Programs F-J

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***


All of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS; many are missing the commercials, but are otherwise complete unless noted. Each show is l hour.

The Fleischmann Hour, one of the first great variety hours, started in the fall of 1929 and was the top-rated program of all for several seasons. Crooning mc Rudy Vallee always managed to perform three or four songs during the course of the hour, while at the same time played host to acts ranging from vaudeville comics to concert pianists. Fleischmann dropped its sponsorship in the summer of 1936 but Rudy Vallee continued in a virtually identical show for Royal Gelatin which ran until 1939.

The Fleischmann Hour
(Rudy Vallee, mc; NBC, each show is 1 hour)

10/26/33 Walter Winchell, Lou Holtz, Alice Faye, Deems Taylor, George Gershwin (does not perform)
(some heavy surface noise, brief segments missing) (54 min.) (5th anniversary program)
11/9/33 Richie Craig, jr., George Gershwin, Kitty Carlisle, Alice Faye, Jean Dixon (brief segment
missing, no closing)
11/16/33 Parker Stewart, Alice Faye, Margaret Sullavan, Tom Howard & George Shelton
8/2/34 Stuart & Lash, Dorothy Stone, Charles Collins, Borah Minivitch (fair quality)
8/9/34 Saxon Sisters, Lila Lee, Robert Armstrong, Milton Berle, Cornelia Otis Skinner (fair quality)
8/23/34 Lillian Carmen, Lou Holtz, Cross & Dun, Ernest Truex
12/13/34 Buck & Bubbles, June Walker, Henry Fonda, Cole Porter, Beatrice Lillie, William S. Hart
12/20/34 Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon, Lewis & Doty, Val & Ernie Stanton, the English Sisters
12/27/34 Gus Van, King Lavinsky, Paul Gallico, the Dixiana Floating Theater, Tom Howard &
George Shelton (no opening)
1/3/35 Philip Merivale, Stanley Ridges, Harry Green, Juano Hernandez, George Stone
3/14/35 Victor Moore, Tom Howard & George Shelton, Monroe “Cohan” Silvers, Dennis King
3/21/35 Pierre Fresnay, Tom Howard & George Shelton, Earl Hines, Katherine Perry, Jimmy Kemper
3/28/35 Roger Pryor, Peggy Conklin, Tom Howard & George Shelton, Noah Beery
4/4/35 Claude Rains, the Duncan Sisters, Ella Logan, Tom Howard & George Shelton
6/27/35 Leslie Howard, Leslie Ruth Howard, Henry Armetta, Joe Louis, Tom Howard & George
10/24/35 Lucienne Boyer, Gladys Cooper, Stephin Fetchit, Philip Merivale, Joseph Levine
10/31/35 the Stewart Sisters, Will Aubrey, William Warren Redfern, Josephine Baker, Eddie Garr
11/7/35 Prof. Robert Wildhock, Miriam Hopkins, Doris Weston, Eddie Stanley
11/14/35 Lew Lehr, James Hilton, Evelyn Case, Herbert Kingsley, Willie & Eugene Howard, Colin
Clive, Leo G. Carroll
4/23/36 Helen Lynne, Stella Adler, Stuff Smith, Eddie Cantor

The Royal Gelatin Hour 
(Rudy Vallee, mc; NBC, each show is 1 hour)

11/19/36 Graham McNamee (guest mc, Rudy Vallee does not appear), John McCormack, Billy Halop,
Adelaide Klein, Herbert Mundin
12/3/36 Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, Ed Wynn, Eddie Peabody
12/17/36 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy (network radio debut), Cornelia Otis Skinner, Douglass
Montgomery (good minus quality)
2/11/37 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Burgess Meredith, Walter O’Keefe, A.L. Alexander
2/18/37 Frank Gaby, Sarah Allgood, Jean Arthur, Vronsky & Babin, Edgar Bergen & C. McCarthy
2/25/37 Jean Sablon, Jean Hersholt, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Hilaire Belloc, Fant & Gunn
3/4/37 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Judith Anderson, Walter Abel, Mary Jane Walsh,
Melvyn Douglas
5/6/37 (from London) Will Fyffe, Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester, Binnie Hale, Stanley
Holloway, Richard Tauber (uneven sound quality due to original shortwave reception)
5/13/37 (from London) Florence Desmond, Fernand Gravet, Will Fyffe, J.B. Priestly, Weston Bros.
(uneven sound quality due to original shortwave reception)
5/20/37 Ethel Merman, Maurice Evans, Juano Hernandez, Walter O’Keefe
6/17/37 Joe Laurie, jr., Tallulah Bankhead, Fanny Brice, Hanley Stafford, Frank Case
9/16/37 Maurice Evans, the Stroud Twins, Willie Howard, Edith Barrett, Tommy Riggs & Betty Lou

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

Rudy Vallee (Sealtest)

Rudy Vallee’s show in a 30-minute format ran on NBC between 1940-1943. Unlike his earlier shows, this was a comedy program, with a weekly sketch taking up most of the half-hour, though Vallee still managed to slip in a couple of songs per broadcast. Although the show often boasted intersting guest stars, and John Barrymore appeared as a regular until he death in 1942, the scripts are not especially amusing and the following shows, which are dress rehearsals (except as noted), come across as being quite flat. All of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS. Each show is 30 minutes.

Rudy Vallee (Sealtest) Show
11/14/40 Maxie Rosenbloom (fair-good quality)
11/21/40 Vera Vague (fair-good quality)
11/28/40 Billie Burke
12/26/40 Billie Burke, Harold Peary, Sigrid Gurie
1/2/41 Susan Miller
1/9/41 Vera Vague
1/16/41 Susan Miller, Orson Welles
5/1/41 Lionel Barrymore (broadcast)
5/8/41 Orson Welles
5/15/41 Frank Fay, Jose Iturbi
5/29/41 Priscilla Lane
6/5/41 Lionel Barrymore, Susan Miller
8/7/41 Edna May Oliver
8/14/41 Susan Miller, Billy Gilbert
8/21/41 Lionel Barrymore
8/13/42 (Dick Mack reads R. Vallee’s part), Joan Davis, Reginald Gardiner (John Barrymore does
not appear)

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

The Fred Allen Show starred one of the best of the radio satirists, ex-vaudevillian Fred Allen who started his radio career in 1932 and retained his own show until 1949. Often considered a “thinking man’s” comedian his programs are characterized by quirky humor and a generous supply of ad-libs. The hour-long format gave him the chance to leisurely display his comedic talents, yet the later 30-minute shows also have considerable entertainment value, partly due to the introduction of the now-legendary Allen’s Alley segment beginning with the program of December 13, 1942. The half-hour shows also have a slicker and more refined quality to them, a reflection of radio’s evolving approach to programming. After his own show was cancelled, Fred Allen made frequent guest appearances on the Tallulah Bankhead-hosted variety spectacular The Big Show (see list).

The Linit Bath Club Revue
(Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Ken Roberts (announcer); CBS, each show is 30 mins.)

12/25/32 Roy Atwell, “The Mammoth Department Store”
1/22/33 “The Court of Judge Allen”

Town Hall Tonight
(Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa; NBC, each show is 60-minutes)

10/2/35 “Once an Amateur”
regulars are now Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Minerva Pious, John Brown, Harry Von Zell (announcer)
10/7/36 “Who Killed Rappaport?” (clipped closing)
3/10/37 James Kelson, escape artist
3/17/37 St. Patrick’s Day show
vocal group The Merry Macs join regular cast
12/22/37 Jack Benny, “Santa Claus Will Not Ride Tonight”
5/18/38 “The House That Jack Built” (clipped closing)
5/25/38 “Who Stole the Favorite”
6/8/38 Song-Writer parody
6/22/38 Art Moger, Boston cartoonist
2/22/39 “Murder at the Opera”
6/21/39 “Crisis on the Showboat”

The Fred Allen Show
(Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Minerva Pious, John Brown, Harry Von Zell, singer Wynn Murray; NBC, each show is 60-minutes)

10/11/39 Bert Lahr
10/25/39 Billy Rose
11/8/39 Interview with a Donut czar
12/27/39 Robert Benchley
1/31/40 Joe Louis
2/28/40 “Life at the South Pole”
3/20/40 Capt. Charles Knight (and his eagle, Mr. Ramshaw)
3/27/40 “Who Killed Mack”
6/12/40 Jack Boyle, Paramount cattle-caster; (Betty Jane Rhodes subs for Wynn Murray)

Texaco Star Theatre
(Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Alan Reed, Minerva Pious, John Brown, Jimmy Wallington (announcer), singer Kenny Baker; CBS, each show is 60-minutes)

1/1/41 Anthony Polimenti, Major Bowes contest winner
1/8/41 Patrick Breman, smoke inspector
1/15/41 Nelson Elliscu, dog dietician
1/22/41 James Gallagher, sand-hog
1/29/41 Norman Gray, razor-tester
2/5/41 June Brady, Major Bowes singing contest winner
2/12/41 Chief Nee Da Beh, Penobscot Indian
2/19/41 Leo “Lindy” Lindeman, restauranteur
2/26/41 “Western Union”
3/5/41 Franklin P. Adams
3/12/41 “Philanda Blank Story”
3/19/41 “Nicotine Alley”
3/26/41 “The Wedlock Society”
4/2/41 Lionel Stander, “One Long Pan Takes a Chance”
4/9/41 Sam Levene, “Shortcut to a Nervous Breakdown”
4/23/41 “The American Pasttime”
5/7/41 Amos ‘n’ Andy
12/10/41 Louella Parsons, “Death Valley Days”
4/5/42 Victor Moore, “Form to Forlorn:
5/3/42 Oscar Levant, “Freak-Show Murder”
5/10/42 Marlene Dietrich
5/24/42 Jack Haley, “Wants to Go Back into Vaudeville”
6/7/42 Jean Arthur, “Star is Born” parody (good minus quality)

Texaco Star Theatre 
(Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Alan Reed, Minerva Pious, John Brown, the Andrews Sisters, Arthur Godfrey (announcer); each show is now 30-minutes)

10/4/42 Charles Laughton
10/11/42 Roland Young
10/18/42 Orson Welles, “Les Miserables” parody
11/1/42 Robert Benchley
11/15/42 Gracie Fields, “If American Quiz Shows Were Done in England”
11/29/42 Adolphe Menjou
regulars now include Portland Hoffa, Alan Reed, John Brown, Charles Cantor, Jack Smart, Minerva Pious,
Jimmy Wallington (announcer), singing group Hi, Lo, Jack and the Dame; still 30-minute format
1/3/43 Peter Lorre
1/10/43 Jack Benny (surface noise)
2/7/43 Claude Rains, “Phantom of the Opera” parody
4/4/43 Jimmy Durante
5/16/43 Frank Sinatra
1/2/44 Albert Spaulding (AFRS, clipped closing)
1/9/44 Ed Gardner (AFRS)
1/23/44 Jimmy Durante
3/12/44 George Raft
3/26/44 Ed Gardner
4/2/44 Jack Haley
4/9/44 Reginald Gardiner
5/7/44 George Jessel
6/4/44 Peter Lorre (AFRS)

