a Captain” w/ C. Trevor
7/46 “Mrs. Blair’s Chair” (no commercials)
6/2/48 “Sewing Circle Spring Cantata”

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Mercury Theatre on the Air, one of the most imaginative of all the dramatic radio programs came to CBS in the summer of 1938 with Broadway’s Mercury Players, complete with star, co-founder and director Orson Welles and his company of actors, among them Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Joseph Cotten, and Everett Sloane. The excellent scripts by Mr.Welles, John Houseman, and Howard Koch, combined with the other aspects of the first-rate production team (including musical scores by Bernard Herrmann) continue to make this program a favorite among radio fans. The attention the series received after the “War of the Worlds” broadcast in the fall of 1938 caused Campbell Soups to begin sponsorship of the show and allowed Mr. Welles and company a bigger budget with which to work. As a result a movie or stage star was included in each Campbell Playhouse broadcast and the plays presented tended to include a large share of movies and best-selling novels. If anything, these changes made the new series even more entertaining than its famous predecessor. The Mercury Summer Theatre, a 1946 series, is in generally the same style as the earlier Mercury programs, but in a 30-minute format .

The Mercury Theatre on the Air
(CBS, each show is 60 minutes unless noted)

7/11/38 “Dracula” (first show in series)
7/18/38 “Treasure Island”
7/25/38 “A Tale of Two Cities”
8/1/38 “The 39 Steps” (dress rehearsal) (c. 70 minutes)
8/1/38 “The 39 Steps” (broadcast)
8/8/38 three short stories: “The Open Window”/”My Little Boy”/”I’m a Fool”
8/15/38 “Abraham Lincoln”
8/22/38 “The Affairs of Anatole”
8/29/38 “The Count of Monte Cristo”
9/5/38 “The Man Who Was Thursday”
9/5/38 “The Man Who Was Thursday” (dress rehearsal w/ material not used in actual broadcast)
(c. 90 minutes)
9/25/38 “Sherlock Holmes
10/9/38 “Hell on Ice”
10/16/38 “Seventeen”
10/23/38 “Around the World in 80 Days”
10/30/38 “The War of the Worlds”
11/6/38 “Heart of Darkness”/”Life With Father”
11/13/38 “A Passenger to Bali”

The Mercury Summer Theatre
(CBS, each show is 30 minutes):

6/28/46 “Jane Eyre”
7/5/46 “A Passenger to Bali”
7/12/46 “The Search for Henri LeFevre”
7/19/46 “Life With Adam”
7/26/46 “Moat Farm Murder”
8/2/46 “Golden Honeymoon”
8/9/46 “Hell on Ice”
8/16/46 “Abednego, the Slave”

The Campbell Playhouse 
(CBS, each show is 60 minutes):