The Fred Allen Show
(Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Alan Reed, Minerva Pious, Parker Fennelly, Kenny Delmar (announcer), vocal group– the DeMarco Sisters of Rome, N.Y.; NBC, each show is 30 minutes)

10/7/45 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, “Auditions”
10/28/45 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, “Charlie Sues Fred”
11/18/45 Boris Karloff (AFRS)
11/25/45 Leo Durocher, “The Brooklyn Pinafore”
1/13/46 Maurice Evans
1/20/46 George Jessel, movie about Fred’s life
3/10/46 Carmen Miranda
4/14/46 Leo Durocher, reprise of “The Brooklyn Pinafore”
4/28/46 Bert Lahr
5/5/46 Tallulah Bankhead, “Breakfast Show”
6/9/46 Dennis Day
6/23/46 Oscar Levant, 50th anniversary of Telephone Co.
regulars now include Portland Hoffa, Minerva Pious, Parker Fennelly, Peter Donald, Kenny Delmar & the DeMarco Sisters
10/13/46 Tony Martin, “The Radio Mikado” (surface noise)
10/27/46 Tallulah Bankhead, “Breakfast Show” skit encore (fair-good quality only)
1/12/47 Gracie Fields
2/2/47 Lauritz Melchior
3/2/47 the Quiz Kids, “Murder in the Penthouse”
3/23/47 Rodgers & Hammerstein (no commercials)
5/25/47 Rudy Vallee
6/8/47 Eddie “Rochester” Anderson
10/19/47 James Mason, “The Perfect Crime”
10/26/47 Jack Haley, “The Jack Haley Show”
12/14/47 George Jessel, New Year’s Eve plans

The Fred Allen Show 
(Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Minerva Pious, Parker Fennelly, Peter Donald, Kenny Delmar; NBC, each show is 30 minutes)

1/4/48 James Mason, “The Psychopathic Spectacular”
3/28/48 James Mason, Pamela (Kellino) Mason, husband & wife radio show
4/11/48 Basil Rathbone, “One Long Pan” skit
4/18/48 James Farley, “The Author Meets His Match”
4/25/48 Leo Durocher, Fred arrested for scalping tickets
5/2/48 Henry Morgan, “The Morgan Court of Human Relations”
5/9/48 Don McNeill, “Break the Contestant”
6/6/48 Jack Eigan, quiz program parody (good minus quality)
10/24/48 Dale Carnegie
11/7/48 Arthur Treacher, “Sam Shovel, Private Eye”
11/28/48 George Jessel, Fred & George go to the Roxy Theater (no commercials)
12/5/48 Henry Morgan, “Television Commercials”
1/9/49 H. Allen Smith, “Book Review”
1/23/49 Jack Haley
2/13/49 Doc Rockwell, “Murder Case”
4/24/49 Basil Rathbone, “One Long Pan” skit
5/1/49 Bert Lahr
5/22/49 Colonel Stoopnagle
6/26/49 Jack Benny, Henry Morgan (no commercials) (final program)

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Good News was an often-fascinating variety series officially backed by M-G-M, shamelessly promoting that studio’s upcoming releases. This 60-minute NBC show changed regulars and mc’s often; though Fanny Brice, as “Baby Snooks” was featured in a segment (with Hanley Stafford) each week.

Good News of 1938/1939
All shows feature Fanny Brice, Hanley Stafford, Meredith Willson, Frank Morgan. MC is listed first, with guest stars following
(NBC; each show is 60 minutes)

11/4/37 Robert Z. Leonard J. Garland, A. Jones, J. MacDonald, B. Ebsen, E. Powell, S.Tucker (premiere)
12/23/37 James Stewart L.B. Mayer, N. Eddy, R. Bolger
12/30/37 M. Loy, W. Beery
2/10/38 Robert Taylor J. Carradine, A. Jones, V. Bruce, J. Stewart
2/17/38  J. Benny, M. O’Sullivan, J. Conway, A. Jones
3/10/38 R. Montgomery, V. Bruce, C. Boswell, R. Johnson
3/24/38 Frank Morgan R. Montgomery, L. Stone, M. Rooney, C. Boswell, G. Hartnett
3/31/38 Robert Taylor L.B. Mayer, J. Conway, L. Barrymore, M. O’Sullivan, U. Merkel, G. Russell
4/14/38 F. Bartholomew, F. Rice, J. Garland
5/5/38 Robert Young J. Garland, U. Merkel, C. Gable, F. Rice
5/19/38 J. Crawford, D. McPhail
5/26/38 V. Bruce, G. Kahn, R. Montgomery, U. Merkel, D. McPhail (end lacks 2 min.)
6/9/38 R. Taylor, M. Martin, T. Johnson, D. McPhail
6/16/38 Robert Taylor E. Sullivan, F. Bartholomew, M. Martin
9/1/38 Robert Young S. Tracy, M. Rooney, A. Faye
9/15/38 R. Taylor, V. Barrow, R. Johnson
9/22/38 Robert Taylor M. Rosenbloom, P. Regan, F. Rice
9/29/38 George Jessel S. Tracy, F. Wallace, C. Wells, R. Johnson
10/6/38 Robert Young W. Beery, M. Rooney, J.E. Brown
10/13/38 L. Barrymore, L. Ayres, E. Powell, A. Jones
10/20/38 J. Crawford, B. Burke, J. Garland
10/27/38 C. Gable, L. Barrymore, R. Johnson, M. Korjus
11/3/38 R. Morgan, R. Hussey, B. Jaynes, D. McPhail
11/10/38 L. Barrymore, L. Ayres, G. Murphy, M. O’Sullivan, R. Hussey
11/17/38 J. Crawford, M. Sullavan, M. Douglas, T. Martin
11/24/38 T. Martin, M. Rooney, L. Stone, F. Holden, C. Parker, A. Rutherford
12/1/38 T. Martin, C. Muse, M. Wentworth
12/8/38 R. Russell, T. Martin, R. Hicks, V. Goodell
12/15/38 L. Barrymore, R. Owen, G. & K. Lockhart, A. Rutherford, T. Martin
12/22/38 R. Johnson, R. Taylor, T. Martin
12/29/38 L. Barrymore, B. Bondi, B. Stern, D. McPhail
1/5/39 V. Bruce, M. Douglas, D. McPhail
1/12/39 C. Parker, N. Pendleton, D. O’Keefe, M. Korjus, T. Martin
2/2/39 M. Rooney, M. Korjus, R. Ingram, C. Blandick, V. Killian
2/16/39 R. Russell, R. Montgomery, J. Marsh, M. Korjus
2/23/39 M. Korjus, G. Nissen, C. Wilson (lacks brief portion during F. Morgan)
3/2/39 J. Crawford, J. Stewart, L. Ayres, M. Korjus, G. Nissen, L.B. Mayer (clipped opening)
3/9/39 R. Taylor, L. Barrymore, G. Nissen, R. Johnson, R. Montgomery (2 brief portions missing)
3/16/39 R. Montgomery, G. Nissen, J.M. Carrigan, E. Risdon, W. Kramer
3/23/39 W. Beery, A. Curtis, L. Day, G. Russell, M. Lawrence, M. Korjus
3/30/39 W. Pidgeon, V. Bruce, L. Carillo, M. Korjus
4/6/39 L. Barrymore, K. Carlisle, D. McPhail
4/13/39 V. Bruce, M. Douglas, G. Russell
4/20/39 M. Rooney, F. Holden, L. Stone, C. Parker, A. Rutherford, M. Korjus
4/27/39 L. Barrymore (6lst birthday is celebrated), E. Cantor, R. Taylor, N. Shearer,
J. Crawford, L.B. Mayer, M. Rooney, M. Korjus
5/4/39 R. Taylor, M. Loy, C. Boswell
5/11/39 E. Sullivan, R. Johnson, C. Boswell
6/15/39 C. Boswell, C. Wilson

Good News of 1940
All shows feature Edward Arnold (mc), Fanny Brice, Hanley Stafford, Connie Boswell, Meredith Willson
(NBC; each show is 60 minutes)

11/2/39 Edward Arnold Roland Young, M. Rosenbloom, B. Halop, N. Conner
11/9/39 Roland Young, W. Huston, N. Sunderland, E. Gardner
11/16/39 M. Dietrich, M. Rosenbloom
11/23/39 W. Huston, R. Walburn
11/30/39 F. Wray, L. Holtz, B. Rubin
12/7/39 W. Huston, B. Rubin, L. Holtz
12/14/39 W. Connolly, A. Jones, M. Martin, L. Holtz, B. Rubin
12/21/39 L. Ross, J. Dragonette, D. Fleischer, L. Holtz, B. Rubin
12/28/39 L. Ball, J. Boles, B. Rubin, L. Holtz
1/4/40 A. Sothern, W. Gargan, R. Walburn
1/11/40 W. Gargan, H. McDaniel, R. Walburn
1/18/40 W. Gargan, L. Lane, R. Walburn, B. Rubin
1/25/40 A. Faye, R. Greene, B. Joyce
2/8/40 R. Colman, F. Parker, I. Lupino, M. Angelus
2/22/40 W. William, E. Blore, W. Gargan

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

(all of the following are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Jeff Regan Investigator and Pat Novak for Hire are two first-rate examples of pre-Dragnet Jack Webb. The characters of each are rather similiar: one, a tough, wise-cracking private eye (Regan); the other, a tough wise-cracking mug (Novak) whose business of renting boats would seem to be less dangerous, but nonetheless seems to get him into trouble on a regular basis. Though both are good shows, Pat Novak is the better-written of the two, and features Raymond Burr as the quintessential no-good corrupt cop. Jeff Regan actually started as a locally produced San Francisco show starring Ben Morris, then added Webb and a network (ABC) affiliation later.

Jeff Regan, Investigator 
(starring Jack Webb, CBS, each show is 30 minutes)

7/17/48 “The Prodigal Daughter”
7/24/48 “The Lonesome Lady”
7/31/48 “Lady with Golden Hair”
8/7/48 “The Man Who Liked the Mountain”
8/21/48 “The Man Who Came Back”
8/28/48 “The Man in the Door”
9/4/48 “The House By the Sea”
9/11/48 “Cain and Mabel and Santa Maria”
9/25/48 “The Lady with No Name”
10/2/48 “The Man with the Key”
10/9/48 “Too Many Mrs. Rogers”
11/13/48 “The Guy From Gower Gulch”
11/16/48 “Lady with too Much Hair”
?/48 “Diamond Quartet” (good minus quality)

Pat Novak for Hire 
(starring Jack Webb, ABC, each show is 30 minutes)

11/24/46 “Lydia Reynolds and Two-Spot” (KGO, SF) (Ben Morris as Novak)
8/3/47 “Jack of Clubs” (second program in new series)
2/49 “The Only Way to Make Friends”
3/6/49 “A Horse Named Fleet Lady”
4/2/49 “Joe Feldman Story”
4/49 “Go Away, Dixie”
4/23/49 “Rita Malloy” (AFRS)
?/49 “Murder of Little Jake”
?/49 “Doreen Wilde” (AFRS)

Pete Kelly’s Blues 
(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS; each of the following shows are good minus quality only, unless noted, but are included in listing because of the general lack-of-availability of this excellent series)

Pete Kelly’s Blues, a series which had a brief run in 1951, was a labor of love for star and producer Jack Webb, playing a ‘20’s jazz musician. Like Jeff Regan and Pat Novak, Kelly had a knack for getting into trouble, but along the way he at least managed to get in some hot cornet playing. The series is well-written and possibly the best of the non-Dragnet Webb shows, and features an authentically ‘20’s-sounding jazz band led by cornet player Dick Carthcart (who performs for the Kelly character). The supporting cast regularly includes Webb favorites such as William Conrad, Peggy Webber, Vic Perrin, Herb Butterfield and Jack Kruschen. Mr. Webb didn’t give up on Pete Kelly—there was a hit movie in 1954 in which he directed and starred; and he produced a TV version in 1960 (but did not appear in it).

Pete Kelly’s Blues 
(starring Jack Webb, NBC, each show is 30 minutes)

1/29/51 “Wanted Man” (good quality)
2/20/51 “Looking for Gus”
8/29/51 “Master Recording” (good quality)
9/5/51 “Vida Wanats Pete”
9/15/51 “The Search for June Gould”
9/21/51 “The Dutchman’s Doctor”

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Hollywood Calling was a syndicated program, running from 1949 to about 1953. Each program features George Fisher’s commentary and an interview with a guest. Each program lasts approximately 6 1/2 minutes; each series contains 4 such programs and runs approximately 26 minutes.

Hollywood Calling is sold by the series only; you can order 2 series on a 60-minute cassette.

Series # 1 #1 Ida Lupino & Sally Forrest #2 Charles Coburn #3 Jay Livingston & Ray Evans #4 Kirk Douglas

Series # 3 #9 Patricia Neal #10 Robert Livingston #11 Cobina Wright #12 James Dunn

Series # 5 #17 Victor Mature #18 Sabu #19 Rhonda Fleming
Series # 6 #21 Glen Langan #22 Allen Jenkins #23 Cathy Downs #24 Ken Murray

Series #10 #37 Mickey Rooney #38 Humphrey Bogart #39 Howard Duff #40 Andy Devine

Series #12 #45 Elsa Lanchester #46 Dick Powell #47 Barbara Hale #48 Buster Crabbe

Series #13 #49 John Derek #50 Gloria Grahame #51 William Lundigan #52 Kirk Douglas

Series #14 #53 George O’Brien #54 Charles McGraw #55 Yvonne DeCarlo #56 Michele Morgan

Series #15 #57 Gene Autry #58 Macdonald Carey #59 Joanne Dru #60 Richard Carlson

Series #16 #61 William Demarest #62 Sarah Churchill #63 Vincent Price #64 Evelyn Keyes

Series #17 #65 Eleanor Parker #66 Beverly Tyler #67 Charles Laughton #68 Gale Storm

Series #18 #69 Virginia Field #70 Otto Kruger #71 Robert Cummings #72 Wanda Hendrix

Series #19 #73 Van Heflin #74 Nancy Kelly #75 Johnny Mack Brown #76 Herbert Marshall

Series #20 #77 Jack Carson #78 Sidney Blackmer #79 Joan Evans #80 Charlton Heston

Series #21 #81 Jean Hersholt #82 Albert Dekker #83 Robert Stack #84 Stanley Kramer

Series #23 #89 Peggy Dow #90 Jim Hayward #91 Claire Trevor #92 Miriam Hopkins

Series #24 #93 Suzanne Dalbert #94 Albert Dekker #95 Adele Mara #96 Debbie Reynolds

Series #25 #97 Mona Freeman #98 Cornel Wilde #99 Joel McCrea #100 J. Carrol Naish

Series #26 #101 Eleanor Parker #102 Hope Emerson #103 William Holden #104 Barbara Stanwyck

Series #27 #105 Tony Curtis #106 Ronald Reagan #107 Piper Laurie #108 Lena Horne

Series #29 #113 Mel Ferrer #114 Claire Trevor #115 Sally Forrest #116 Edward Dmytryk

Series #33 #129 Bob Hope #130 Hugo Haas #131 Martha Raye #132 Vincent Price

Series #34 #133 Robert Stack #134 Frederic March #135 Claire Rochelle #136 Kevin McCarthy

Series #35 #137 Katy Jurado #138 Robert Merrill #139 Joan Leslie #140 Rex Harrison

Series #36 #141 Raymond Burr #142 George Cukor #143 Jody Lawrence #144 George Brent

Series #37 #145 Humphrey Bogart #146 Gary Cooper #147 Mark Stevens #148 Burt Lancaster

Series #38 #149 Frank Lovejoy #150 Betty Hutton #151 Yvette Dugay #152 Patrice Wymore

Series #39 #153 Eddie Bracken #154 Ken Toby #155 Ronald Reagan #156 Donna Reed

Series #40 #157 Millard Mitchell #158 Jean Peters #159 Bette Davis #160 Rhonda Fleming

Series #41 #161 Arthur Franz #162 Marshall Thompson #163 Regis Toomey #164 John Derek

Series #42 #165 Angela Lansbury #166 Jeffrey Hunter #167 Marie Windsor #168 Mickey Rooney

***all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted***

(all of the following shows are available from FAIR PICKINGS)

Information, Please was an intelligent and highly entertaining quiz show in which a panel of intellectuals answer questions sent in by members of the listening audience. The regulars included moderator, Clifton Fadiman, Franklin P. Adams, John Kieran and (usually) Oscar Levant. These 3 were present in most shows in which only one guest is listed. The guest panelists ranged from politicians and authors to movie stars and radio comedians. Each show is 30 minutes.

1938 Ben Bernie, Bernard Jaffey
1938 Percy Waxman
1938 Dorothy Thompson, William Bonnell
1/3/39 Cornelia Otis Skinner
1939 Lillian Gish
1939 Elliot Roosevelt
1939 Rex Stout
1939 Deems Taylor
1939 Ogden Nash
1940 John Chamberlain
1940 Howard Lindsay, Russell Crouse
1940 Louis Gannett
10/29/40 John Mason Brown
11/5/40 Christopher Morley
11/29/40 Leon Henderson
12/6/40 Elmer Rice
12/13/40 Ernest Albert Hooten
12/20/40 Herbert Marshall, Louis Bromfield
1/3/41 Deems Taylor, Vincent Sheean
1/10/41 Alexander Woollcott,S.J. Perelman
1/17/41 Owen Davis
1/24/41 Boris Karloff, Warden Lewis E. Lawes
2/21/41 Joe Davidson
2/28/41 John O’Hara
4/4/41 John Gunther, Lyman Brysand
4/11/41 Philip Merivale
4/18/41 Rex Stout, Henry Curran
4/25/41 Paul Lukas
5/2/41 Deems Taylor, Donald Ogden Stewart
5/9/41 Gene Tunney
5/16/41 Frank Sullivan, Dick Manney
5/23/41 Deems Taylor (guest mc), Clifton Fadiman
5/30/41 Jan Struther, Cornelia Otis Skinner
6/6/41 Sally Benson
6/13/41 Bill Tilden
6/20/41 James Wallace, Al Smith
6/27/41 Alfred Hitchcock
7/4/41 John Gunther, Walter Duranty
7/11/41 Mary Boland
8/1/41 Prof. Lyman Brysand, Dr. Henry Noble McCracken
8/8/41 Larry McPhail
8/15/41 Deems Taylor, Russell Crouse
9/5/41 Deems Taylor
9/12/41 Louis Bromfield, Margaret Leech
9/19/41 Stephen Vincent Benet
9/26/41 Jan Struther, Sir Thomas Beecham
10/3/41 Lefty Gomez
10/17/41 Fred Allen
10/24/41 Russell Crouse, C.S. Forester
10/31/41 Groucho Marx
11/7/41 Douglas Miller
11/21/41 Cornelia Otis Skinner
11/28/41 Drew Pearson, Robert Allen (& Oscar Levant)
12/5/41 Deems Taylor, Edna Ferber
12/12/41 Dr. George N. Schuster
12/19/41 Jan Struther, Joseph E. Davies
12/26/41 John Gunther
1/16/42 Russell Crouse
1/23/42 Deems Taylor, Alexander Woollcott
2/6/42 Ruth Hussey
2/20/42 Boris Karloff, John Carradine
8/7/42 Russell Crouse, Ned Sparks
8/14/42 Mildred MacGiffey
8/21/42 Raymond Clapper, Leon Henderson
8/28/42 Quincy Howe
9/4/42 Jan Struther, C.S. Forester
9/11/42 Alver Johnston
9/18/42 Christopher Morley
9/25/42 Leon Henderson
10/2/42 Deems Taylor, Robert St. John
10/9/42 Gregory Ratoff
10/30/42 Christopher Morley, Carl Sandburg
11/6/42 Hansen W. Baldwin
11/20/42 Louis Bromfield
11/27/42 Leon Henderson, Wilma Lord Perkins
12/4/42 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, jr.
12/11/42 William L. Shirer, Christopher Morley
12/18/42 Ilka Chase
12/25/42 James Wallace, Leon Henderson
1/1/43 Gregory Ratoff
1/8/43 Will Rogers, jr.
1/15/43 Deems Taylor, Charles Coburn
1/22/43 Alfred Hitchcock
1/29/43 Emily Kimbrough, Cornelia Otis Skinner
2/5/43 Jan Struther
2/15/43 Fred Allen
3/1/43 Will Rogers, jr.
3/8/43 Gregory Ratoff
3/15/43 Jan Struther
3/29/43 Col. Carlos P. Romulo
4/5/43 Cornelia Otis Skinner
4/12/43 Wendell Wilkie
4/26/43 Ford Frick, Grantland Rice
5/10/43 George V. Denny, jr
5/17/43 Boris Karloff, Jan Struther
5/24/43 Ethel Barrymore, Richard Manney
10/25/43 Lt. Richard Lockridge, Lt. John Mason Brown
11/1/43 Betty Smith
11/8/43 Senator Lister Hill, Senator Joseph H. Ball
11/15/43 Gregory Ratoff
11/22/43 Russell Crouse, Moss Hart
11/29/43 Christopher Morley, John M. Coffee
12/6/43 Lewis Browne, Sinclair Lewis
12/13/43 Quincy Howe, Dr. T.F. Chung
12/20/43 Jesse Stuart
12/27/43 Leon Henderson
1/3/44 Louis Bromfield
1/10/44 Artur Rubinstein
1/17/44 John P. Marquand
1/24/44 Mrs. Elizabeth Janeway, Deems Taylor
2/28/44 Franchot Tone
3/20/44 Alvin W. Barkley, Theodore Green
9/11/44 Jan Struther, Alexander Knox
10/23/44 Artur Rubinstein
11/6/44 Christopher Morley, Dr. Will Durant
12/25/44 Judge James G. Wallace, Fred Allen
1/29/45 Jan Struther, Russell Crouse
2/5/45 Clifton Webb, Moss Hart
2/12/45 Faith Baldwin, Fred Allen
2/19/45 John Gunther, Gregory Ratoff

Complete log of shows: * indicates show is available from FAIR PICKINGS

Beginning on NBC in 1932 for Canada Dry, The Jack Benny Program went through a variety of sponsors, finally ending its long run on CBS in 1955. Following is a complete Jack Benny log; Each show is 30 minutes. (Most of the shows through the end of the 1935-36 season are missing musical numbers and/or commercials and are in only fair-good sound quality [5/2/32 & 11/3/35 are complete & in good sound quality].