12/9/38 “Rebecca” w/ M. Sullavan. (good minus quality)
1/6/39 “Counsellor-at-Law” w/ G. Berg, A. MacMahon.
1/13/39 “Mutiny on the Bounty” w/ J. Cotten.
1/27/39 “I Lost My Girlish Laughter” w/ I. Chase, Tamara, G.S. Kaufman.
2/3/39 “Arrowsmith” w/ H. Hayes.
2/10/39 “The Green Goddess” w/ M. Carroll.
3/10/39 “The Glass Key” (good minus quality)
3/17/39 “Beau Geste” w/ L. Olivier, N. Beery.
3/24/39 “20th Century” w/ S. Levene.
3/31/39 “Show Boat” w/ M. Sullavan, Helen Morgan.
4/14/39 “The Patriot” w/ A.M. Wong.
4/21/39 “Private Lives” w/ G. Lawrence.
5/5/39 “Wickford Point”
5/12/39 “Our Town” w/ J. Craven. (good minus quality)
5/19/39 “The Bad Man” w/ I. Lupino.
5/26/39 “The Things We Have” w/ C.O. Skinner.
6/2/39 “Victoria Regina” w/ H. Hayes.
9/10/39 “Peter Ibbetson” w/ H. Hayes.
9/17/39 “Ah, Wilderness”
9/24/39 “What Every Woman Knows” w/ H. Hayes.
10/8/38 “Algiers” w/ P. Goddard.
10/15/39 “Escape” w/ W. Barrie.
10/22/39 “Liliom” w/ H. Hayes.
10/29/39 “The Magnificent Ambersons. w/ W. Huston, N. Sunderland.
11/5/39 “The Hurricane” w/ M. Astor.
11/12/39 “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” w/ E.M. Oliver (vg/some cross-talk)
11/19/39 “The Garden of Allah” w/ M. Carroll.
11/26/39 “Dodsworth” w/ F. Bainter, N. Sunderland.
12/3/39 “Lost Horizon” w/ S. Gurie.
12/10/39 “Vanessa” w/ H. Hayes.
12/17/39 “There’s Always a Woman” w/ Marie Wilson.
12/24/39 “A Christmas Carol” w/ L. Barrymore.
1/7/40 “Vanity Fair” w/ H. Hayes.
1/14/40 “Theodora Goes Wild” w/ L. Young.
1/21/40 “The Citadel” w/ G. Fitzgerald.
1/28/40 “It Happened One Night” w/ W. Powell, M. Hopkins.
2/4/40 “Broome Stages” w/ H. Hayes. (fair-good quality)
2/11/40 “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” w/ G. Lawrence.
2/18/40 “Dinner at Eight” w/ H. Hopper, L. Ball, M. Rambeau.
2/25/40 “Only Angels Have Wings” w/ J. Blondell.
3/3/40 “Rabble in Arms” w/ F. Dee
3/10/40 “Craig’s Wife” w/ A. Harding.
3/17/40 “Huckleberry Finn” w/ J. Cooper, W. Catlett.
3/24/40 “June Moon” w/ J. Benny.

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

Hello, Americans! Orson Welles’ tribute to Latin America, is done in the same style that characterized other Mercury Theatre productions. (all of the following are available from Fair Pickings):

Hello, Americans!
(CBS, each show is 30 minutes):

11/15/42 w/ C. Miranda (premiere)
11/22/42 w/ G. Mohr, E. O’Brien
11/29/42 w/ R. Collins, H. Conried
12/6/42 “Alphabet of the Islands”
12/13/42 “Alphabet of the Islands” (concl.)
12/20/42 w/ G. Mohr, Ted (Elliott) Reid
12/27/42 w/ H. Conried, P. de Cordoba
1/3/43 w/ T. Guizar. (O.W. does not appear)
1/10/43 “Mexico” w/ L. Cregar, A. Moorehead

Orson Welles’ Radio Almanac
A variety show by Welles & his Mercury company, features a sometimes strong blend of classical drama and radio comedy. (all of the following are available from Fair Pickings):

Orson Welles’ Radio Almanac
(CBS, each show is 30 minutes):

1/26/44 w/ G. Marx
5/17/44 “Ann Sothern for President”
5/24/44 w/ the Wilde Twins
5/31/44 w/ M. Reynolds, M. Tilton
6/7/44 w/ the Mercury Players
6/14/44 w/ B. Yarborough
6/21/44 w/ M. O’Driscoll, E. Waters
6/28/44 w/ L. Bari, M. Tilton
7/5/44 w/ L. Turner, K. Wynn

The Third Man
A BBC production, stars Orson Welles as Harry Lime, the likable rogue he created in the film The Third Man and is a well-done & entertaining adventure series highlighted by the literate scripts.
(all of the following are available from Fair Pickings):

The Third Man (aka The Lives of Harry Lime) (BBC, 1950, each show is 30 minutes):
# 1 “Too Many Crooks” #13 “Every Frame Has a Silver Lining”
# 2 “See Naples and Live” #14 “Mexican Hat Trick”
# 3 “Clay Pigeon” #15 “Art is Long & Lime is Fleeting”
# 4 “A Ticket to Tangiers” #16 “In Pursuit of a Ghost”
# 5 “Voodoo” #17 “Horse Play”
# 6 “The Bohemian Star” #18 “Three Farthing for Your Thoughts”
# 7 “Love Affair” #19 “The Third Woman”
# 8 “Rogue’s Holiday” #20 “An Old Moorish Custom”
# 9 “Work of Art” #21 “It’s a Knockout”
#10 “Operation Music Box” #22 “Two is Company”
#11 “Golden Fleece” #23 “Cherchez la Gem”
#12 “Blue Bride” #24 “Hands of Glory”