The Canada Dry Ginger Ale Program 
(May 2, 1932-October 26, 1932) 

Monday & Wednesday; 9:30 p.m.
CBS, 30 minutes. Orchestra directed by George Olsen; also starring Ethel Shutta. Theme was “Beyond the Blue Horizon”

*5/2/32 FIRST JACK BENNY SHOW (w/George Olsen & His Music)
5/4/32 “Hollywood Story”
5/9/32 “Contest”
5/11/32 More contest routines
5/16/32 More contests
5/18/32 Color routine
5/23/32 Golf and soda fountain routines
5/30/32 Theme songs; endurance test
6/1/32 “How to attract a man;” “ladies night”
6/6/32 Interview with man on beach near where Amelia Earhart took off for Ireland
6/8/32 Announcement of contest winners
6/13/32 Vacation routine
6/15/32 Endurance test
6/20/32 Sahara desert; Convention news
6/22/32 “Baking a cake”
6/27/32 Canada Dry test
6/29/32 “Bedtime story”
7/4/32 Fireworks routine
7/11/32 “Amateur night”
7/18/32 Stowaway story
7/20/32 Bullfight bit
7/25/32 Cities in song
7/27/32 First appearance of Mary Livingstone
8/1/32 Reading letter from Mary
8/8/32 Parasite routine
8/10/32 NO PROGRAM
8/15/32 “Opportunity Night”
8/17/32 Mary is hired as Jack’s secretary
8/22/32 “Carnival Night”
8/24/32 Violin routine; “Hide in the Closet”
8/29/32 “Wrestling Match”
8/31/32 “Three O’clock in the Morning”
9/5/32 Labor Day talk
9/7/32 Around the world flight
9/12/32 School days routine
9/14/32 “Rodeo Night”
9/19/32 “Radio Talent Night”
9/21/32 Broadcasting from jail
9/26/32 “Russian Night”
9/28/32 “A Garment with Ticks”
10/3/32 “World Series Night”
10/5/32 “China Travelog”
10/10/32 “Grind Hotel”
10/12/32 Columbus Day program
10/17/32 “Grind Hotel”
10/19/32 “Auto Insurance Salesman”
10/24/32 Murder mystery and trial
10/26/32 “Why Girls Leave Home”; last show for Ethel Shutta and George Olsen

The Canada Dry Ginger Ale Program
(October 30, 1932-January 26, 1933) 

Sunday (10:00 p.m.); Thursday (8:15 p.m.); Thursday (8:00 p.m.) as of 1/5/33. CBS, 30 minutes. Orchestra directed for many shows by Ted Weems; also starring Sid Silvers, Andrea March and Mary Livingstone.

10/32/32 Scene on train
11/3/32 “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
11/6/32 Political program
11/11/32 “Hills of Old Kentucky”
11/13/32 Mary runs show; Jack does not appear
11/17/32 Lady tries to sell a play
11/20/32 Play with Jack and Sid and “Schlepper”
11/24/32 Thanksgiving Day bits
11/27/32 Broadway routine
12/1/32 “Schlepperman Visits Office”
12/4/32 Ted Weems wants contract
12/8/32 “Garbage at Nine”
12/11/32 “Grind Hotel”
12/15/32 Soda fountain scene
12/18/32 “Strange Interlude”
12/22/32 First Christmas shopping bit
12/25/32 Santa Claus winter poem
1/1/33 New Year’s program
1/5/33 “I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang”
1/8/33 Buy America bit
1/12/33 Mary telephones her folks in Plainfield, N.J.
1/15/33 Proverb bit
1/19/33 “Scenes in a Sanctuary”
1/22/33 “Bertha the Sewing Machine Girl”
1/26/33 “Strictly Dishonorable”

The Chevrolet Program 
also starring Mary Livingstone, James Melton and Ed Evans.

3/3/33 “Automobile Speech”
3/10/33 Grace Hayes; Income tax routine
3/17/33 Frances Langford
3/24/33 Jack plays violin; “Ladies Night”
*3/31/33 “She Done Him Wrong” (clipped closing)
4/7/33 “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”
4/14/33 “Little Red Riding Hood”
*4/21/33 Edward G. Robinson; “Why Girls Leave Home”
4/28/33 “Why Gals Come Back”
5/5/33 Russian sketch
5/12/33 Limerick contest
5/19/33 “All Quiet on the Western Front”
5/26/33 “Penthouse Murder”
*6/2/33 More “Penthouse Murder–Who Killed Mr. X.”
*6/9/33 More “Who Killed Mr. X.”
6/16/33 “Eight Knights in a Bar Room”
*6/23/33 Mary’s birthday; Farewell banquet

The Chevrolet Program 
(October 1, 1933-April 1, 1934) 

Sunday (10:00 p.m.); NBC, 30 minutes.
Orchestra directed by Frank Black; Announcer: Alois Havrilla; also starring Mary Livingstone, Frank Parker.

10/1/33 “Three Little Pigs”
1//8/33 “Supper at Six”
10/15/33 NO PROGRAM
10/22/33 Wild West rodeo
10/29/33 “Romeo and Juliet”
11/5/33 New version of “Romeo and Juliet”
11/12/33 “Shooting of Dan McGres”
11/19/33 “Thank You” routine
11/26/33 “School Days”
12/3/33 Songs include “You”, “Weep No More My Baby”
*12/10/33 “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
12/17/33 Mae West; “I’m No Angel”
12/24/33 Party at Mary’s house
12/31/33 Christmas present routine
1/7/34 “Cinderella”
1/14/34 More “Grind Hotel”
1/21/34 Restaurant scene
1/28/34 “Life of Alois Havrilla”
2/4/34 Opportunity night
*2/11/34 “Little Women”
*2/18/34 “Green Room Murder” (J.B.’s first appearance as Detective O’Benny)
*2/25/34 “My Life as a Floorwalker” (first 5 minutes missing; no songs)
*3/4/34 “Duel in the Graveyard”
*3/11/34 Haunted house skit (opening and songs missing)
*3/18/34 “An Arizona Western”
3/25/34 Minstrel show
*4/1/34 Eddie Cantor; “The Eternal Triangle”

The General Tire Program
(April 6, 1934-September 28, 1934) 

Friday (10:30 p.m.); NBC, 30 minutes.
Orchestra directed by Don Bestor; Jimmie Grier in Hollywood; Announcer: Don Wilson; also starring Mary Livingstone and Frank Parker. Sam Hearn (“Schlepperman”) becomes semi-regular on August 3.

4/6/34 “Frank Parker’s Music Store”
4/13/34 “Bridge Game”
4/20/34 Drugstore routine
4/27/34 “New Hampshire Through a Keyhole” or “The Lord of the City”
5/4/34 “The Hills of Old Kentucky”
5/11/34 “Home Cooking at Don’s”
*5/18/34 “A Visit to the Parkers”
5/25/34 Jimmie Grier leads orchestra; Sam Hearn’s first appearance
6/1/34 Frank Nelson’s first appearance
6/8/34 Jack meets Jimmie Grier
6/15/34 “Who Killed Mr. Stooge?”
6/22/34 “Stooge Murder Case”
6/29/34 “Who Killed Mr. Stooge?”
7/6/34 “Stooge Murder Case”
7/13/34 “Why Gals Leave Home”
7/20/34 Phil Baker; “Stooge Murder Case”
7/27/34 Mitzi Green; “Over Beverly Hills to the Poor House”
*8/3/34 “The Stooge Murder Case”
*8/10/34 “The Stooge Murder Case” (cont’d)
8/17/34 “The Drunkard”
*8/24/34 “The Rise of the House of Rothschild” parody
*8/31/34 “The House of Benny”
9/7/34 Lou Sorin; “School Days” Part 1
*9/14/34 Bert Wheeler; “School Days” Part 2
*9/21/34 Brad Barker; “School Days” Part 3
*9/28/34 Bert Wheeler; “General Tire Banquet”

The Jell-O Program
(October 14, 1934-May 31, 1942) 

Sunday (7:00 p.m.) NBC as of 10/4/36, 30 minutes.
Orchestra originally directed by Don Bestor; Announcer: Don Wilson; also starring Mary Livingstone, Sam Hearn and Frank Parker. Replacements and additions will be noted.

*10/14/34 “The Jack Benny Grocery Store”
*10/21/34 “The Jack Benny Grocery Store” Part 2 ( part 2 only)
10/28/34 Marsha Niblick; “Bennys of Wimpole Street”
11/4/34 “Through Romantic Hawaii”
*11/11/34 “Charlie in Radio City”
*11/18/34 Mitzi Green; “Mrs. Wiggs of the Onion Patch”
11/25/34 Repeat of “Grind Hotel”
*12/2/34 “Rose of the Rio Grande”
12/9/34 “Shub Soree”
*12/16/34 “Russia Through a Keyhole”
12/23/34 “Christmas Eve in Nebraska”
12/30/34 Cast goes to Mary’s house
*1/6/35 “Count of Monte Jello-O”
1/13/35 Jack on train from Pittsburgh
1/20/35 “Old Home Week”
1/27/35 “Jack Plays Poker”
2/3/35 “Emperor Jones”
2/10/35 Jack’s program voted best on air by NY World Telegram poll
2/17/35 Mary Kelly; “Boyhood Days of George Washington”
2/24/35 “City vs. Country Life”
3/3/35 “Bennys of Wimpole Street”
3/10/35 Joe Laurie, Jr.; “Rain”
3/17/35 Beatrice Lillie; Don Bestor receives Christmas present
3/24/35 “Park Ave. vs. 10th Ave.”
3/31/35 “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”
4/7/35 Last New York broadcast; “From Rags to Riches”
4/14/35 Jimmie Grier’s orchestra subs; First Hollywood broadcast
4/21/35 Don Bestor arrives in Hollywood
4/28/35 “Emperor Jones”
5/5/35 3rd Anniversary show; “Fatal Wedding”
5/12/35 Mother’s Day
5/19/35 “Walking Down to Rio”
5/26/35 Una Merkel; “Hollywood Pearl Mystery” Part 1
6/2/35 “Hollywood Pearl Mystery” Part 2
6/9/35 Bobby Breen; “Hollywood Pearl Mystery” Part 3
6/16/35 Wynn Davis; “Hollywood Pearl Mystery” Part 4
6/23/35 Mary’s birthday; Jell-O contest
6/30/35 Frank Parker’s last show; “Hollywood vs. New York”
7/7/35 “Less Misurable”
7/14/35 Fred Allen & Portland Hoffa make first appearance on show
9/29/35 Johnny Green becomes orchestra leader; Michael “Mike” Bartlett is tenor; “Grocery Store”
10/6/35 “Ebenezer Benny’s Grocery Store”
10/13/35 “School Days”
10/20/35 Mary is clairvoyant; “Farewell to What Price Glory”
10/27/35 “Way Out East”
*11/3/35 Kenny Baker’s first show; “Open Up the Goldwyn Gates”
11/10/35 Harry Conn tries to sell Jack insurance; “Barbary Toast”
11/24/35 Thanksgiving program
12/1/35 200th show; “Charley Chansky in Russia”
12/8/35 Schlepperman returns; Jack dreams of dude ranch
12/15/35 Mayor Angelo Rossi of San Francisco
12/22/35 “Love in Bloom” becomes theme song; Christmas party
12/29/35 Joe Louis, Lawton Little; New Year’s resolutions
1/5/36 “Mutiny on the Jell-O”
1/12/36 “Little Red Riding Hood”
*1/19/36 “Jack and Johnny Green Arrested” (portions missing)
1/26/36 Comic tour of Hollywood studio
2/2/36 “California, Here We Go”
*2/9/36 Jack’s birthday in NYC; “Benny of the Northwest Mounted”
*2/16/36 “Grind Hotel” or “Deluxe Plaza”
*2/23/36 “The Eternal Triangle”
3/1/36 The Penn Sisters; “Life with Diamond Jim”
*3/8/36 “Income Tax Advice”
3/15/36 “Washington-Benny-Go-Round”
3/22/36 Jesse Block, Eve Sully; “Why Nell Left Home, Why Nell Came Back”
3/29/36 “Cinderallen”
*4/5/36 “Clown Hall Tonight” (Fred Allen parody)
4/12/36 Broadcast from Cleveland; “Ah, Wilderness”
4/19/36 Johnny Green’s new song “I’ve Got a Heavy Date”
*4/26/36 Professor Benny tutors gang; “Boston Tea Party”
*5/3/36 Frank Parker, Don Bestor; “Code of the Hills”
*5/10/36 Mary phones mother in L.A,
*5/17/36 Jack rehearses love scene
*5/24/36 Jack leaves NY for California (only c.16 minutes; no opening closing; portions missing)
5/31/36 Jack has unusual guests; “Murder at the Hokum Plaza”
*6/7/36 Robin & Rainger; “”Jack Forms Bennymount Films” (only c.22 minutes; portions missing)
*6/14/36 Opening of Bennymount studios (no opening)
6/21/36 Mitchell Leisen; Mary’s birthday on the 23rd
*10/4/36 Phil Harris’ first show
*10/11/36 ‘’Anthony Adverse”
*10/18/36 “Anthony Adverse” (cont’d)
*10/25/36 Preview of “Romeo & Juliet”
*11/1/36 “Minstrel Show”
*11/8/36 “Girls Dormitory” (10 minute exerpt only)
*11/15/36 “Buck Benny Rides Again” (4 minute gap)
*11/22/36 “Buck Benny” (cont’d)
*11/29/36 “Buck Benny” (cont’d)
*12/6/36 “Money Ain’t Everything”
*12/13/36 “Buck Benny” (cont’d); Andy Devine’s first appearance
*12/20/36 Andy Devine; old fashioned Christmas party
*12/27/36 “Buck Benny” (cont’d)
*1/3/37 “Buck Benny” (cont’d)
*1/10/37 “Buck Benny” (cont’d) (no closing)
1/17/37 “Buck Benny” (cont’d)
1/24/31 “Buck Benny” end
*1/31/37 “Jack Announces He Will Play ‘The Bee’ Next Week”
*2/7/37 “Jack’s Violin is Stolen”
*2/14/37 Jack’s Birthday
*2/21/37 “Buck Benny Rides Again” episode #12
*2/28/37 “’The Bee’ is Finally Played”
*3/7/37 Stewart Cannon (who played ‘The Bee’ on Fred Allen Show)
*3/14/37 Fred Allen
*3/21/37 “A Day in Our Lives”
*3/28/37 “The Trip Back To Hollywood by Train” (Rochester’s debut)
*4/4/37 “Back in Hollywood”
*4/11/37 Burns & Allen
*4/18/37 “Lady Millicent’s Husband”
*4/25/37 “Jesse Block & Eve Scully”
*5/2/37 Jack’s 5th radio anniversary
*5/9/37 Mother’s Day show
*5/16/37 “Ah, Wilderness”
*5/23/37 Jack misses show for first time due to illness
*5/30/37 “Death at Midnight”
*6/6/37 “Death at Midnight” (cont’d)
*6/13/37 “Mary’s Movie”; more “Buck Benny”
*6/20/37 “Jack’s Movie”
*6/27/37 Johnny Green plays “Body and Soul”
*10/3/37 Abe Lyman; Andy Devine now a regular
*10/10/37 “Jack’s Lawyer”
10/17/37 Country store skit
*10/24/37 “Jack Buys a Maxwell”
*10/31/37 “A Visit to Andy’s Farm”
*11/7/37 Another “Buck Benny” episode
11/14/37 Looking for garage for car
*11/21/37 “Lost Horizon” parody (Kenny Baker’s song missing)
*11/28/37 “The Thanksgiving Turkey”
*12/5/37 “The Big Game”
*12/12/37 “Christmas Shopping”
*12/19/37 “Little Red Riding Hood”
12/26/37 Christmas show
*1/2/38 Fred Allen
*1/9/38 from San Francisco
*1/16/38 “Driving Back from San Francisco”
*1/23/38 “Screen Test for ”The Hurricane”
*1/30/38 “The Hurricane”
*2/6/38 “Jack is Late”
*2/13/38 Robert Taylor
*2/20/38 “Submarine D-1” parody
*2/27/38 “Submarine D-1” (cont’d)
*3/6/38 Robin & Rainger (songwriters) guest
*3/13/38 “Death in the Nightclub”
*3/20/38 “Preparing for New York Trip”
*3/27/38 Fred Allen, Robert Ripley, and Kate Smith (from NYC)
*4/3/38 George Jessel
*4/10/38 “A Yank at Oxford” parody
*4/17/38 Easter Show
*4/24/38 “Snow White & the Seven Gangsters”
*5/1/38 “Beverly Hills Home Under Construction”
*5/8/38 Mother’s Day Show
*5/15/38 “Jack’sParty at the Biltmore Bowl”
*5/22/38 “Tom Sawyer”
*5/29/38 “Tom Sawyer” (cont’d)
*6/5/38 “Tom Sawyer” (cont’d)
*6/12/38 “Jack Has Trouble with His New Movie”
*6/19/38 “Kenny Baker Leaves for London”
*6/26/38 w/Dave Elman, whose show, Hobby Lobby , will be Jack’s summer replacement
*10/2/38 Preparing to return to work
*10/9/38 “Yellow Jack”
*10/16/38 Going to Van Nuys, California; farewell to old studio
*10/23/38 First show from new NBC studio on Sunset and Vine; “Algiers”
*10/30/38 Jack throws Halloween party
*11/6/38 “The Crowd Roars”
*11/13/38 Jack tries to steal Phil’s girl; “Madame Zombie”
*11/20/38 Barbara Whitney; “Too Hot to Handle”
*11/27/38 “Football Sketch”
*12/4/38 “Murder at the Movies”
*12/11/38 “Christmas Shopping in New York”
*12/18/38 “Return Trip to Hollywood”
*12/25/38 “Jack Plays Santa Claus”
*1/1/39 “The New Tenant”
*1/8/39 “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
*1/15/39 “Bogus Frankfurter Mystery”
*1/22/39 “Encyclopedia Britannica”
*1/29/39 “Training for Fight”
*2/5/39 “Jack Challenges Fred Allen to a Boxing Match”
*2/12/39 “Jack Gets a Polar Bear”
*2/19/39 “Highlights of ‘Jesse James’”
*2/26/39 “Jesse James” parody
*3/5/39 “Jesse James” (cont’d)
*3/12/39 “Carmichael is Sick”
*3/19/39 “Jack Has a Cold”
*3/26/39 “Jack Returns to Show”; w/Ed Sullivan
4/2/39 Sam Hearn returns
*4/9/39 “Four Girls in White”
*4/16/39 Jack tries to see Mr. Hornblow
*4/23/39 Binnie Barnes, Mark Sandrich; “Man About Town”
*4/30/39 Jack’s 7th anniversary on radio; Week at Catalina Island
*5/7/39 The Kentucky Derby
*5/14/39 “Gunga Din” Part 1
*5/21/39 “Gunga Din” Part 2
*5/28/39 “Alexander Graham Bell”
*6/4/39 Interviewing replacements for Rochester
*6/11/39 “Hound of the Baskervilles”
*6/18/39 “Father’s Day”
*6/25/39 Alex Templeton
*10/8/39 Dennis Day’s first show
*10/15/39 “Dennis’ Mother Interferes”
*10/22/39 Kay Kyser
*10/29/39 “Halloween Party”
*11/5/39 “The Women”
*11/12/39 “Preparing for Football Game”
*11/19/39 Thanksgiving party
*11/26/39 “Bullseye Benny”
*12/3/39 sketch: “Murder on the Gridiron”
*12/10/39 “Murder on the Gridiron” (cont’d)
*12/17/39 “Christmas Shopping”
*12/24/39 “Christmas at Jack’s”
*12/31/39 “Disappointed on New Year’s Eve”
*1/7/40 “Golden Boy” skit w/Barbara Stanwyck
*1/14/40 “Intermezzo” parody; w/Ingrid Bergman
*1/21/40 “Preparing for Oakland”
*1/28/40 skit “Murder on the Bay Bridge” from Oakland
*2/4/40 “Cast Plans a Trip to Yosemite”
*2/11/40 “Cast Arrives at Yosemite”
*2/18/40 “Skiing at Yosemite”
*2/25/40 “Surprise Birthday Party for Jack”
*3/3/40 “Gracie Allen for President”
*3/10/40 “Mr. Benny Goes to Washington”
*3/17/40 Orson Welles
*3/24/40 “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”
*3/31/40 “Pinocchio”
*4/7/40 “Buck Benny After Three Years”
*4/14/40 “Preparing for New York”
*4/21/40 from Ritz Theatre, NYC
*4/28/40 Fred Allen parody
*5/5/40 Jack’s 8th anniversary on radio
*5/12/40 “Returning from New York”
*5/19/40 “Northwest Passage” parody
*5/26/40 “Jack Gives a Formal Dinner for the Sponsor”
*6/2/40 “Jack’s Week in Catalina”
*6/9/40 “Vacation Plans”
*6/16/40 Ezra Stone (Henry Aldrich)
*10/6/40 “Jack’s Vacation”
*10/13/40 “More About Jack’s Vacation”
*10/20/40 “Trading in the Maxwell”
*10/27/40 “Football Sketch”
*11/3/40 “Mary Sings to Jack”
*11/10/40 “Beverly Hills Dog Catcher”
*11/17/40 Mary Martin
*11/24/40 “Beverly Hills Dog Catcher”
12/1/40 Jack is sick & can’t see “Love Thy Neighbor”
*12/8/40 “Packing for NY Trip”
*12/15/40 “Jack in NY Plugging Movie”
*12/22/40 “Rochester is Missing”
*12/29/40 “Back in Hollywood”
*1/5/41 “Exchanging Christmas Gifts
*1/12/41 sketch: “The Murder of Malcolm Smith”
*1/19/41 “City for Conquest” parody
*1/26/41 “Plane Trip to NY”
*2/2/41 Herbert Marshall subs
*2/9/41 “Back from NYC”
*2/16/41 “Surprise Birthday Party”
*2/23/41 “In Palm Springs”
*3/2/41 “The Climb to Taquitz Falls”
*3/9/41 “Murder at the Racquet Club” w/Charles Farrell & Charles Butterworth
*3/16/41 “Back from Palm Springs”
*3/23/41 “Tobacco Road”
*3/30/41 “Working in the Garden”
*4/6/41 The Quiz Kids
*4/13/41 “Studying for Quiz Kids Appearance”
*4/20/41 “Jack Has Made a Fool of Himself on Quiz Kids Program”
*4/27/41 “Murder at the Movies”
*5/4/41 Jack’s 10th Anniversary on Radio;
*5/11/41 NBC Tribute to Jack; “His Life Told in Music”
*5/18/41 “Jack Practices on the set of ‘Charlie’s Aunt””
*5/25/41 “Life of Philburt Harris” ; guest: Thomas E. Dewey
*6/1/41 from San Diego N.A.S.
*10/5/41 “At Ebbetts Field”
*10/12/41 “Jack Prepares to Return Home”
*10/19/41 “En Route Home By Train”
*10/26/41 “Dive Bomber”
*11/2/41 Halloween Show; w/Basil Rathbone; (surface noise second half)
*11/9/41 “Jack Talks About His New Film”; w/Leo Durocher
*11/16/41 “He Fumbled the Ball”
*11/23/41 “Jack Entertains on Thanksgiving”; w/Alice Faye (some skips)
*11/30/41 “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”
*12/7/41 “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” conclusion
*12/14/41 “Jack Goes Christmas Shoppping”
*12/21/41 “Jack Plans His Christmas Party”
*12/28/41 “New Year’s Eve Party”
*1/4/42 “New Year’s Eve Party”
*1/11/42 At March Field
1/18/42 NO PROGRAM; Death of Carole Lombard
1/25/42 “The Frightwig Murder Case”
*2/1/42 “The Frightwig Murder Case”; w/Humphrey Bogart
*2/8/42 “Jack is Mad at Fred Allen’s Remarks” (volume flux)
*2/15/42 “Jack’s Birthday”
*2/22/42 from the Presidio, San Francisco
*3/1/42 “Jack Doesn’t Win an Oscar”
*3/8/42 from San Diego; w/Joan Bennett (surface noise)
*3/15/42 “The Life of Jack Benny” (surface noise)
*3/22/42 “Jack and Phil Play Golf”
*3/29/42 “’Doc’ Benny and His Minstrel Show”
*4/5/42 “Don Refuses to Read Commercial”
*4/12/42 from Camp Hahn, California; “Try and Get It” Quiz show
*4/19/42 “Don Writes a ‘Jello’ Play; w/ Percy Kilbride
*4/26/42 “Jack ‘Ace’ Hawkins’ Revenge” (clipped closing)
*5/3/42 Ann Sheridan; (no commercials)
*5/10/42 “Jack Thinks He’s Going to be Fired”; w/Jack Kirkwood
5/17/42 “At Santa Anita”
*5/24/42 “New Sponsor Announced: Grape Nuts”;
*5/31/42 “Cavalcade of 8 Years with Jell-O”