This is My Best
A lesser known but very well-produced dramatic series, features Orson Welles in a series of popular short-stories, occasionally with interesting guest stars but always with the usual group of excellent supporting players. (all of the following are available from Fair Pickings):

This is My Best
(CBS, each show is 30 minutes):

3/13/45 “Heart of Darkness”
3/20/45 “Miss Dilly Says No” w/ A. Sothern
3/27/45 “Snow White” w/ J. Powell
4/3/45 “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz”
4/10/45 “Master of Ballantrae”
4/17/45 “I Will Not Go Back”
4/24/45 “Anything Can Happen”

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

(all of the following are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Mr. President is one of those rare things, a show with a gimmick that works! The character is only addressed as “Mr. President” each week and the listener is invited to guess which president he was when the events took place.  Aside from this gimmick, Mr. President is an entertaining and well-produced show, with Edward Arnold the perfect choice for the title role.  Betty Lou Gerson is heard as his secretary, Miss Sarah, in most of the shows.  An excellent example of a program which could only have been pulled-off in a non-visual medium!    Each show is 30 minutes.

5/14/47      “Miners Strike” (audition show)
6/26/47      “Miners Strike” (premiere show)
7/3/47        “The Operation”
7/10/47      “The Son & the Reporter”
7/17/47      “Resignation?”
7/24/47      “Secretary of War’s Wife”
7/31/47      “The OA.B. Letters”
8/7/47       “An Injured Eye”
8/14/47      “
Murder in New Orleans
Cleaning Up Graft in New York City
The President’s Son
A National Bank
A Ghost Story–of Sorts
Trouble with the Vice-President
Food Poisoning
Vengeance Plot

Trouble with the Vice-President
England or France
Corruption in the Cabinet
France’s Debt
The Peacock
Gold and a Brother-in-Law
An Agressive Reporter
A Looming Impeachment
War or Peace?
Economic Panic!
The Political Prisoner
Russo-Japanese War
The Big Treaties
Religious Bias
The Oregon Territory
An Impressive Fleet
The 3rd Party Ticket
The Tax Protester
The Gold Standard
The Dark Horse
The Hostile Senator
Visit to the Front
U.S. Neutrality
North & South
The Embargo
The Marriage Proposal
The Attorney-General
Mercy or Justice?
The Baltimore Plot
Thanksgiving in the White House
Minority and Majority
The Gettysburg Address
France and England
Capitol Plans
The Canadian Treaty
Learn to Laugh

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

NBC University Theatre, a scholarly approach to radio drama, based its broadcasts in almost every instance, on American or English novels.  Less purely dramatic (or melodramatic) than The Lux Radio Theatre or its imitators, the series began as a one-hour broadcast, switching to 30 minutes for a brief period in September of 1949 and eventually reverting to that format at the very end of its run.  The earliest shows featured movie stars in the leads, later radio actors were used.