The Grape-Nuts Program
(October 4, 1942-June 4, 1944) 

Sunday (7:00 p.m.) NBC, 30 minutes.
Phil Harris is orchestra leader; Announcer: Don Wilson; also starring Mary Livingston, Dennis Day, Rochester.

*10/4/42 “Jack Takes the Gang to the Studio”
*10/11/42 from Santa Ana A.F.B.; “Jack Invites 2 Cadets to Visit”
*10/18/42 “Jack Gives the Maxwell to the Scrap Drive”
*10/25/42 “Tales of Manhattan”
*11/1/42 from Camp Elliot near San Diego; “Mary Reads a Poem to the Marines”
*11/8/42 Andy Devine
*11/15/42 Dorothy Lamour
*11/22/42 “Jack Has Trouble with his Horse, Leona”
*11/29/42 “Three Men in a Tank”
*12/6/42 “Liberty Ship”
*12/13/42 Gary Cooper, Benny Goodman & His Orchestra
12/20/42 from Ft. Devins, Massachusetts
*12/27/42 Fred Allen; 6th anniversary of “Bee” feud
1/3/43 from Army Base near Bangor, Maine; Abe Lyman’s orchestra
*1/10/43 “Jack Visits Phil Baker in the Hospital” Benny Goodman (skips)
*1/17/43 “Information, Please” spoof; Oscar Levant
1/24/43 McFarland Twins, Virginia Bruce, Gregory Ratoff; “Mr. Benny Goes to Washington”
*1/31/43 “Mr. Benny Goes to Washington”; MacFarland Twins
*2/7/43 George Jessel
*2/14/43 from Canada
*2/21/43 from Chicago; Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
*2/28/43 “Kit Carson Benny”
*3/7/43 Burns & Allen sub for Jack
*3/14/43 Orson Welles subs for Jack
*3/21/43 Orson Welles again subs; Phil Harris rejoins show
*3/28/43 Orson Welles again subs; “Death at Midnight”
*4/11/43 “Jack’s Return”; Orson Welles
*4/18/43 “Swimming Pool” Loretta Young (briefly)
*4/25/43 “Rochester’s Horse”
*5/2/43 Eddie Cantor
*5/9/43 Louis Armstrong (clipped opening and closing)
5/16/43 from Camp Pendleton, California; “Rancho Benny”
5/23/43 from Gardner Field, California; “Parachute Jump”
5/30/43 Deanna Durbin
*10/10/43 “Jack Discusses Camp Tour” (adjacent station music)
*10/17/43 “Casablanca”
*10/24/43 “Algiers”
*10/31/43 “Mr. Mortimer, the Sponsor, Visits”
*11/7/43 “Jack Gets Buzzed by the Camp’s Airplanes”
*11/14/43 from Palm Springs; “Story of the Gold Rush”
*11/21/43 “Shopping for Thanksgiving”
*11/28/43 Barbara Stanwyck; “Jack & Dennis Argue About Salary”
*12/5/43 Butterfly McQueen; “Dennis Wants a Raise”
*12/12/43 Andy Devine; “Dennis Day’s Mother Visits the Show”
*12/19/43 “Mary Has Laryngitis”
*12/26/43 “Christmas at Jack’s”
*1/2/44 “”The New Tenant”
*1/9/44 “Jack Surprises the Cast with a Camel”
*1/16/44 Alexis Smith; from El Toro Air Station, California (whistle, surface noise)
*1/23/44 Alexis Smith; “Jack Entertains the Troops”
*1/30/44 Rauol Walsh, Mark Hellinger; “Jack Visits Warner Brothers” (surface noise)
*2/6/44 from San Pedro, California; Phil and Mary sing a duet
*2/13/44 Larry Adler; “Jack Buys a Camel in Egypt”
*2/20/44 “Jack Entertains Groucho Marx”
*2/27/44 Eddie Cantor; from the Hollywood Canteen
*3/5/44 “Jack Tries to Tell About His Dream” (surface noise)
*3/12/44 from Naval Air Station, Livermore, California
*3/19/44 Barbara Stanwyck; “Dennis Dreams He Has His Own Show”
4/9/44 Basil Rathbone
4/16/44 Bob Hope Parody
*4/23/44 “Dennis Day Leaves for Navy”
*5/7/44 Making “The Horn Blows at Midnight”
*5/21/44 “Jack’s Split Personality Buys a Cigar” (surface noise)
*5/28/44 Danny Kaye; “Warner Brothers Proposes Film About Jack” (surface noise)
*6/4/44 “Rochester Getting Married?” (small segment missing)

The Lucky Strike Program or The Jack Benny Program
(October 1, 1944-May 22, 1955) 

Sunday (7:00 p.m.); NBC (10/1/44-12/26/48); CBS (1/2/49-5/22/55) 30 minutes.
Phil Harris is orchestra leader; Announcer: Don Wilson; Shows introduced by Basil Ruysdael (Lucky Strikes announcer) and F.E. Boone and L.A. “Speed” Riggs (Lucky Strike auctioneers); also starring Mary Livingstone, Rochester.

*10/1/44 Jack looks for Dennis Day’s replacement (AFRS)
*10/8/44 Frank Sinatra; “Mary Visits Jack at Home”
*10/15/44 John Charles Thomas
*10/22/44 “Captain O’Benny, Master Detective”
*10/29/44 Fred Allen; “Fred Takes Jack Down ‘Allen’s Alley’”
*11/5/44 “Jack & Mary See ‘The Great Dunninger’” First appearance by Larry Stevens
11/12/44 from Muroc Army Air Base; “Don’t Give Up the Ship”
*11/19/44 Larry Adler; from Corona, California Naval Hospital;
*11/26/44 “How Jack and the Gang Spent Thanksgiving”
*12/3/44 Walter Winchell
*12/10/44 Dorothy Lamour
12/17/44 Frank Sinatra; Christmas shopping
*12/24/44 Fred Allen, Andy Devine. Christmas tie
12/31/44 New Year’s play
*1/7/45 “Preparing to Leave for New York”
*1/14/45 Fred Allen, Minerva Pious
*1/21/45 Picking horse for race
*1/28/45 Ann Sheridan; from Mitchell Field, NY
*2/4/45 Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa; from St. Alban’s Naval Hospital
*2/11/45 Richard Powell, Andy Devine; “Boy, Was I Seasick!”
*2/18/45 Jane Wyman, Mayor Welch of St. Joe
*2/25/45 From Fitzsimons Hospital in Denver
*3/4/45 Getting Mary’s bags
*3/11/45 Amos & Andy (multiple skips in first half)
*3/18/45 How Jack met Mary
3/25/45 Alan Ladd
*4/1/45 How Jsck found Phil
*4/8/45 William Powell; from Torney Hospital in Palm Springs
4/15/45 NO PROGRAM (death of F.D. Roosevelt)
4/22/45 From Naval Air Station in 29 Palms
*4/29/45 First performance of Mel Blanc as Professor LeBlanc
*5/6/45 Barbara Stanwyck
5/13/45 Going to San Francisco
5/20/45 Rita Hayworth, Larry Adler, Governor Earl Warren
5/27/45 Larry Adler
9/30/45 Debuts of telephone operators Mabel & Gertrude and Richard Lane (as Steve Bradley)
10/7/45 Start of “I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Contest”
*10/14/45 w/Ingrid Bergman, Larry Adler; “Gaslight”
10/21/45 Jack bets on Texas Sandman
*10/28/45 “The $85,000 Horse Race Bet”
*11/4/45 “Jack is Robbed of $10,000” (no commercials)
*11/11/45 Joe Louis; “Jack Hires Joe Louis as Bodyguard”
11/18/45 Joe Louis; Jack in Hospital after Robbery”
*11/25/45 Cass Daley
12/2/45 Ronald Colman; Explanation of contest
*12/9/45 Ronald Colman
12/16/45 Louella Parsons; Fred Allen is judge for contest
*12/23/45 “Ronald Colman Visits”; “Jack Hires an English Butler”
*12/30/45 “End of the ‘I Can’t Stand Jack Benny’ Contest”
*1/6/46 “Jack Takes Gladys Nabisco to Rose Bowl Game”; Mr. Kitzel’s first show (Artie Auerbach)
*1/13/46 “State Fair” (surface noise first half)
*1/20/46 “State Fair” (cont’d)
*1/27/46 “Winners of Benny Contest Announced” (surface noise)
*2/3/46 Isaac Stern
*2/10/46 Eddie Cantor; “Jack Wants to Stay at Eddie’s House”
*2/17/46 “Jack’s Birthday”; “Violin Lesson with Professor LeBlanc”
*2/24/46 from Palm Springs; “Jack Presents ‘A Nice, Sweet Program’”
3/3/46 Artie Auerbach; “Murder at the Lone Palm”
*3/10/46 Ray Milland; “Lost Weekend”
*3/17/46 “Dennis Day Returns”
*3/24/46 Peter Lorre; “Jack Doesn’t Win Academy Award”
3/31/46 From March Field
*4/7/46 Van Johnson (surface noise)
*4/14/46 “Jack’s Violin Drives the Colmans Crazy”
4/21/46 From aircraft carrier Saratoga
4/28/46 Danny Kaye; gang sees “The Kid from Brooklyn”
5/5/46 Ronald & Benita Colman; Jack leaves for Chicago
5/12/46 The Quiz Kids; From Chicago
5/19/46 Fred Allen, Ed Sullivan
5/26/46 Ed Sullivan
*9/29/46 First show for Sportsmen Quartet; “Phil & Dennis Have Their Own Show”
*10/6/46 “Dennis Brings Mother Over”; “Jack Listens to the World Series”
*10/13/46 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy
*10/20/46 “The Whistler”
*10/27/46 Mary and Swiss cheese
*11/3/46 “Jack Calls Meeting of the Gang”
*11/10/46 “Jack Has Trouble with Sportmen’s Quarter”
*11/17/46 Leo Durocher; “Jack and Gang Play Cards” (surface noise)
*11/24/46 Edward G. Robinson
12/1/46 Phil Baker
*12/8/46 Jack buys Don shoelaces for Christmas
*12/15/46 First appearance of Mary’s sister, Babe
12/22/46 Andy Devine, Kenny Baker, Larry Stevens, Sam Hearn; from Birmingham General Hospital
12/29/46 Nightclubbing
*1/5/47 Humphrey Bogart & Laurel Bacall (volume drops)
*1/12/47 Burns & Allen
*1/19/47 Boris Karloff (volume drops)
*2/2/47 Frank Capra & Victor Moore (surface noise)
*2/9/47 “What Jack Does After Finishing Show” (volume flux, surface noise)
*2/16/47 Isaac Stern & the Colmans (surface noise)
*2/23/47 “Jack and Mary Are Late for the Broadcast”
*3/2/47 “Jack Wants to Fire the Sportsmen’s Quartet” (surface noise)
*3/9/47 “Jack Looks for Sportsmen’s Quartet’s Replacement” (volume flux)
*3/16/47 Dick Haymes, Bing Crosby, Andy Gibbs
*3/23/47 “Jack Tries to Get the Sportmen’s Quartet Back”
*3/30/47 Jane Wyman
*4/6/47 Hoagy Carmichael, Samuel Goldwyn
*4/13/47 “Jack Has Trouble with Record Player”
*4/20/47 “The Egg and I” (volume flux)
*4/27/47 Ronald & Benita Colman; “A Ride in the Maxwell”
*5/4/47 “The Cast Prepares to Leave for Chicago”
*5/11/47 Marjorie Reynolds; from UCLA
*5/18/47 Al Jolson, Kenny Delmar; from NYC
*5/25/47 “Who is the Better Comedian?” (Allen’s Alley spoof)
*10/5/47 From Sun Valley; “Jack’s Sun Valley Trip”
*10/12/47 “Jack Takes Physical Examination”
*10/19/47 “Jack Golfs at Hillcrest Country Club”
*10/26/47 “7th Hole at Hillcrest Golf Course”
*11/2/47 “Dark Passage”
*11/9/47 “Jack Thinks He’s Invited to Dinner”
*11/16/47 “Rochester Cleans Up the Den” (surface noise last half)
*11/23/47 “Jack & Mary Shop for a Turkey”
*11/30/47 “Jack Has a Turkey Dream”
*12/7/47 “Violin Lesson and a Trip to the Vault”
*12/14/47 “Jack’s Sprained Ankle”
*12/21/47 “Jack & Mary do Last-Minute Christmas Shopping”
*12/28/47 “The New Tenant”
*1/4/48 “Jack Tries to Get Tickets for the Rose Bowl”
*1/11/48 “Preparing to Leave for Denver”
*1/18/48 from Denver; w/Governor of Colorado
*1/25/48 “En Route to LA by Train” (volume dropouts)
*2/1/48 “Attending Ronald Colman’s film ‘A Double Life’”
*2/8/48 “Jack’s Version of Allen’s Alley: ‘Nightmare Alley’”
*2/15/48 “Beavers Club wants to Give Jack a Birthday Party”
*2/22/48 from Palm Springs; “Building a House”
*2/29/48 “Gladys Comes to Rehearsal” (surface noise)
*3/7/48 “Jack is Announced as ‘The Walking Man’”
*3/14/48 Ralph Edwards; “’The Walking Man’ Contest Winner”
*3/21/48 “The Academy Award”
*3/28/48 “The Stolen Oscar” (show runs over; is cut)
*4/4/48 Bing Crosby; “Jack Wants to Borrow Bing’s Oscar” (show runs over; cut)
*4/11/48 from Palm Springs; “Murder at the Racquet Club”
*4/18/48 “Murder at the Racquet Club” (cont’d)
*4/25/48 Dorothy Kirsten; “Jack Dresses for ‘Charlie’s Aunt’”
*5/2/48 Frank Sinatra; “Jack Tries to Borrow Frank’s Oscar”
*5/9/48 “Cast Rehearses at Jack’s House” (volume flux)
*5/16/48 Robert Taylor subs for Jack
*5/23/48 “The Egg and I” repeat (light surface noise)
*5/30/48 “I Was Framed” (surface noise)
*6/6/48 “Preparing for 12-Week Tour”
*6/13/48 from Detroit; “Don’s Weight”
*6/20/48 Marilyn Maxwell, Bob Feller
*6/27/48 Fred Allen; Last show of season; from NYC
*10/3/48 “Returning by Ship to U.S.”
*10/10/48 “The World Series”
*10/17/48 Barbara Stanwyck; “Premiere of ‘Sorry, Wrong Number’”
*10/24/48 Ronald & Benita Colman; “Dinner at Jack’s House”
*10/31/48 “Trick or Treating, and Jack Hears an Echo”
*11/7/48 “Jack Visits a Psychiatrist”
*11/14/48 Dorothy Kirsten; “Mary is Late”
*11/21/48 “Jack Tries to Reach Advertising Agency”
*11/28/48 “How Jack & the Gang Spent Thanksgiving”
*12/5/48 “Violin Lesson with Professor LeBlanc”
*12/12/48 Eddie Cantor; “Jack Tries to Relax at Home”
*12/19/48 “Christmas Shopping”
*12/26/48 “Jack’s Last Show on NBC”
*1/2/49 “Jack First Show on CBS”; cameos by Amos & Andy
*1/9/49 James Stewart; “Jack Wants Jimmy in His Movie”
*1/16/49 “Ronald Colman Dreams He’s Jack!”
*1/23/49 “Jack Sees a Dentist
*1/30/49 “Don Still Refuses to Sign Contract”
*2/6/49 Claudette Colbert, Vincent Price; “Jack Wants to Be in Claudette’s Film”
*2/13/49 “Jack Turns 40!”
*2/20/49 Fletcher Markle, Jack Warner; “To Repeat ‘Horn Blows at Midnight?’”
*2/27/49 Claude Rains; “Jack’s Violin Lesson”
*3/6/49 “Jack & Mary Go to the Races with the Colmans”
*3/13/49 “Jack Loses $4.75 at the Races”
*3/20/49 Van Johnson; “Jack & Van Double Date”
*3/27/49 “Jack Camps with the Beavers”
*4/3/49 “Jack Prepares for Trip to NYC”
*4/10/49 “Dennis Dreams He is the Star”
*4/17/49 “Jack & Mary Walk in Easter Parade”
*4/24/49 “Jack Decides to Buy a New Car”
*5/1/49 “”Treasure of the Sierra Madre”
*5/8/49 Eddie Cantor“Jack is Upset with the Cast”
*5/15/49 Hoagy Carmichael; “Violin Lessons”
*5/22/49 “The Champion Set-Up”
*5/29/49 “Jack Introduces His Cast”
*9/11/49 “Bus Tour Introduces the Gang”
*9/18/49 “Edward, My Son”
*9/25/49 Edgar Bergen, Red Skelton
*10/2/49 “Jack Loses Memory While Taking Inventory”
*10/9/49 “Result of Jack’s Memory Loss”
*10/16/49 “Jack Recovers from a Cold”