**Each show listed is 60 minutes unless noted**

8/6/48        “A Farewell to Arms”  (Ernest Hemingway)  John Lund
8/13/48      “Number One”  (John Dos Passos)  Barry Sullivan, Wally Maher
8/20/48      “Noon Wine”  (Katherine Anne Porter)  Beulah Bondi, John Beal
8/27/48      “The Romanatic Comedians”  (Ellen Glasgow)  Albert Dekker
  “Candide”  (Voltaire)  Eddie Bracken, Hans Conreid (30 min.)
9/17/48      “The Purloined Letter”  (E. A. Poe)  Adolphe Menjou (30 min.)
10/3/48      “Lord Jim
  (Joseph Conrad)  Brian Aherne, Donald Morrison
10/17/48    “The History of Mr. Polly
  (H.G. Wells)  Boris Karloff
10/24/48    “They Stooped to Folly
Arrowsmith  (Sinclair Lewis)  Van Heflin
Of Human Bondage  (W. S. Maugham)  B. Aherne, A.Lansbury
The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber  (E. Hemingway)
Preston Foster
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan  (Aldous Huxley)  Paul
Henreid, Alan Hale
Alice in Wonderland  (Lewis Carroll)  Dinah Shore
Main Street  (Sinclair Lewis)  Vanessa Brown, Leon Ames
The Grapes of Wrath  (John Steinbeck)  Jane Darwell
All the King’s Men  (Robert Penn Warren)  Wayne Morris
How Green Was My Valley  (Richard Llewellyn)  Donald Crisp
Gulliver’s Travels  (Jonathan Swift)  Henry Hull
Tom Jones  (Henry Fielding)  Tom Conway
Pride and Prejudice  (Jane Austen)  Angela Lansbury
The Heart of Midlothian  (Sir Walter Scott)  Maureen O’Sullivan
The Pickwick Papers  (Charles Dickens)  Charles Coburn
The Marble Faun  (Nathaniel Hawthorne)  Lynn Bari
The History of Henry Esmond  (William M. Thackeray)  Edmond
Jane Eyre  (Charlotte Bronte)  Deborah Kerr
Moby Dick  (Herman Melville)  Henry Hull
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  (Mark TwainDean
The Way of All Flesh  (Samuel Butler)  Tom Conway
The Mayor of Casterbridge  (Thomas Hardy)  Reginald Gardiner
The Red Badge of Courage  (Stephen Crane)  John Agar
Heart of Darkness  (Joseph Conrad)  Brian Aherne
The Age of Innocence  (Edith Wharton)  John Sutton
The Ambassadors  (Henry James)  Henry Daniell
The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber  (Ernest
Hemingway)  Preston Foster
A Passage to India  (E.M. Forster)  Joseph Schildkraut
The Ides of March  (Thornton Wilder)  Henry Hull
Goodbye, Mr. Chips  (James Hilton)  Herbert Marshall
Point of No Return  (J.P. Marquand)  Kent Smith
This Side of Paradise  (F. Scott Fitzgerald)  Guy Madison
The Death of a Heart  (Elizabeth Brown)  Maureen O¹Sullivan
The Crusaders  (Stephen Hines)  Cesar Romero
Precious Bane  (Mary Webb)  Maureen O¹Sullivan, Dan
Penrod  (Booth Tarkington)  Johnny McGovern, Jeffrey Silver
Portrait of a Lady  (Henry James)  Gayne Whitman
The House of Mirth  (Edith Wharton)  Virginia Gregg
Sister Carrie  (Theodore Dreiser)  Kay Stewart
Dark Laughter  (Sherwood Anderson)  Whit Connor
Dodsworth  (Sinclair Lewis)  Paul Frees
Babylon Revisited  (F. Scott Fitzgerald)  John Dehner
For Whom the Bell Tolls  (Ernest Hemingway)  Lester Sharp
Point of No Return  (J.P. Marquand)  Larry Dobkin
The Wild Palms  (William Faulkner)  Wally Maher
You Can¹t Go Home Again  (Thomas Wolfe)  Marvin Miller
Great Expectations  (Charles Dickens)  Terry Kilburn
Manhattan Transfer  (John Dos Passos)  Paul Frees
The Ides of March  (Thornton Wilder)  Whit Connor
At Heaven¹s Gate  (Robert Penn Warren)  Ted Von Eltz
Flowering Judas and Pale Horse  (Katherine Anne Porter)
The Track of the Cat  (Walter Van Tilburg Clark)  J. Dehner
The Light That Failed  (Rudyard Kipling)  Dan O¹Herlihy
Victory  (Joseph Conrad)  Ben Wright, Constance Cavendish
The Patrician  (John Galsworthy)  Ramsey Hill
Tono Bungay  (H.G. Wells)  Whit Connor, Queenie Leonard
There is No Conversation  (Rebecca West)  Norma Vardon
Angel Pavement  Monty Margetts
Howard’s End  (E.M. Forster)  Alma Laughton
Mrs. Dalloway  (Virginia Woolf)  Marion Richman, Doris Lloyd
The Nazarene  (Sholem Asch)  Gayne Whitman, Larry Dobkin
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man  (James Joyce) Tom
Sons and Lovers   (D.H. Lawrence)  Ramsey Hill
England Made Me  (Graham Greene)  Naomi Stevens, Ben Wright
Prater Violet  (Christopher Isherwood)  Harry Martin
The House in Paris  (Elizabeth Bowen)  Norma Vardon
Imperial Palace  (Arnold Bennett)  Marion Richman
Gallion¹s Reach  (H.M. Tomlinson)  Ben Wright, Don Diamond
Monsieur Vincent  Pedro de Cordoba
The Wild Palms  (William Faulkner)  Wally Maher
The Doctor in Spite of Himself  (Moliere)  Naomi Stevens
The Chips are Down  (John Paul Sartre)  Ted Von Eltz
The Time of Man  (Elizabeth Maddox Roberts)  Kay Stewart
The Treasure of Franchard  (Robert Louis Stevenson) P. Baer
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  (Mark Twain)  Jerry
Trent’s Last Case  (E.C. Bentley)  Gilbert Fry, Dan
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court  (Mark Twain)
Wally Maher
A High Wind in Jamaica  (Richard Hughes)  Ramsey Hill
Hedda GablerOThe Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard  (Anatole France)  Rolf
Sedan, Eddie Firestone
Lost Horizon  (James Hilton)  Ramsey Hill
Portrait in a Mirror  (Charles Morgan)  Tudor Owen, Dan
Don Quixote  (Cervantes)  Hans Conreid, Jay Novello
Jonathan Wild  (Henry Fielding)  Jay Novello, Joan Banks
(30 minutes)
Candide  (Voltaire)  Sam Edwards  (30 minutes)
Northanger Abbey  (Jane Austen)  Virginia McDowell, John
Dodsworth  (30 minutes)
Pere Goriot  (Honore de Balzac)  Stanley Waxman, Vivi
Janniss  (30 minutes)
The Red and the Black  (Stendhal)  Gayne Whitman
The Gambler  (Feodor Dostoevsky)  Ramsey Hill
The Kreutzer Sonata  (Leo Tolstoy)  Whit Connor, Vivi
Daisy Miller  (Henry James)  Gray Stafford
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg  (Mark Twain)  Gayne
Whitman, Ted Von Eltz
The Withered Arm  (Thomas Hardy)  Donald Morrison,        Queenie Leonard

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS

Nightbeat was a top-notch dramatic series, starring Frank Lovejoy as reporter Randy Stone.  This series lasted from 1950 to 1952.  In 1950, NBC briefly aired repeat episodes occasionally during a different night of the week to promote the series.
Each show is 30 minutes.

1/13/50      “The Elevator Caper” (audition)
2/6/50        “Philip Warren Thinks He Has a Terminal Illness”
(first show)
2/13/50      “The Night is a Weapon”
2/20/50      “Billy the Kid and Edna”
2/27/50      “The Girl in the Park”
3/6/50        “Number Thirteen”
3/13/50      “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”
3/20/50      “The Man Who Claimed to Be Dead”
3/27/50      “Flowers on the Water”
4/9/50        “The Night is a Weapon”  (repeat of 2/13)
4/10/50      “I Know Your Secret”
4/16/50      “A World All His Own”
4/17/50      “Tong War”
4/23/50      “The Girl in the Park” (repeat of 2/27)
4/30/50      “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”  (repeat of 3/13)
5/1/50        “Mentallo, the Mental Marvel”
5/15/50      “The Night Watchman”
5/22/50      “I Wish You Were Dead”
5/28/50      “The Elevator Caper”
5/29/50      “The Stamp Dealer”
6/5/50        “The Girl From Kansas”
6/12/50      “The Football Player and the Syndicate”
6/19/50      “Vincent and the Painter”
6/26/50      “Gus Reed and His Brother Jimmy”
7/3/50        “Lorraine and the Execution”
7/10/50      “Old King Max”
7/17/50      “Molly Keller”
7/24/50      “The Devil’s Bible”
7/31/50      “The City at Your Fingertips”
8/7/50        “A Gun for a Violin”
8/14/50      “Gunner’s Last Fight”
8/21/50      “The Doctor’s Secret”
9/4/50        “Old Home Week”
9/11/50      “The Hunter Becomes the Hunted”
9/18/50      “Wanna Buy a Story”
9/25/50      “A Case of Butter”
10/6/50      “Kenny Day:  Amnesia Victim”
10/13/50    “The Pierce Clan”
10/20/50    “Judge Arnold’s Daughter”
10/27/50    “The Doctor’s Daugter”
11/3/50      “The Black Cat”
11/10/50    “The Slasher” (final program in first series)