*10/23/49 “Jack Recouperates from Minor Surgery”
*10/30/49 Frank Sinatra; “The Don Wilson Story”
*11/6/49 “Jack Rides in a Yacht”
*11/13/49 “Jack is Upset about Last Week’s Mistakes”
*11/20/49 “Jack Goes to Studio Rehearsal”
*11/27/49 “Jack Spends Evening at Home”
*12/4/49 “Jack Plays Football”
*12/11/49 “Jack Takes Trip to Houston”
*12/18/49 Christmas shopping for sister
12/25/49 Joan Benny
*1/1/50 “The Broken New Year’s Date”
*1/8/50 Gene Kelly, Mike Romanoff, Rosalind Russell, Frank Sinatra
1/15/50 Fred Allen; “Vaudeville Days”
*1/22/50 “Jack Reads ‘I Was Betrayed’”
*1/29/50 “Jack Takes Trip to NYC”
2/5/50 “Search for Rochester in Harlem”
*2/12/50 “Spoof of Allen’s Alley”
*2/19/50 “Jack Returns to LA”
*2/26/50 “The Fiddler”
3/5/50 Sarah Churchill; “Buck Benny Rides Again”
3/12/50 Joan Benny
3/19/50 “The Champion”
3/26/50 Bob Hope
*4/2/50 Al Jolson (no commercials)
*4/9/50 Frank Fontaine; “The Day Jack Gave Away 50¢”
4/16/50 Frank Fontaine
*4/23/50 “Beavers Do Their Version of the Benny Show”
4/30/50 “Look Magazine story”
5/7/50 “Jack Buys a Suit”
5/14/50 Vivian Blaine, Frank Fontaine
5/21/50 “Dinner with the Sponsor”
5/28/50 “How Jack Met his Cast”
*9/10/50 “Jack Returns from England”
9/17/50 In Venice
9/24/50 “Gold Rush of ‘49”
10/1/50 At thedrugstore
10/8/50 World Series
10/15/50 Joan Benny; Jack dreams he’s married to Mary
10/22/50 To NYC to do first TV show (J.B.’s first network TV show is 10/28/50)
10/29/50 Ronald & Benita Colman; How Jack met the Colmans
11/5/50 Salesman on the train
*11/12/50 Richard Widmark
11/19/50 Dinah Shore; “Jack and Dinah in London”
11/26/50 Jack goes to USC-UCLA game
*12/3/50 Amos & Andy
*12/10/50 Charles Farrell, Eddie Cantor
*12/17/50 “Jack & Mary Go Christmas Shopping”
12/24/50 Jack kisses Dennis’ mother at a party
12/31/50 Al Jolson eulogy; “A New Year’s Fantasy”
*1/7/51 Deborah Kerr; “King Solomon’s Mines”
1/14/51 Deborah Kerr, Frank Fontaine; “King Solomon’s Mines”
*1/21/51 “Jack Goes to the Doctor”
1/28/51 Douglas Fairbanks, jr.
2/4/51 “Bank Robbery”
*2/11/51 “How Palm Springs Was Discovered”
2/18/51 “Jack Watches TV”
2/25/51 “I Was Coerced”
3/4/51 “Jack Waits for TV Script”
3/11/51 Jack is sick; Rebroadcast of 3/20/49
*3/18/51 “Jack in Bed Wants to Listen to the Radio”
*3/25/51 “Sunset Boulevard”
*4/1/51 “Jack Prepares to Leave for NYC”
*4/8/51 “IRS Wants to Visit Jack”
*4/15/51 “The IRS Agent Visits”
*4/22/51 “Jack and the Gang Go to the Circus”
*4/29/51 “Jack ‘Reserves’ a Room in Las Vegas”
*5/6/51 “Jack Reads ‘I Was Shanghied’”
*5/13/51 “Jack Prepares to Leave for NYC”
*5/20/51 Bob Crosby; “Cast is Dissatisfied with New Contracts”
*5/27/51 “Jack Meets Speedy Riggs at Doctor”
*6/3/51 “Jack Introduces Cast”
*9/16/51 “Jack Returns from USO Trip to Korea” (AFRS)
*9/23/51 “Captain Horatio Hornblower” (AFRS)
9/30/51 Rosemary Clooney; “When I Say I Beg Your Pardon”
10/7/51 World Series
*10/14/51 “Jack Tries to Get his Song Published” (no commercials)
*10/21/51 Hearing Sportsmen Quartet
*10/28/51 Ronald & Benita Colman; Jack loses song
*11/4/51 George Jessel narrator of “Story of Jack’s Life”
11/11/51 Jack gets haircut
11/18/51 “Saturday’s Hero”
11/25/51 “Golden Girl”
*12/2/51 “Golden Girl”
*12/9/51 “Palm Springs Murder Mystery” (AFRS)
12/16/51 Returning home from Palm Springs
12/23/51 Decorating the Christmas tree
12/30/51 Helen Francois; New Year’s Eve date with a French girl
1/6/52 “Suspense”
1/13/52 Mario Lanza
*1/20/52 George Burns; “George Sings Jack’s Song”
1/27/52 “Jekyll and Hyde”
2/3/52 L. Wolfe Gilbert
2/10/52 “Jack Gets a Nose Job”
*2/17/52 “Jack Dreams Symphony Orchestra Plays his Song”
*2/24/52 “The Whistler”
*3/2/52 Frank Sinatra, George Burns, Groucho Marx, Danny Kaye; “All Sing Jack’s Song”
*3/9/52 “My Career as a Hospital Nurse”
*3/16/52 “IRS Agents Visit Jack”
*3/23/52 “Jack & Mary Attend Academy Awards”
*3/30/52 from San Diego N.A.S.; “Naval Service”
*4/6/52 “Jack & Mary Go to Dentist”
*4/13/52 “Easter Parade Stroll”
*4/20/52 from San Diego; “All Hands on Deck” (AFRS)
*4/27/52 James Stewart; “Bend of the River” (AFRS)
*5/4/52 “Jack & Mary Attend Baseball Game” (AFRS)
*5/11/52 “Jack Takes Beavers to the Zoo” (AFRS)
*5/18/52 “Down on the Farm” (AFRS)
5/25/52 Frank Fontaine; “Preparing to Leave for London” (AFRS)
6/1/52 Phil Harris’ last show
*9/14/52 “Back from Scotland”;Bob Crosby replaces Phil Harris as orchestra leader (AFRS)
*9/21/52 “Jack In Scotland” (AFRS)
*9/28/52 “High Noon” (AFRS)
*10/5/52 “Scoop Benny, Ace Reporter” (AFRS)
*10/12/52 “Jack Buys a TV Set” (AFRS)
*10/19/52 Darryl F. Zanuck; “Jack Buys 20th Century Fox” (AFRS)
10/26/52 Louella Parsons
11/2/52 “Jack Goes Trick-or-Treating
11/9/52 “Doctor’s Office”
11/16/52 “The Purple Pirate”
11/23/52 “Jack Calls Rochester”
11/30/52 Thanksgivng and the Pilgrims
12/7/52 “The Happy Time”
*12/14/52 “Jack Buys Don a Gopher Trap”
12/21/52 from Veteran’s Hospital in Long Beach
12/28/52 “Steamroller Runs Over Jack’s Car”
1/4/53 “Jack Takes Iris Adrian to the Rose Bowl”
*1/11/53 Bob Hope; “Road to Bali” (AFRS)
*1/18/53 “Jack & Mary Attend an Auction”
*1/25/53 “Rochester’s Telephone”
*2/1/53 Stanley Kramer; “High Noon”
*2/8/53 from Palm Springs; “Jack & Cast Go Horseback Riding”
*2/15/53 Bing Crosby; “Bing’s Life Story”
*2/22/53 “The Beavers Impersonate the Cast”
3/1/53 “Jack Packs for NY”
3/8/53 “Snows of Kilamanjaro”
3/15/53 “Golf Game”
*3/22/53 Walk after the flu
3/29/53 “Mississippi Gambler”
4/5/53 Easter Parade
4/12/53 Preparing for SF trip
*4/19/53 “Bob Crosby Borrows $500” (no commercials)
*4/26/53 Fred Allen; “Jack & Fred Recall Vaudeville Days”
5/3/53 Giselle MacKenzie
5/10/53 Governor Goodwin Knight (California)
*5/17/53 “I Flew to Mars” (no commercials)
5/24/53 Sponsor gets $1,000,000 policy on Jck
*5/31/53 “The Indy 500”
*6/7/53 “Happy Time”
*6/14/53 “Jack in Venice” (no commercials)
*9/13/53 “Jack Returns from Hawaii”
*9/20/53 “Return to Paradise”
*9/27/53 “Jack Takes Polly to a Psychiatrist”
*10/4/53 Leo Durocher; “The World Series”
*10/11/53 “Jack Decides to Sell His House”
*10/18/53 “Wings of the Hawk”
10/25/53 “The Violin String”
*11/1/53 “Jack Goes for a Walk” (AFRS)
*11/8/53 “Jack Rehearses for TV Show” (AFRS)
*11/15/53 “Jack goes to Television City”
*11/22/53 “All-American” (no commercials)
11/29/53 Preparing for Thanksgiving
12/6/53 From Palm Springs
*12/13/53 “Jack Buys Dates for Don”
12/20/53 From Palm Springs
12/27/53 Jack gives sponsor a watch for Christmas
1/3/54 Preparing for Palm Springs
1/10/54 “Don Wilson Story” his 20th year on the show
1/17/54 “Parking Ticket”
1/24/54 “The Shooting of Dan McGrew”
*1/31/54 Samuel Goldwyn (no commercials)
2/7/54 Planning detective skit
2/14/54 “Jack turns 40!”
2/21/54 “Railroad Station”
2/28/54 The Chordettes, George Jessel; “Jack’s Life Story”
3/7/54 Frank Fontaine, Giselle MacKenzie, Frank Stanton
3/14/54 On the Super Chief home from NY
*3/21/54 “The Mean Old Man”
*3/28/54 “Jack Raises Vegetables”
*4/4/54 “Secret of the Psychatrist”
*4/11/54 “Jack Hasn’t Received His New Contract”
*4/18/54 “Easter Parade Stroll”
*4/25/54 “Seance at Jack’s Home”
*5/2/54 “Cast Kids Jack About Losing $4.75 at Track”
*5/9/54 “Jack & Cast Go to the Beach”
*5/16/54 “Jack & Date at an Underground Restaurant”
*5/23/54 “Jack’s Trip to Las Vegas”
6/6/54 Preparing for Dallas
*9/26/54 “Is Jack’s Show on the Air?”
*10/3/54 “Garden of Evil”
*10/10/54 “Jack Takes Polly to Vet”
*10/17/54 “Jack Reads ‘The Purple Pirate’”
*10/24/54 “Jack, Don & Dennis Go to Drive-In Movie”
*10/31/54 “Jack Sees Lawyer about Sportsmen’s Quartet”
*11/7/54 “The Vitamin Shot”
*11/14/54 “Don Wilson’s Dinner Party”
*11/21/54 “Jack is Bedridden with a Cold”
*11/28/54 “Dennis Goes to a Psychiatrist”
*12/5/54 “Jack Goes Christmas Shopping”
*12/12/54 “Trip to Palm Springs”
*12/19/54 “Christmas Party in Palm Springs”
*12/26/54 “Day After Christmas” (faint cross-talk at beginning)
*1/2/55 “Jack & Date at Rose Bowl Parade”
*1/9/55 “The Elephant’s Graveyard”
*1/16/55 “Jack Has No Script” (clipped opening)
*1/23/55 “A Trip to the Rack Track”
*1/30/55 “Beverly Wilshire Health Club”
2/6/55 “Sponsor insures Jack for $1,000.000”
*2/13/55 “Jack’s Surprise Birthday Party”
*2/20/55 “The Beavers’ Version of the Benny Show”
*2/27/55 “Jack’s TV Set Breaks”
*3/6/55 Danny Kaye; “Movie About Jack’s Life”
*3/13/55 “Jack Decides to Sell his House for $100,000”
*3/20/55 “Jury Duty”
*3/27/55 “The Shooting of Dan McGrew”
*4/3/55 “Ed Comes Up From the Vault”
*4/10/55 “Easter Parade Stroll”
*4/17/55 “Double Date”; w/Bob Hope
*4/24/55 “Jack Rents His Maxwell”
*5/1/55 “Jack’s Love Letters”
*5/8/55 “A Day at the Beach”
*5/15/55 “Jack Meets a Friend at the Train Station”
*5/22/55 “Sounds Effects Man Has Problems”

all shows run 30 minutes each unless otherwise noted