3/4/51          “Big John McMasters” (first program in new series)
5/18/51        “Julie the Jukebox Girl”
5/25/51        “Fear”
6/1/51          “The Will of Mrs. Orloff”
6/8/51          “The Search for Fred”
6/15/51        “Otto, the Music Man”
6/22/51        “Sanctuary”
6/29/51        “Byline for Frank”
7/6/51          “Bill Perrin’s Amnesia”
7/13/51        “Anton’s Return”
12/28/51      “A Reporter Becomes a Father”
5/1/52          “Pay Up or Die”
5/8/52          “Long Live the Clown”
5/15/52        “The Death of Riley”
5/22/52        “Randy Stone:  Target of the Week”
5/29/52        “Ben and Kenny Clark”
6/5/52          “The Marvelous Machine”
6/19/52        “Railroaded”
6/26/52        “The Reformer”
7/2/52          “The Old Itch”
7/17/52        “The Taste of Peaches”
7/31/52        “Flight From Fear”
8/7/52          “Somebody Stop Ann!”
8/14/52        “His Name Was Luke”
8/21/52        “John and Mary”
9/4/52          “Bomb on the Denver Plane”
9/11/52        “Dancing Understudy”
9/18/52        “Policy Wheel Racket”  (sound breakup/only fair quality)
9/25/52        “The Firebug Killings” (final show)

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted

all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS

Our Miss Brooks was one of the best of all the episodic radio comedies.  It stars Eve Arden as a high-school English teacher who constantly finds herself in a variety of scrapes, many of them involving her ongoing battle with the school¹s principal (Gale Gordon).  Other regular members of the outstanding supporting cast are Jeff Chandler,  Richard Crenna,  Jane Morgan and Gloria McMillan.
Each show is 30 minutes.

7/19/48           “first show in series”
10/24/38         “Birthday Bite”
10/31/48         “Connie Drives to the Game”
11/7/48           “Connie, the Work-Horse”
11/14/48         “Babysitting”
1/9/49             “Poor Heat in School”
2/20/49           “Le Frog”
2/27/49           “Stretch Snodgrass”
3/6/49             “The Hairdo”
3/13/49           “Cafeteria Food”
3/20/49           “Poetry Mixup”
4/3/49             “Talent”
5/15/49           “Friday the 13th”
8/7/49             “Hot Weather in Summer School”
8/14/49           “Snodgrass Barbeque”
9/11/49           “Head of the State Board”
10/2/49           “Short One Athletic Uniform”
10/23/49         “Gifts for Philip”
11/20/49         “Party Line”
12/4/49           “New French Teacher”
12/25/49         “School Teacher¹s Christmas”
3/12/50           “The 5 a.m. Burglar”
3/19/50           “Playground Auction”
5/21/50           “Rare Black Orchid”
5/28/50           “Traffic Ticket”  (with Steve Allen)
9/10/50           “Conklin Rumors”
12/3/50           “Miss Brooks and the Measels”
2/22/51           “Skis in the Classroom”
3/4/51             “French Job”
3/25/51           “Real Estate”
4/1/51             “Economy Drive”
?/53                  “Mr. Boynton the Escort”
?/53                  “Conklin’s New Car”
?/53                  “Mr. Boynton’s Barbeque”
?/53                  “The Convict”
11/15/53         “Walter’s Moving Van”  (no commercials)